The Evolution Revolution

The Age of Many Excitements

The Age of Many Excitements

By Thedude3445


Forever will he reign, our Good and Mighty King!

Twas the Dawn of Man when this young lad was born unto the house of his father, and his father before him, and his father before even him. Given the name Michael upon his christenment into this Earth, he was destined for feats of awesome majesty indeed, being named in honor of the Great Archangel, highest servant of Our Lord.

Expectations were set high upon Michael, even from a young age. While God was the Alpha and Omega, Michael was to be seen as the Beta Version for all mankind; the highest of all honors to which a mortal can be held. He was taught how to walk properly, eat properly, drink properly—he lived properly in all aspects. After all, what true king acted just as a peasant did?

No Release was given to Michael by his elders, even as he grew in both size and age. In fact, the hardships did not but grow as his father aged closer to his own time’s end, ready to pass on to the realm of Our Lord and for Michael to ascend the throne for himself. He was trained as a warrior, and did battle with his kingdom’s enemies just the same as any prince. Those unworthy for the crown would perish in the heat of battle. Michael soared in the aspect of the skirmish. In this part of life, Michael would Fly his way into stardom above all else.

After his father perished, he was given a proper ocean burial, and, to this day, he Lies With the Sea. Now, it was finally the moment for Michael to break the Chain of Prosperity and make our kingdom even stronger. He did not live like a fattened, wretched warlord as many of his predecessors did in the past, long long long ago. He lived as a common person, giving his palace to the peasants for shelter.

Incredibly popular and famously benevolent, Michael has sailed the proverbial Pumpkin Tide. O Michael, show us your light, so that we can better live under your kindness. Because The Deeper You Go, Michael, the more we all will discover.

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