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Sega’s Saturn & Nintendo’s Wii U, Pluto’s Among Planets – Blog by scoOCD – IGN

Sega’s Saturn & Nintendo’s Wii U, Pluto’s Among Planets – Blog by scoOCD – IGN.


This is a great article about the state of the Wii U, by comparing it to another console flop– The Sega Saturn. I recommend that you read it.


I also wrote a comment that is on the article, but you can read here:


Oh wow, this is a great article. I was myself thinking about the relationship between these two consoles, and am pleased that I’m not the only one to do so. Though there is one point you didn’t touch on that I believe is a major factor for both:

The Wii and DS were two of the best-selling systems of all time, and they are the ones that brought in the millions of casual gamers to the market. However, the constant peripherals and design upgrades (Balance Board, Classic Controller, Classic Controller “Pro”, Nunchuck, uDraw Tablet, all those plastic attachments that you can find at the dollar store… The Wii’s redesign a few years back looking very similar to the Wii U is not a great thing, either) has worn down the regular consumer to the point where they don’t realize the Wii U is a new console. Still. If the console’s name was not Wii U, and instead the “Nintendo Nexus” or something stupid like that, I believe it would have sold at least 2 million more consoles by now than it already has, just by word of mouth.

This is the same thing the Saturn went through when it came out; the Genesis had FOUR different versions (only counting those in America released before 1997. There were actually many more) , along with all the gimmicky technology like the CD, 32X, Virtua Processor, Lock-On Technology, etc. And when the Saturn came out, many people assumed it was yet another expensive add-on to the Genesis. Though this definitely wasn’t the biggest cause of the Saturn’s failure, it was a significant contributor to bad sales early on (the most significant of course being the awful marketing campaign, which included releasing the console months early. At least Nintendo hasn’t done anything that ridiculous yet).

I was one of those fanboys who camped out all day to be first in line for the console, but I will be the first to admit I consider the Wii U an utter failure thus far. The fact that it only has one game worth playing so far in my opinion (Nintendo Land), coupled with the cripplingly long waits for Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, and Game & Wario, has only made it worse in my eyes. I literally haven’t played a minute of anything on the Wii U in 2013, aside from Netflix and a few rounds of Brawl. I can’t see the Wii U having any success whatsoever at this point, outside of inevitable first-party masterpieces like Smash 4, the next Mario, the next Zelda, etc. I am getting the feeling the Wii U is going to be superseded by a console upgrade actually comparable to current gen standards very soon- by 2015 or 2016, unless Nintendo WANTS 3rd parties to abandon it.

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3 thoughts on “Sega’s Saturn & Nintendo’s Wii U, Pluto’s Among Planets – Blog by scoOCD – IGN

  1. PurpleHaze on said:

    I hope Nintendo doesn’t make a device called Nintendo Wii Turn U. To me that signifies to make a U Turn and exit the store as quickly as possible. That’s the day the gaming industry is totally dead both physically and spiritually speaking.

    In fact knowing the industry they will probably try to make it work like a smell phone dumbing it down for those levels like Windows 8 Metro Yuck!

    I miss how the Nintendo 64 had so many 3rd party racing games to choose from and for computing needs I miss XP but the moment you make it go online even with the best virus protection it will be destroyed instantly since MS no longer supports it and announced it two years ago during a *shake up*.

  2. PurpleHaze on said:

    In fact I hope Nintendo doesn’t pull off a Windows 8 gig or they will be done.

    Dad taught me how Japanese business works and it’s different then America where you have to apply approval from the government to be given money to start and everything is ran by a *group think* type setting where you can’t be an individual leader or you will be frowned upon.


  3. PurpleHaze on said:


    As for Reggie the reason he speaks to his audience in such a superficial matter is NOT because he is dumb/arrogant or an ass but because everything they have done is already pre planned so whatever the audience says or even thinks doesn’t matter and they are banking on the audience to be stupid enough to not see thru the smokes and mirrors until whatever big industry they plan to control happens.

    As another blogger suspects I think it will be the 3D market hence the 3DS and making the name sound like a super add on to the original Dee S. (Dumb and Stupid)

    Same things with the other big industries.

    Nintendo is like a husband that says they love you then turns around and slaps you in the face which when asked just shrugs and tries to distract you with something else to *make up* for it even though it was uncalled for in the first place!!!

    Nintendo could’ve gone a long ways with the Revolution but like any other big company all they care about is the *Play it safe* route of following the paper money trail which is worthless anyways but that’s another can of worms.

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