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Ultra-Transversal Christmas Crossover Special Promos

This means I am going to upload the rest of UTCCS to the internet and not leave it on paper forever! After 3 years of waiting. And also in July.

Chat logs for the MSPA IRC

In honor of the 1-year anniversary of the IRC (Day 0 of the first Homestuck Community Re-read), I will post some hugeass-long logs of the chats. Bringin’ back all the nostalgia.

I would post these on-site but they are WAY TOO LONG. Trust me.

Games I have been playing

Over the past 3 or 4 days, I have just been playing games left and right like crazy. Here is a list:

Minecraft (360)
Sonic Generations (360)
Sonic 4: Episode I
Fallout: New Vegas
Spelunky (Both versions)
Sin & Punishment Star Successor
Namco Museum Megamix
The Last Remnant
Super Mario 3D Land
Battlefield 1943

And I am going to do reviews on a couple of them. Leave a comment to suggest which ones!

I like modern games because….

So I was playing Last Remnant earlier, for the first time. It’s a pretty good game; the graphics are good and the combat system is cool, though the writing is terrible so far. But one thing I realized was that, when I died for the first time after experimenting with formations (I had just gotten to the part where you can arrange that) and it made me start back hours earlier when I saved just in case my power went out or something, that most modern games save automatically, and I really like that. In the least case, they don’t give you a game over if you die, but start you back in an earlier location.
Then I remembered my first experience playing the fantastic RPG Xenoblade for the Wii. When I died for the first time in that game, I was actually worried about losing my data, because it was a Wii game. Luckily, no such thing occured. That modern games autosave and not send you to the start screen after you die should be a given in any game, period.

In short, screw you Square Enix for making me replay hours worth of unskippable cutscenes.

One HOUR of Battlefront III Gameplay Footage


A ton of footage of the pre-alpha version of Star Wars: Battlefront III, before it was unceremoniously cancelled in January 2009 after Free Radical closed. It’s gotten 200 thousand views in just two days, which is outstanding.


Also I guess this is a psuedo-return of the original theme of the website, which is to look at obscure, pirated, and cancelled games and usually make fun of them. Who knows; maybe I will continue that trend sometime soon.

Super Smash Bros. 4 Roster Update

I updated my old post here:


Check it out. It is pretty cool.

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