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MrVonAwesometon’s Pictureless Slightly Past Year End Awards As He Is Writing This On a Wii U Due To Computer Troubles

Hello people! My computer is terribly worthless, so please excuse the horrific formatting of this post as the Wii U is not the most optimal writing tool. Let’s begin!

Overall Game of the Year: Dishonored

Dishonored is a very special game. It is not often that we get an original IP from a relatively unknown developer that controls perfectly, has a fantastic story, and a perfect balence of open ended and linear game design all wrapped in a fully realized steampunk setting. “Well geeze!” you might be asking “This sounds a lot like Bioshock!”. Well, that is a very keen keen comparison and one that I find myself constantly making every minute more of Dishonored that I play.

That is probably why I enjoy Dishonored so much. Very few games can capture the focused, perfectly polished setting, story, and gameplay that Irrational’s masterpiece Bioshock practically leaked from every inch of it’s beautiful world. I don’t particularly condone heavy “borrowing” of material, but if you are going to do it at least borrow from a work of art like Bioshock, not Duty Calls 8: Modern Shootstab.

And in Dishonored’s striking resemblance to Bioshock lies it’s one major flaw; holy shit, this game is a LOT like Bioshock. From the left-hand-magic-right-hand-primary-weapon combat pulled straight from Bioshock 2, to the similar late game betrayal, to the steampunk setting and linear-open-world level design, I can’t help but making constant conections between Dishonored and Bioshock 2. Not to say that they are the same game by any means, or that being as godlike as Bioshock is a bad thing, but I just felt compelled to point out the closest thing to a flaw in this fantastic game.

Long story short: Buy this game now.

Runner up: Walking Dead

Handheld Game of the Year: Paper Mario Sticker Star

A quick disclaimer; this game is NOT perfect, far from it. This is a big departure from the series’ roots (though obviously not as big as Super Paper Mario), the story is virtually non-existant, and there are no traditional RPG elements whatsoever. While this is a very flawed game, there are so many redeeming factors that you forget about the bad when you play it. The closest thing I can equate it to is watching the Hobbit.

Sure, in the case of the Hobbit, it is stretched out, awkwardly paced, and has special effects that make the real life actors look like cardboard cutouts, but just returning to Middle Earth, or the Paper Mario series, is enough to make you love it!

Despite it’s flaws, Sticker Star has my favorite soundtrack of the year, a very clever and engrossing combat/collecting mechanic, and the flatout best use of 3D seen on the hardware to date. This return to my personal favorite RPG series may not be perfect, but it sure is an enjoyable and welcome homecoming.

Runner Up: New Super Mario Bros 2

Best Downloadable Title- Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution improves on it’s predecessorin nearly every way. More realistic physics, a greater vatiety of environments, and VERY MUCH improved track building and sharing top the very long list of great things about this title. Honestly, there is only one con I can think of beside the crushing difficulty and steep learning curve that accompany the later levels; the soundtrack is the most shitty thing I have heard in my entire gaming experience. Quick remedy: turn the music option down and play the soundtrack to the very close runner up in the background.

Runner Up: Fez

Film of the Year: Looper

Great Sci-fi movies without massive budgets are perhaps my favorite part of the film industry, made evident by my neverending praise for my 2009 film of the year Moon. It makes my day when a film with a $30 million budget is leaps and bounds more entertaining than $240 million dollar films like Avatar.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt are fantastic and the film’s setting is a distinct and very believable future. Memorable moments and novel twists penetrate every moment of the movie’s branching plots that culminate in a wonderful mindfuck of an ending that will have you making insane theories for days after warching. In otherwords; Looper is a fantastic cult clasic on par with Blade Runner and Moon.

(I have yet to see Django Unchained, though judging by the reviews and Tarantino’s previous work, it was probably a contender for this spot.)

Runner Up: Skyfall

Album of the Year: Ithaca- Bowman

Michael Guy Bowman’s sophmore album is a wonderful mix of primarily synthpop inspired tracks on par or arguably better than his previous album, Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido. One of the best, most original, and catchiest albums this side of They Might Be Giants.

Runner Up: One Year Older- Erik “Jit” Scheele

Most Anticipated Film: Pacific Rim

A Guillermo Del Toro film about giant mechs with GLADoS’ voice fighting massive Lovecraftian Godzilla monsters. It will be perfection.

Runner Up: (tie) Star Trek Into Darkness/Oblivion

Most Anticipated Game: Bioshock Infinite

Though the constant delays have pushed this certified masterpiece from Summer 2012 to March 26, 2013, a concrete release date is finally upon us for the quickly approaching frontrunner for GoTY 2013.

Runner Up: Pikmin 3

“Best” Film of the Year- Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

An indescribably wonderful masterpiece that is Cage’s best work since National Treasure 2. Nothing more can be said about this film than pure moviegoing bliss.

Best Cinematography: Taken 2

If you like the Neesons of Liam Neeson, the camerawork of Cloverfield, and the editing of a bad Vlog, than Taken 2 is your movie! The sometimes 6 jump-cuts a second allow over 17 times the action of the standard movie, essentially tripiling the action and quality of the previous movie in the series!

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