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Article: Manga than never became an Anime

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Anime and Manga, much like any art form, is subjective. Truth be told, there are series out there that are both loved and hated depending on who you ask, and we all have our own individual favourites. The chances are that somewhere among these favourites you probably have at least one Manga that you always wanted to see become an Anime, but for one reason or another, it just never happened.

Today, I’m going to talk about four series that fit that category for me. Unlike my normal reviews, I will be keeping my description of each series brief, and I won’t be going too far into the pros and cons of each one, my aim is just to show some potential missed opportunities. Just to show a variety, we’ve got one shōnen, one shōjo, one seinen and one old school series.

PsyrenPsyren: Running in Weekly Shōnen Jump from…

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Twelve Days of Anime #6: Yuru Yuri is Eternal

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That amusement club just won’t stop amusing me.

Now featuring glasses Now featuring glasses

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