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Possible Nintendo Direct E3, “NintE3do”, Timetable (Rumor)

Possible Nintendo Direct E3, “NintE3do”, Timetable (Rumor).


Probably not true, but one can hope. Check it out.

Sega’s Saturn & Nintendo’s Wii U, Pluto’s Among Planets – Blog by scoOCD – IGN

Sega’s Saturn & Nintendo’s Wii U, Pluto’s Among Planets – Blog by scoOCD – IGN.


This is a great article about the state of the Wii U, by comparing it to another console flop– The Sega Saturn. I recommend that you read it.


I also wrote a comment that is on the article, but you can read here:


Oh wow, this is a great article. I was myself thinking about the relationship between these two consoles, and am pleased that I’m not the only one to do so. Though there is one point you didn’t touch on that I believe is a major factor for both:

The Wii and DS were two of the best-selling systems of all time, and they are the ones that brought in the millions of casual gamers to the market. However, the constant peripherals and design upgrades (Balance Board, Classic Controller, Classic Controller “Pro”, Nunchuck, uDraw Tablet, all those plastic attachments that you can find at the dollar store… The Wii’s redesign a few years back looking very similar to the Wii U is not a great thing, either) has worn down the regular consumer to the point where they don’t realize the Wii U is a new console. Still. If the console’s name was not Wii U, and instead the “Nintendo Nexus” or something stupid like that, I believe it would have sold at least 2 million more consoles by now than it already has, just by word of mouth.

This is the same thing the Saturn went through when it came out; the Genesis had FOUR different versions (only counting those in America released before 1997. There were actually many more) , along with all the gimmicky technology like the CD, 32X, Virtua Processor, Lock-On Technology, etc. And when the Saturn came out, many people assumed it was yet another expensive add-on to the Genesis. Though this definitely wasn’t the biggest cause of the Saturn’s failure, it was a significant contributor to bad sales early on (the most significant of course being the awful marketing campaign, which included releasing the console months early. At least Nintendo hasn’t done anything that ridiculous yet).

I was one of those fanboys who camped out all day to be first in line for the console, but I will be the first to admit I consider the Wii U an utter failure thus far. The fact that it only has one game worth playing so far in my opinion (Nintendo Land), coupled with the cripplingly long waits for Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, and Game & Wario, has only made it worse in my eyes. I literally haven’t played a minute of anything on the Wii U in 2013, aside from Netflix and a few rounds of Brawl. I can’t see the Wii U having any success whatsoever at this point, outside of inevitable first-party masterpieces like Smash 4, the next Mario, the next Zelda, etc. I am getting the feeling the Wii U is going to be superseded by a console upgrade actually comparable to current gen standards very soon- by 2015 or 2016, unless Nintendo WANTS 3rd parties to abandon it.

Best of the Year 2012 Awards (Games, Movies, Music, Comics, Etc.)

2012 sure looks like it was a really great year for a lot of stuff! What did I think was the best of the best? Well, let’s see!


I did not actually play very many games in 2012. And I didn’t play any bad ones, so this list is far from complete. However, I am confident this does encompass some of the best games of the year regardless.

Game of the Year:

Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS)

As you may have read in my absolutely glowing review of this game, I find it hard to believe anybody could think that this isn’t one of the best games of this year. I find it to be the best; I even still play it today, playing my favorite chapters, grinding away to finally get the perfect weapon, and then battling out in multiplayer.


Mass Effect 3 (Wii U, PC, PS3, 360)

Despite my negative opinion of the ending (that was migitated by the Extended Cut, but my main complaint was far from erased), this game was an absolute masterpiece, and one of the greatest experiences of my life for 90% of it. Playing three games in a row where your choices matter and everything you do carries over is brilliant; I encourage all story-based games to do this, as it really makes the series experience that much more worthwhile!

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

This game, even though it’s on the Wii, is gorgeous, has great voice acting, an even better story, and an almost-addicting battle system. Everything I hate about JRPGs is addressed here, and I love it to death.

