The Evolution Revolution


Man, I can’t believe that, since January, I have only added tags to about half of my posts! Do you know how many more views I could have gotten just by adding SOMETHING? I could be on the verge of over 20 views per day on average if I did. This does not sound like much but to me it is because I put 0% publicity into this blog and 20 views a day is cool, no matter how many of them are bots. Maybe, someday, I will be able to have… 100 views a day. That is like an unreachable dream that I could only acquire by stopping my inconsistent posting themes and just posting Pokemon “meme” images for the rest of my life. What a cool thing!

So I went and fixed every untagged post, but then I realized that the Manual Excerpts that I have added to many a post do not have the “Read More” things that you would expect to be on a post that is pretty long. So how many people have missed out on one of my walls of text because they didn’t realize they had to click on the article to read more? Does the excerpt function even do anything on my blog? Coding things are beyond my grasp.

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