The Evolution Revolution

Comic Reactions- Like A Bunch (Part Two: Green Lantern + Winter Soldier)

Winter Soldier #2

Nothing really happens in this comic… Honestly, the advertisements are more interesting. I guess the backstory on Bucky is cool? Maybe?

Green Lantern #8

Some stuff happens. Black Mask is cool. Sinestro gets turned into an Indigo Lantern. Snore.

Green Lantern Corps #7

Aside from the extremely deceptive cover, this comic is cool and has a touching plot about a very minor character.

Green Lantern Corps #8

Guy Gardner, you are such a prick.

Red Lanterns #8

I don’t have any real opinions on this comic; it is just some plot advancement. Red Lanterns is definitely a comic made For The Trade Paperback, so you really have to look at it as a whole. And as a whole it is pretty great. It’s the same for #9 so I won’t even bother doing that one. All I can say is I like the plot and I would wait for the TPBs if DC didn’t only release like one volume a year for each comic!

I am like 1/8 of the way through…. This is going to be a while 😦

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