Honorable Mentions:

Spelunky (360), Fez (360), Nintendoland (Wii U), Pikmin 2 (Wii re-release) (yes I’m counting this, it deserves it)


This category is a bit bigger than the others, due to the fact I’ve seen a ton of movies this year in theaters; 18 in total (okay that doesn’t sound like much but it’s 15 more than I usually see). So There are a couple awards I will give here.

Best Picture


I don’t feel like I need to say anything, really. Avengers was one of the most perfect films I have ever seen, and I’ve never met a person who says much differently.


The Dark Knight Rises

It was everything I had hoped for and more; the most satisfying ending to any trilogy, really. I actually thought it was better than The Dark Knight, which is a very unpopular opinion, but it is mine. Bane didn’t top Joker as a villain, but the overall plot was fantastic, and the ending was so brilliant that I almost stood up and clapped after it was all over.


While the time travel mechanics were frustrating at times, they worked well, and they told a beautiful story of a man, his future self, and the fate of the planet. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis both did standout jobs here.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

While I simultaneously think it was one of the biggest pieces of trash this millennium so far, Ghost Rider 2 was absurdly entertaining in all the best ways. Even if it isn’t categorized as one, it was by far the best comedy I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Les Misérables

Having not read the original material or seen the musical, I had no idea what to expect in this film, and wow, I was impressed. It was much closer to an opera than a musical, but that’s not a bad thing. Everyone in the film gave their best performances, especially Jean Valjean himself Hugh Jackman, and Russel Crowe was totally a good singer. I don’t care what anyone says.

Honorable Mentions:

Prometheus: Grand in scope, and the best kind of scary.

Dredd: It’s like a generic cop movie… but with great gritty comic book-vibes. My favorite action movie in a while.

Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: The much more light-hearted feel than Lord of The Rings makes everything much more fun to watch, with much less drama. It certainly isn’t better than Lord of the Rings, but it’s still a great film, and I expect the next two to be even better.

Skyfall: The best James Bond movie in years! And I never expected them to actually delve into the origins of the character. Woah.

Man With the Iron Fists: It was cheesy, it was violent, and it was a damn fun movie to watch. RZA’s Director/Actor/Writer/Soundtrack debut was great, and I hope he makes many more movies.

Other awesome movies: Men in Black 3, Amazing Spider-Man, Resident Evil Retribution

Best Actor/Actress

Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Looper – A fantastic performance in a fantastic film.


Hugh Jackman – Les Misérables

Michael Fassbender – Prometheus

Tom Hiddleston – Avengers

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – The Dark Knight Rises (Yes, again)

Nic Cage – Ghost Rider 2

Best Visual Effects

Avengers: It was easy to forget that in most of the scenes of the movie, two of the main characters Iron Man and Hulk were just CGI creations.

Hobbit and Dredd are the runners-up. Both were certifiably amazing, as well.

Best Score

The Hobbit wins this, which is easy to say considering it’s a Lord of the Rings movie. Man with the Iron Fist had a very unique and well-crafted soundtrack as well, and Avengers was top-notch.


There were an incomparable amount of amazing albums this year; I can barely pick my favorites outside of the top two or three. Hopefully I don’t forget any!

Album of the Year

Preschtale cover art

Preschtale – C-Jeff

This musical odyssey was the most pure fusion of Prog Rock and Chiptunes, and some of the most fun stuff you’ll ever hear. It came out on January 1st, 2012, and it has been the by-far winner of this award for me ever since. Only one album reached its status, and got this award as well in an awesome tie:

One Year Older cover art

One Year Older – Jit

All Homestuck albums are great (you’ll see more later, I promise), but this one…. (pff)… takes the cake. The closest any music has ever made me to crying. The Scratch and Skaian Shrapnel are the best of the album.


Induction – Svix: Wow. This thing is awesome, and is a great use of musical motifs. I usually am not a fan of autotuned/robot singing and all that, but Induction is completely different.

Comfortable Bugs – Bowman: Barely released a couple weeks ago,

Ithaca – Bowman: Bowman’s debut solo album didn’t make as much of an impact as Mobius Trip & Hardon Kaleido, but it was sure as hell great.

The Earthen Scar – Eidolon Orpheus: How Eidolon Orpheus could make an album out of a few original songs and some songs from a scrapped album is beyond me, but he pulled it off, and this fantasy journey is totally rad.

