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narcissism 101

narcissism 101.


I like this poem. It is very short, but is very meaningful. I do not know why I am speaking so plainly.

Bottle of Dog

ByNS story. Tried to make a stream-of-consciousness narrative. Failed. Posting anyway.


Bottle of Dog

An Experiment by Thedude3445


       Taking a drink the whiskey falls down my throat the fire of happiness fills me yes it is a warmth in my cold heart lost over the years of hard combat on these streets of Z’ox too many young people dead too much innocence lost by this horrible war drugs to prevalent governor wages battle against it drug lords fight back everyone pays I paid my eye is gone the right one it was so painful oh man why won’t I just get drunk already three drinks downed and still wide awake what was that shit the bartender’s gone one blaster shot barely misses me more drug lords I wonder where my gun is manufactured by Proteus himself great guy pretty hot can’t think about that right now need to live beard singed by scorching laserbolt punch good for you ow arrgh agh there there stay and sleep forever ah look at that he has many things with him medkit Nabisco sword using that first ever laser-reflective  blade in existence created by kind Dionysus Nabisco aren’t as good as my gun but effective has many uses like on doors windows other Nabisco sword users guns aren’t good against them now time to go have to find the drug lords kill them all the war has gone on far too long police not good anymore used to be and not anymore too soft new governor new police with him times have changes war is coming me against everyone I’m doing this these drug lords killed their last man bam bam laser still loud even after all these years getting rusty only killed ten so far sliced another death’s glory shining happiness upon me bload soaking the ground oh yeah oh man lets go do this bam bam slice reflect drug lords are dead finally mine I am finished my purpose is over Nabisco sword against my chest Proetus I love you sword through my chest it is a warmth in my cold heart finally dead

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