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The Bulbears: Lordess to Nomad (Chapter Two)

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oRen was still distraught from the Covenant-Castration between himself and his former Consort-Meister Bwo’m’n, who recently passed away. His duties as a Warrior-Champion did not falter, but his spirits were down significantly. A while after the events, he took a leave of absence for some personal time, and went to his home on the outskirts of the town. He spoke to M’tsarhgi’i for the first time since. He and Bwo’m’n separated because this girl wanted to become a warrior, and if that was what she wanted, then so be it. He would teach her what he knew.

Let us get down here,

To the business of war,

Of which you will learn.

            He turned to face the sunset overhead. It was almost hunting time. The perfect opportunity to beseech information upon his child, who was now begotten onto him. The Izan[1] were their prey, and they would hunt many of them. M’tsarhg’i spoke to him in curiosity:

Parc[2], knowledge I seek.

Teach me how to learn the hunt.

To be ready now.

This is what oRen said in response:

A novice you are.

But soon you will fight with me.

We will hunt much, girl.

And so they did. A cycle passed, and M’tsarhg’i was a finer warrior than any male except for oRen, now King, despite being the first and only female to ever walk this path. She was strong, yet her bold nature never tempered itself as she matured. Her brashness led many a suitor away, even the most likely to inherit greatness. She knew all too well the true natures of these would-be Consort-Meisters; they were Bulbears, and that meant that they were vile, and not to be trusted, as each had some sort of ulterior motive in these courtships.

Her father had a word to speak with her one day.

Can it really be?

Eight cycles I have been King.

Never a war, though.

His expression was solemn.

These four lordesses.

They fight a war over me.

They are such dumb hos.

The Lordess’s plan did succeed, but when Bwo’m’n’s territory and ex-Consort-Meister were both up for grabs at once, it caused each of the four to become greedy and try to take it all for themselves. A complete civil war broke out, with only the King’s Forces remaining neutral in the conflict. If their infighting did not stop, it would destroy the Bulbear Hierarchy in its entirety.

You must go, daughter,

Take my army and fight them,

Resolve the conflict.

She went. M’tsarhg’i’s platoon was soon pinned down near the mountains of H’semaglig[3]. Sixteen troops surrounded the location, completely overpowering her forces, even as strong as they were. The mountain’s large, crested, rocky face gleamed upon the uhm[4], the gallant taste of battle, and the chariot of water that was the experience of life. Only it could possibly give gracious suave, glittering beauty, and gloriousness to such a scene of most intense death, which loomed all over the world, which is known as M_ichgvill[5] or “Our land is my land” in the Bulbear tongue, and perpetrated great suffering in the dark hour of the abyss of this mighty war, called the Second Great War by many a soldier, these soliders being the ones who were destined for a valiant battle; eight hundred strong were M’tsarhg’i’s forces, and they were vying for a clean victory to call their own after a slosh of whippings; blood had been spewed aplenty in battles of yore.

Kms’urm’all knew this was the last time he would ever see E’rid’n. This battle was intense, and he needed to share one last moment with his comrade. They were friends for almost four cycles now, longer than he had even known that he was a Tryon[6]. Maybe E’rid’n would survive, but he just had this feeling that he himself would not, and that he would never be able to see his best Quonon[7] ever again, so he had one last conversation with him.

You are my brother,

And though I may pass on soon,

You will still be so.

E’rid’n was always interested in wooing his hopeful-Consort-Meister F’f’ri, but he knew now that his place was with Kms’urm’all, and he too would die today. Kms’urm’all’s own consort-meister P’bh’d perished in the early days of the Second Great War, and he needed someone to go to Allhalav[8] with him.

They both would indeed die that day.

[1] Izan translates loosely to “Those who have no willpower. They are referring to what we know as the Pikmin, who were almost completely defenseless at night, but it can mean any species that the Bulbears think of as weak and puny. They sometimes hunted Whiskerpillars and baby Dweevil just like this.

[2] Parc means father in the tongue of the Bulbear, but it is usually reserved only for a father figure that is very highly respected by the speaker.

[3] H’semaglig is the founding point where the L-ution Clan and the oMax Clan signed a treaty in Cycle -6, a turning point in the Great War.

[4] Uhm means the “stage upon which battles are fought”. The location of a battle is much more well-remembered than the battle itself to Bulbears.

[5] M_ichgvill, or the world, was named so by the first King, L-Tvuaim, lamenting over the tragic loss of the D_D Clan, the only one to be completely destroyed in the Great War.

[6] Tryon are Bulbears that have been known to possess a latent psychic ability. They were long outcasted by Bulbear society, but have recently come into the light as the possible future of the entire species.

[7] Quonon means brother. Bulbear siblings rarely became companions, but when they did, their relationship was more prevalent than almost anything else.

[8] Allhalav is the afterlife based upon the religious texts of the YYYin-Ghou, written by the Prophet rinouonir in Cycle 134. Approximately 16% of the Bulbear population follows these texts.


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