Blueshift – Protodome: Another late release, but this third entry in Protodome’s series of chiptune jazz albums is the most polished one yet, and even has vocal songs this time!

Fez – Disasterpiece: Atomspheric, ambient, and very peaceful. I love it.

We Are All Sattelites – Clark Powell: Plazmataz sure has a way of making music amazing, and this album is no exception.

Honorable mentions (No particular Order):

I Miss You: Earthbound 2012 – Ubikitune

Do Without – Screamcatcher

Homestuck Volume 9 – Homestuck

Omegalodon – RJ Lake

Genesis Frog – Albatross Soup

Nightlife Nightlight – hrmnzr

ColoUrs and Mayhem A– Homestuck

Stray Cat ~Walkabout~ – Cat Boss

ColoUrs and Mayhem B – Homestuck

Starhaven – Block Monster

Spelunky OST – Erik Suhrke

Chiptune Inferno – SuperVolcano

Spiritwake – Solatrus

Jazz and Masks – Cat Boss

Make Music, Throw Music: A Yoshi’s Island Tribute – Ubikitune

And a super-special shout out to Chiptunes = Win and its first three albums this year. I am looking forward to seeing the group expand this coming year!


2012 was a huge year for the comic industry, with the Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises all coming out this summer, and in the comics themselves, DC’s New 52 relaunch completed its first full year, and Marvel’s Avengers vs. X-Men shocked the world. What were my favorites?

Comic of the Year


Yeah yeah, I had no indication that I was counting webcomics, but I am. Homestuck has only gotten better in its third year, as the end of the comic draws nearer and nearer, With its insane fanbase, monumental Kickstarter, and more storytelling scope than anything I’ve ever seen, Homestuck is the winner of this award for good reason.


Gunnerkrig Court: It’s slowly building itself up towards a gigantic climax, and though it isn’t quite at Homestuck level, it’s getting there. Tom Siddell’s writing is top-notch, and his art is beautiful.

Dinosaur Comics: Still the funniest comic ever, even with its gimmick being almost a decade old.

Honorable Mentions:

Amazing Spider-Man

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Green Lantern


Darths & Droids


Red Lanterns

Avengers vs. X-Men

Romantically Apocalyptic 

Best Events of 2012

Not really in any particular order, nor are they actually the best things that happened this year.

Act 6 Intermission 3 (Homestuck)

Three nearly hour-long (each) flash games, along with one ten-minute ending movie, all released this fall in Homestuck, expanding the lore of the comic tenfold, introducing twelve new characters, and giving tons of character development to some of the major characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if these games alone convinced tens of thousands of people to start reading Homestuck, after seeing so much about it on tumblr and other places.

Humble Indie Bundle V

Yes, there had been many Humble Bundles before it, but this one was the one that catapulted the service into gigantic popularity. Four of the best games of this generation (Limbo, Bastion, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Swords & Sorcery) and one of the best games of last generation (Psychonauts) were on the table to start with, and it later expanded to include Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Lone Survivor. All for around 8 bucks, and it included their complete soundtracks and everything. I don’t think this bundle will ever be topped for several years, if ever.

The World Didn’t End!

Of course, this is the greatest thing to happen to us! The Mayans spared us…. Now, what other doomsday prophecy is about to pass that will definitely never come true?

This is… all of the awards I have. Thanks for reading, and have a happy 2013!!!!

What I’m Looking Forward To in 2013

Before I make my “Best-of 2012” article, I will look ahead, and see the most exciting things that lie wait in the upcoming year!


Video games


There are three games I am extremely excited about, and will definitely buy that are coming out this year:

  • The Wonderful 101: This game is by Platinum Games; the concept is a Pikmin-style action game where you gather 100 superheroes, go around the city, and beat up monsters. It’s ludicrous  and looks absolutely amazing. Plus, 4-player multiplayer. What that entails is intriguing.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening: This game is the perfect Fire Emblem. Adjustable difficulty levels, including nondeath modes, for people like me who suck at games. Good multiplayer. DLC support. CGI Cutscenes that are voiced. A story that links all the previous Fire Emblem series together. Portability. And generally, it’s just going to be the best Fire Emblem of all time, and it comes out in February. Cannot wait.
  • Pikmin 3: Obviously, if Wonderful 101 is on this list, this is going to be too. This game has been almost 9 years in the making, and I am ecsatic for it. My expectation level is currently beyond Game of the Year 2013; it’s Game of the Decade 2010s! I will never be more pumped for any video game until Super Smash Bros. 4 news starts coming out.


