The Evolution Revolution

MrVonAwesometon’s Four in February Status: Beginning of Week 1 [UPDATE][UPDATE AGAIN]

Here is the current status on my Four in February games, which is my desperate attempt to avoid doing anything productive for 28 days.


Shadow of the Colossus-PS2

Progress: Fourth colossus defeated, 12 to go


Final Fantasy XII-PS2

Progress: 2 hours in, getting the Sunstone to evolve my Weepinbell.


Dragon Age Origins-PS3

Progress: Circle Tower, Arl of Redcliffe quest


Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword-Wii

Progress: Before the 4th dungeon, trying to get the sacred water

I was initially going to include Final Fantasy XIII instead of XII, but I found out that I am only 3 chapters from the end of the game and wanted to choose a game I had made less progress in. I may swap XIII back in if time becomes an issue.


I took off Dragon Age Origins because

1. It would be impossible for me to balance 2 30-50 hour RPGs as well as homework.

2. The part where you are in the Fade is annoying and I don’t want to use walkthroughs or waste 5 primo Colossus killing hours finding my way through.

3. The game I am adding is amazing, much shorter, and stars a Sarah Palin hairwitch.

So, I give you my replacement FiF game…..


Bayonetta-Xbox 360

Progress: Just beat Chapter IV.

Progress has been made in 2 of the other games, but I will wait until next Saturday to report my position in all 4 titles.


Ok, lets try this again.

I removed Skyward Sword from the list because

1. I only have one Wiimote

2. That Wiimote stopped working

3. I have no Wiimote with which to play the game

So, begrudgingly, I am replacing it with…


Paper Mario Sticker Star-3DS

Progress: Stage 3-11, Holey Thicket

Ok, lets see if I can get to the end of week 1 without losing another game. Final week 1 progress report tomorrow!

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