The Evolution Revolution


It’s the last triple-digit day for almost an entire century (unless you count ones like 2-22-22 and 3-3-33 and stuff, but those don’t count so shut up); what will you be doing for this spectacular holiday?

Will you be trying to fit as many 12s into everything you do, including on math tests where 12 would otherwise be inappropriate to use?

Will you be doing anything Zodiac-related?

Will you be listening to my infamous song, Twelve?

Will you be trying to justify singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, despite the fact that it is actually 13 days away?

Will you be so sick of the number 12 and all its multiples that you stick purely to odd numbers for the rest of the day?

Will you be too busy hyping the Hobbit to care what day today will be, and instead sleep as much as you can until time to go to the midnight premiere?

Will you neglect to realize the date until it has already passed, and regret every moment you didn’t spend doing any (or all) of the above?

Let’s see what you do.

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