A couple movies that I am most excited for. You can see my full (first-version) list of movies I’m looking forward to in this article.

  • Oblivion: Since the trailer came out, I am generally thinking this movie is going to be amazing, and dominate the box office until Iron Man 3 comes out, much like Hunger Games did before Avengers this year.
  • Iron Man 3: I have full confidence this movie is going to be great. I liked Iron Man 2, unlike many people, but I know this is going to top it.
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness:  There’s no way this can flop. Absolutely no way.
  • The Man of Steel: From that trailer that recently came out, I am super pumped for this. It’s almost going to be like… The Dark Knight, with Superman???????
  • Pacific Rim: It’s like my favorite animes… in movie form!!!!!!
  • Thor 2: I want to see how Thor can do without a forced romance plot (since there’s already a love interest fulfilled), and without Loki as the central villain. It has me very interested.


These comic events have me pretty excited for 2013:

  • Superior Spider-Man: I am in the extreme minority when I say that I can’t wait for this new series. Without saying any spoilers, I have to say it’s going to last a while.
  • Justice League of America: A new Justice League book with all the B-List heroes. Can this be successfully pulled off, and can it successfully lead to Trinity War? Let’s hope so!!!!

What I’m not excited for is a dumb Ultron massive crossover. I was actually hoping that 2013 would stay Major Event-free this time, Marvel-wise. 2012 only had AvX, which wasn’t actually that huge, but I thought Marvel was getting over its insane addiction to stupid crossovers, albeit very slowly with some relapses (Fear Itself), after Siege.

I’m also looking forward to the conclusion of the 4-year Modern-Day Epic that is Homestuck. Not that I want it to end, per say, but the ending is quickly building itself up to be the most gigantic climax that we’ll ever see in any webcomic (until Gunnerkrig Court gets to its own climax in like 15 years, but that’s different).


Music: I… don’t really know of any future music plans for 2013. I guess, Bowman and Clark Powell’s inevitable next albums, as well as some more stuff by Hrmnzr and Astro Kid. And Homestuck Volume 10, which may or may not be the very last Homestuck album. Oh, and WellManicuredMan is releasing a Homestuck-related EP on January 5th. That will be exciting.


Other: I’m looking forward to going to college, where I’ll have even less time to post meaningful things on this blog, but I will have many more things to be able to post about.

I’m also hyping up what seems to be an Event Horizon in the number of written works by the Metafic gang, consisting of Ktalaki, WhiteKnight, Kwiko, and I, all from the RealityRevolution forums. Seriously awesome stories are starting to emerge, and it is only a matter of time before…. someone gets published…..



Fire Emblem 12: Heroes of Shadow & Light – English Patch Released!!



After being out for two years in Japan, there is finally a fan translation of the 12th Fire Emblem game, Heroes of Shadow & Light, which was never released in America or Europe. Ironically enough, it was a remake of Fire Emblem 3 for the SNES, which itself was never released outside of Japan, with many new features such as the first-ever custom character creator, and online battling features like in Fire Emblem 11 (which was a remake of the first game that did cross over the Pacific, luckily for us). You won’t be able to legally play the game without learning a new language, no, but this is still amazing; probably the biggest translation patch release since Mother 3 back in 2008!

For Fire Emblem fans, this news is great, as this means a way to stave off Fire Emblem withdrawals for another few months until Fire Emblem: Awakening releases on the 3DS!

That, my friends, is another story for another time, though.

File:Fire Emblem Kakusei Japanese box art.jpg

Wii U Twitter Posts

Here is what I posted while I waited for 9 hours for the Wii U. (reverse order)



Me really bored waiting for the Wii U

My ticket. Notice the #1. I earned that. 8|

This is the impromptu and very unprofessional video I made of me unboxing my Wii U with my little brother. WordPress won’t upload .3gp, and my Youtube was taken down, as you may recall, so all I can do is post the link.

