The Evolution Revolution

Christmas Present — Upcoming Article Push

It seems every January I publish a bunch of articles. This is no exception. So as a Christmas present, I present you with a preview of what is to come in the next few weeks! While not all of these will actually come out, due to me inevitably forgetting about some, most of them will. Here they are:

Potential for a new video game crash?

Hawkeye #1 Review (very old issue but whatever)

Prototype #1 Review (This comic is amazing)

What would have happened if Kony 2012 kept going?

Tetris DS, Smash Bros, Nintendo Land- What makes Nintendo crossovers so special?

The best Internet Record Labels (Ubiktune is one of them, I can promise already)

My favorite sprite sheets ever

Slender’s Game

Slender’s Shadow

Is a Hero Hero an

Unseen64 games

G-flat Major songs

Pickles Recommends: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Pikmin Pictures

All Mario games being the same since 2009 or so

Album reviews for these albums:

  • Personal Growth by OJ
  • element by Veritas Unae
  • Electric by C-Jeff
  • Preschtale by C-Jeff
  • trol seasson rock oprah by Thedude3445
  • The Blue Trilogy by Protodome (whose newest album, Blueshift, just came out today!)
  • One Year Older, by Jit
  • Land of Fans and Music 2 (which also came out today!)
  • Comfortable Bugs, by Bowman

Along with these 2012 wrap-up articles:

  • Looking forward in 2013 (movies, games, comics, shows, other events)
  • Best-of 2012 (movies, games, comics, shows, music, etc.)
  • New Year’s Resolutions, project-wise

Stay tuned.

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