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I like modern games because….

So I was playing Last Remnant earlier, for the first time. It’s a pretty good game; the graphics are good and the combat system is cool, though the writing is terrible so far. But one thing I realized was that, when I died for the first time after experimenting with formations (I had just gotten to the part where you can arrange that) and it made me start back hours earlier when I saved just in case my power went out or something, that most modern games save automatically, and I really like that. In the least case, they don’t give you a game over if you die, but start you back in an earlier location.
Then I remembered my first experience playing the fantastic RPG Xenoblade for the Wii. When I died for the first time in that game, I was actually worried about losing my data, because it was a Wii game. Luckily, no such thing occured. That modern games autosave and not send you to the start screen after you die should be a given in any game, period.

In short, screw you Square Enix for making me replay hours worth of unskippable cutscenes.

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2 thoughts on “I like modern games because….

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles just does everything. So. Right. I’ve yet to finish it as 35 hours apparently only puts me halfway through the game, but I’m loving the fact that my purchase of a Wii is finally justified ha ha.

    • thedude3445 on said:

      Oh yes. I’m only about 15 hours in myself, and it’s already better than all but 5 games I’ve ever played on the Wii. Actually, after writing this rant/article, I felt like playing more Xenoblade instead of trying to redo my progress on Last Remnant 😛

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