Camping Out For the Wii U (Liveblog)

I’m going to begin camping out in front of Best Buy for the Wii U around 12 PM or 1 PM; Watch me liveblog…. via my Twitter account, with all Tweets tagged as #WiiULaunch. When it’s all over, I’ll do a recap on here…. Unless I’m having too much fun with my new Console! 😛

Review: Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS)

I haven’t done a full-fledged review of a game in a long while, so I thought I would start off by doing a game that I can most certainly make one about: Kid Icarus Uprising.

(Spoilers about the story lie within; beware.)

The story takes place 25 years after the original game. Because the characters are all Gods and Goddesses and Angels and stuff, they are immortal and thus the time-skip is done for purely comedic reasons. Medusa is back, and you have to go through a bunch of episodic missions to defeat her commanders, and then her. But after chapter 9, the story takes a dramatic turn when Hades, God of the Underworld, is revealed to be the mastermind behind her resurrection and is trying to destroy all life on Earth (for kicks). Another villain, Viridi, the Goddess of Nature, is soon introduced, though she quickly becomes friendly. After chapter 9, the story seems to take place in Story Arcs of 3 or four chapters that can be grouped together. I think the structure works pretty well, though some of the gaps in between them are very odd (chapter 17, The Ring of Chaos, being the main offender of a really weird gap following the major, seemingly game-ending victory against the Aurum in chapter 16). The plot is not the best, but it wasn’t designed for the story; it was designed for the gameplay and the writing.

And the writing is genius. At first, it seemed a little corny, but it grew on me by Chapter 5. The banter between Pit, Palutena, Viridi, Hades, and sometimes the boss of the level is very well-written. I do not know how different it is from the Japanese version, but I definitely have to applaud the NOA Translators for their work on this game. They make clever Nintendo and pop culture references, discuss Tropes, and explain things about the story or gameplay mechanics, and it works well. It is usually never very distracting (unless you have the volume off of course), and breaks up the monotony as you travel from room to room during land battles.

Some people really seem to hate the voice acting; while I initially loathed Pit’s voice, it quickly grew on me, and his annoying voice actually works because of his silly dialogue. And most all of the voices in this game are great. Princess Bubblegum/Starfire VA Hyden Walch does the best job, I think, with her role as Viridi (Viridi in general is just a great character). Thanatos’s VA does his best Ziro the Hutt impression and just rolls with it, making an otherwise pretty boring level a lot more interesting. Magnus is in fact NOT Dan Brown, but the guy who does Hulk’s voice in all the Marvel cartoons, and Baird from Gears of War. I could go on, but it would be redundant. The voice acting is not bad at all.

Now onto the actual gameplay. The air battles work basically like any other horizontal shooter (ex. Sin and Punishment or Star Fox), and are very fluid. The variation in enemies, unlike in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, actually amplifies the gameplay, as you seriously never know what you will face next. There are so many enemies in this game that Sakurai could make DLC for this game for years with new chapters, and the game would never seem redundant. This is in no way a hyperbole.
The Land Battles are different; it’s a third person shooter. That’s… basically it. The enemy variety is just as great, and it is still very fun, but you know how third person shooters work. People (namely Game Informer) have cried that the land battles have pathetic controls… but I simply don’t see it. There’s not really a problem with it, not one that I can see. I don’t remember anyone complaining this much about Metroid Prime Hunters or any other shooter on the DS, and they have essentially the same controls.

The level design, as I have already said, is great already because of the sheer volume of enemies, but the designs themselves are not to be scoffed at either. The air battles are always fresh, so I don’t have to go into detail about that. But the land battles sometimes have a serious risk of becoming boring; this is almost never the case (some of the earlier missions do get pretty boring, but this is because it is showing you the ropes, so to speak). This game does quite a nice job of switching things up at the right times, like with special areas, vehicle sections, or weird puzzles.

