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SBURB OST (Homestuck Fan Album)

SBURB OST cover art


Look at this! In development since July 2011, SBURB OST is the biggest Homestuck Fan Project so far; over 55 tracks by around a dozen musicians, all for free! It’s also some really great music. Download it. Because you should. Every one of you.

Listen to it here (donwload is only on , not on the bandcamp website):


Halo DS Prototype

Remember that one?



Just an interesting part of gaming obscurity.

On another note, is a great website for game betas, concepts, tech demos, and cancelled projects.

Andrew Huo

Andrew Huo has also made some other great music for Homestuck, like Phantom Echoes on the Jailbreak album, Skaian Skirmish on Volume 5, and Aggrieve (Violin Refrain) on Volume 1.

Fire Emblem 12: Heroes of Shadow & Light – English Patch Released!!



After being out for two years in Japan, there is finally a fan translation of the 12th Fire Emblem game, Heroes of Shadow & Light, which was never released in America or Europe. Ironically enough, it was a remake of Fire Emblem 3 for the SNES, which itself was never released outside of Japan, with many new features such as the first-ever custom character creator, and online battling features like in Fire Emblem 11 (which was a remake of the first game that did cross over the Pacific, luckily for us). You won’t be able to legally play the game without learning a new language, no, but this is still amazing; probably the biggest translation patch release since Mother 3 back in 2008!

For Fire Emblem fans, this news is great, as this means a way to stave off Fire Emblem withdrawals for another few months until Fire Emblem: Awakening releases on the 3DS!

That, my friends, is another story for another time, though.

File:Fire Emblem Kakusei Japanese box art.jpg

Wii U Twitter Posts

Here is what I posted while I waited for 9 hours for the Wii U. (reverse order)



Me really bored waiting for the Wii U

My ticket. Notice the #1. I earned that. 8|

This is the impromptu and very unprofessional video I made of me unboxing my Wii U with my little brother. WordPress won’t upload .3gp, and my Youtube was taken down, as you may recall, so all I can do is post the link.

Camping Out For the Wii U (Liveblog)

I’m going to begin camping out in front of Best Buy for the Wii U around 12 PM or 1 PM; Watch me liveblog…. via my Twitter account, with all Tweets tagged as #WiiULaunch. When it’s all over, I’ll do a recap on here…. Unless I’m having too much fun with my new Console! 😛

Signed Super Mario Bros. 3 Cartridge

Just got back from a trip to New York City with the Ringgold Marching Tiger Band; we performed in the Veterans’ Day Parade, and did a lot of other stuff in the city as well. One of the highlights of the trip for me was this:


Yes, I got my copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 signed by Triforce Johnson himself, the man who is first in line for like, every Nintendo thing ever (the Wii U being his final one of these events, sadly). If this copy were to be signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, I feel like my life would be complete, at least signature-wise.

Stay Frosty.


I’m barely in this video, thankfully (I am in the SBAHJ shirt). MrVonAwesometon is the guy who talks a lot. What I’m wondering is how many people ask for his autograph for things other than the cards he is giving out; is my SMB3 cartridge truly one of a kind?

Anyway yeah; I myself will be camping out for the Wii U in Chattanooga this weekend; my area doesn’t have nearly the number of Nintendo fans as in New York, so I don’t have to start waiting as early as Triforce Johnson!

Daylight Savings Proposal

Silly thing from Skype. Just had to share it.

[7:05:17 PM] Thedude3445: So I have a proposal.
[7:05:46 PM] Thedude3445: Falling back an hour thing morning was obviously great, because everyone got an hour of extra sleeping time.
[7:05:55 PM] Thedude3445: And sleep makes for extra productivity, right?
[7:06:16 PM] Thedude3445: So you know what the government should do?
[7:06:48 PM] Thedude3445: The first sunday of every single month, we should fall back one hour.
[7:07:50 PM] Thedude3445: Then people will be able to get that extra hour of sleep every single month, and people will start feeling significantly better.
[7:08:33 PM] Thedude3445: After the 24th month of falling back, the calendar will skip an entire monday and go straight to tuesday.
[7:09:29 PM] Thedude3445: People won’t find this particularly horrible, like they do with skipping an hour ahead, where you lose an hour of sleep. You don’t lose any sleep with an entire day. It’s more like time travel in the best way.
[7:09:55 PM] Thedude3445: And this process repeats every two years.
[7:11:50 PM] Thedude3445: This idea is flawless and there are so few things wrong with it.

Spooky Halloween Stories: Labyrinth of the Nun of Madness

(sorry about the delay. I had hoped to publish all three stories on 10/31, being the Halloween stories that they are, but my week has been extremely hectic, and at the worst time too, considering that nanowrimo has just begun! Anyway, enjoy:)

Labyrinth of the Nun of Madness
by Thedude3445

Welcome to my lair. You see, you are currently trapped, but this will not remain so. I will let you go. If you can find the exit, you can gladly leave. I would be happy for you if you were able to.
Why are you here, you ask? Do you not remember last night? An offer too good to refuse, an offer too good to be true– you knew you shouldn’t have accepted, but you went against your conscience and followed the old lady into her house. And now you are here, seemingly trapped in the iron bondage in which you are contained.
These chains, however, are not to restrain you. They are to keep you high enough above what lurks below that you will be safe. My realm is one of treachery; you should not wish to discover exactly what I mean by this.
Once I emancipate you from the bonds that are at the moment holding you in the safety of captivity, I would highly suggest you begin running. Quickly. Desperately. I cannot stress how imperative this is, for to describe the urgency is to exceed the capacity of what words can convey.
Lest you be trapped in the maze, it is also very nearly completely necessary that you memorize your path. It is a twisted one, and you may become lost many a time, no matter the caliber of your skill. A superb memory is one that will help you escape.
Ah, but do not forget! There will be hurdles along the way; hindrances to the chances of your success. A few spiked, a trap-door here and there, some pitfalls– You must keep these things in your mind, or risk being startled by a quick demise, which none of us desire.
Another thing: I have three pets. Their names are Olthgoton, D’i-raem and Uggunok. Do not encounter them during your attempt at escape. Trust me. You will not perish upon meeting them, not immediately at least– but you will wish it so. Their words and actions of dark horror hurt even my soul, already eternally damned as it is.
If you wish to be armed, however futile the notion, I will abide by your foolish request and supply you with the bones of my previous subject, if any still remain. Make with them what you will; whatever helps you.
Now…. Goodbye.

And good luck.



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