The Evolution Revolution

Daylight Savings Proposal

Silly thing from Skype. Just had to share it.

[7:05:17 PM] Thedude3445: So I have a proposal.
[7:05:46 PM] Thedude3445: Falling back an hour thing morning was obviously great, because everyone got an hour of extra sleeping time.
[7:05:55 PM] Thedude3445: And sleep makes for extra productivity, right?
[7:06:16 PM] Thedude3445: So you know what the government should do?
[7:06:48 PM] Thedude3445: The first sunday of every single month, we should fall back one hour.
[7:07:50 PM] Thedude3445: Then people will be able to get that extra hour of sleep every single month, and people will start feeling significantly better.
[7:08:33 PM] Thedude3445: After the 24th month of falling back, the calendar will skip an entire monday and go straight to tuesday.
[7:09:29 PM] Thedude3445: People won’t find this particularly horrible, like they do with skipping an hour ahead, where you lose an hour of sleep. You don’t lose any sleep with an entire day. It’s more like time travel in the best way.
[7:09:55 PM] Thedude3445: And this process repeats every two years.
[7:11:50 PM] Thedude3445: This idea is flawless and there are so few things wrong with it.

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