The Evolution Revolution

Leaving the Internet until August 4th

I know I haven’t even made a post on this blog in forever, but I will notify you that this dearth of content will preside for even longer.

Starting at midnight tonight, I am going to involve myself in an experiment. I haven’t gone a full week without the internet since I was in the 5th grade, so what would it be like to go an entire month and a half without it? This reprieve will hopefully increase my productivity so that I can write my novel Cosmic Dreamers, as well as finish some books, movies, and games that I have been putting off for years.

I will try to keep a log (diary lol) of each day, in hopes that looking back, I will find a positive increase in my life, rather than a descent into boredom and madness. This log will be posted soon after I return, on August 4th.

Fare ye well, internet.

(the reason I’m returning August 4th is because of Pikmin 3, btw!!!!!)


My farewell present:

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