The Evolution Revolution

Chocolate Soda?


I found this. I just had to try it and see what the heck a chocolate soda tasted like. Especially one that is apparently a diet drink. I assume there’s some diet program that tells you to drink this so you won’t eat a bunch of sweets, but who cares. I want to drink this thing.

Pouring it… The smell is very… uhh… chocolatey.

Here goes nothing……



It actually ended up being not that bad. Like… It has this extraordinarily odd taste. Carbonated, diet chocolate soda would probably have to be odd. Once you get past the weird carbonation/chocolate combination, it actually starts tasting pretty good, and doesn’t even have a bad aftertaste. Thing is, at least with me, I can only drink a little bit at a time. I start to get a headache after drinking it…. Which is obviously a gigantic turnoff to this drink and I can’t even explain why this is. Maybe it’s just me.

Regardless of that, I would recommend everyone try it just to see what it’s like. It’s definitely the most unique soda I’ve tasted in a while.


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