The Evolution Revolution

Search Engine inquiries that have reached my blog (yes, again)

super smash bros 4 roster, king sonic, best pokemon card ever, sonic

This is the first time that the searches have actually been not completely stupid. I’m glad the King Sonic tag got on, because reading the 25YL arc is what made me want to write this (though that wasn’t the best arc, admittedly, simply because the two separate parts didn’t fit all too well in style, and the second part made little sense, even though it is the canon timeline now for those specific characters). The Smash 4 and Pokemon Cards tags are almost always on there; those two pages are by far the most popular on my entire blog. The reason the former is is because I linked it on my Project Cafe page with 900 likes immediately after E3, causing me to get 70-40 views for the next like 5 days, and just the fact that it’s Smash 4 makes it hugely popular. I have no idea how the Pokemon Cards post got so many views; it was just a repost of an old blog post I made on Nintendo City.

Anyway, this is my excuse for a blog post today.

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