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Homestuck Marching Band Show (UPDATE)

This is a powerpoint that I have made for the concept of a Homestuck Marching Band Show! Share this with everyone! I will repost this as many times as I possibly can because this must become a reality!

I am basically reposting this.

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2 thoughts on “Homestuck Marching Band Show (UPDATE)

  1. Random, but I was just thinking about the potential for a Homestuck marching band show, wondered if anyone else had ever had that idea, searched and found this (and your mspa forums post). So cool that someone else thought about this too! I looked at your powerpoint pitch, and thought maybe you could also add more about how some of the various symbols/iconography that could be incorporated into drill. Some of the things that initially came to my mind were the Sburb house logo (obviously), how you could have a kind of simplified shifting spirograph pattern like the Sburb loading screen that would be aweeesome, and various other things (chess board, incisiphere, derse/prospit symbols, etc). A really simplified version of the story with a kid/kids getting sucked into a computer game that involves this struggle between black/white chess pieces would be kinda similar to Nutcracker or something in a way. Anywho. Just a very ex-band-dork (I’m long out of high school/college) who got a kick out of reading your write-up. 😉

  2. thedude3445 on said:

    Yeah, that little Powerpoint pitch was pretty hastily done, and I could have done a lot with it. But chess board sets would be cool, and a spirograph, if even possible, would be fantastic. Thanks for reading, though!

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