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Birdemic Fan Fiction

Probably the only Birdemic fan fiction ever. I think this is an excellent side story that is delivered just as well, if not better than the movie itself.

Tales From the Birdemic

“ARRGH!” Four shots shattered into my chest, and I fell to the ground. I knew that my life was growing short, but at the price of oblivion, my friends gained peace.

It was very sudden when the birds attacked. No forewarning. No warning. We were unprepared. How could we know that the birds were going to attack?

I was a member of the army when this happened. We were invading a country without their knowledge which was wrong but we did it anyway, probably accelerating global warming in the process. Until the birds attacked. Our tanks were useless against the birds’ attacks. Nothing could stop their attacks. I tried to hold their attacks off, but I was killed. Luckily, my friends escaped the attacks.

My friends were able to escape and live.

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2 thoughts on “Birdemic Fan Fiction

  1. wow this really makes you think… thankls for writing i will continue to enjoy this story for years to come :)_

    • Oh yes. Thank you so much for your praise of my absolutely wondrous, positively heart-throbbingly beautiful piece of literature. I worked for over six years preparing for the inevitable release of this soon-to-be American Classic.

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