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My Frustration with Modern Nintendo Titles (By: MrVonAwesometon)


Hey, MrVonAwesometon here, for the first time in like…9 months or whatever. I have a little tale I wish to tell you youngsters, a tale about nearly all recent Nintendo games having one JARRING FLAW that makes me think twice about buying them; they have no content. 

Just look at the two most recent Mario games; Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros 2. Lets me start off by saying that these are by no means bad games, they are fantastic titles that I enjoyed my brief time playing. They may be enjoyful games, but they are games, full retail games, games that cost 40$, that are barely longer than a movie.

I can’t help but feel a little cheated by both of these games. Most games take, as they should, at least 8 hours to finish, with some larger games taking upward of 40. Gamers are perfectly content paying 60$ for a game that yields 8 hours of gameplay and has decent replayability, even if the game wasn’t something of the same caliber as Bioshock or Ocarina of Time. We need 2 things to keep us engaged; fun and content.

Yes, the two games in question, as well as most Nintendo games, have the first aspect down to an art, but the recent trend with games by the Big N, specifically 3DS games, is the lack of the latter. Super Mario 3D Land is quite possibly the most fun, best controlling, and best looking platformer on any handheld ever, but the game is so terribly short that my first run through took less time than it took me to watch Dark Knight Rises. That’s a little under 3 hours. Nobody wants to pay 40$ for a 3 hour game. (Note: 3D Land has challenge levels that arguably add more content to the game but, as much as I liked that addition, they are essentially the same levels as before with slight additions.)

Now, this doesn’t mean that ALL first party 3DS titles are this way, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a perfect example. Kid Icarus has a 5-6 hour story, solid multiplayer, Brawl style unlockables, and a surprisingly in depth weapon creation system. Kid Icarus: Uprising is the exact same price as the 2 most recent Mario titles, but has arguably 3 times the content. 

Kid Icarus was by no means a perfect game; the controls are awkward for all and downright impossible for left handed people, the banter is annoying, and the story has several holes. Kid Icarus is flawed, but it makes up for it by being a 20-someodd hour game. Super Mario 3D Land controls perfectly, has no annoying banter, and has the best use of the 3D effect currently available on the 3DS, but I would recommend Uprising over it in a heartbeat, for the sole reason that 3D Land has no substance. 

Now, I’ve only noticed this in those 2 games as of late, though the first New Super Mario Bros had the exact same problems, but it seems that, more often than not, Nintendo has been missing out on perfection simply because they refuse to have any length or replayability to the majority of their titles.

There may be other thing that have been bogging some recent Nintendo games down, namely dumbed down difficulty, but simply adding more content could breathe life back into Nintendo’s line up. Seriously, guys, make your games an hour or two longer and give us a little bit more for our money.

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One thought on “My Frustration with Modern Nintendo Titles (By: MrVonAwesometon)

  1. thedude3445 on said:

    I will say, though, that I don’t agree with this myself, as I think that there is much replayability in most all of Nintendo’s games (SM3DL being an exception), and as you well know I think Kid Icarus is nearly perfect. My only problem with Nintendo as of late lies solely on its overuse of the exact same formulas in nearly every single Mario game since New Super Mario Bros. to the point where Paper Mario Sticker Star is even level based in almost the same way. I may write an article about that sometime in the future.

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