Now onto my favorite part of the game; the customization. Like in Brawl’s Subspace Emissary, you can equip powers that you unlock and use them during land battles (and in multiplayer, more on that later), and unlike the stickers, this system actually works and has a noticable effect on the gameplay (It seems like I am bashing Brawl, but I will remind you that it is one of the few recipients of a perfect 100 score from me.). Also… weapons. So many weapons. This game somehow almost reaches Borderlands-lite in loot level. You can obtain so many weapons during the game, buy more weapons, and then spend hours in the weapon fusion menu, where you try and combine two weapons to make a new one, hopefully ending up with good stats and good bonus effects. It almost becomes a game on its own, trying to find the perfect weapons that are just right for you. I am not sure how many actual weapons there are in the game, but there are 9 different types, and each one has its own merits; no weapon type seems overpowered or underbalanced. This makes for a metagame that reaches Melee levels………

Making for the perfect segue into the multiplayer. The multiplayer only has two modes; Light vs. Dark, where 2 teams of 3 fight, or Free-for-All, where up to 6 people duke it out. Despite the limitation, it is still amazing; everything from the solo game can be imported straight into the multiplayer, from all of your powers (there are exceptions, but only for Idol Transformation and stuff) to every single weapon. And I have only ever experienced a few instances of lag. Nintendo is really improving its online game since Brawl’s servers bombed (were they ever fixed? I don’t even know). I haven’t paid attention to the maps enough to judge them, but I haven’t notice any “bad” ones yet.

Along with the multiplayer, replayablity is never an issue. This is a Sakurai game. I am basically stating that the sky is blue here. The “Checklist” achievement-system that has been in Sakurai’s games since Kirby Air Ride remains in place, except this time, there are triple the amount, and you can unlock so much. Gamers looking for a challenge need look no further. Some of these are utterly ridiculous.

Finally, the “main” topic, graphics. I will put it out there now- this is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. Seriously. With the 3D on, the scenery is simply gorgeous. In fact, if you are playing the game 2D, you are doing it wrong, and need to change your wicked ways. The character models are very detailed, and it seems as though there was more attention put into the graphical design of this game than some AAA console titles. How this would look on the Wii U is simply beyond me. Actually, maybe it is for the best that it remains on the 3DS. Otherwise, Nintendo could like… accidentally summon some Eldritch Abominations or something when they release it.

Also, the music is fully orchestrated, and is pretty much amazing. Nintendo has been outdoing themselves lately with so many beautiful compositions. I just wish they could carry that over to the Mario series…

In summary:
+Silly story coupled with great writing and voice acting
+Great gameplay
+So much customizability
+So many unlockables
+Good multiplayer
+Beautiful graphics
+Best Musics
-Not enough multiplayer modes
-The beginning not as strong as the rest of the game

The major complaints of this game are the bad controls and bad voice acting, neither of which are really true. The game really just takes a little time to grow on you. Once you can get to the truly fun levels of the game (aka past chapter 9), it really shines. Sakurai is unmatched in game design, and this title is hopefully only a taste of what he has in store for us in Smash 4.

I will rate this game out of 100. In the past I used a convuluted method where it was out of, like, 43 or something. That is arbitrary and dumb.

It gets a 98/100. The flaws keeping it from 100 are so minor that they don’t even really matter. This game may end up being Game of the Year for me, if Mass Effect 3 doesn’t take it (what am I saying, Pikmin 3 will definitely get it, this is just for second place I guess), and I will most certainly be playing this game years from now.

My Frustration with Modern Nintendo Titles (By: MrVonAwesometon)


Hey, MrVonAwesometon here, for the first time in like…9 months or whatever. I have a little tale I wish to tell you youngsters, a tale about nearly all recent Nintendo games having one JARRING FLAW that makes me think twice about buying them; they have no content. 

Just look at the two most recent Mario games; Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros 2. Lets me start off by saying that these are by no means bad games, they are fantastic titles that I enjoyed my brief time playing. They may be enjoyful games, but they are games, full retail games, games that cost 40$, that are barely longer than a movie.

I can’t help but feel a little cheated by both of these games. Most games take, as they should, at least 8 hours to finish, with some larger games taking upward of 40. Gamers are perfectly content paying 60$ for a game that yields 8 hours of gameplay and has decent replayability, even if the game wasn’t something of the same caliber as Bioshock or Ocarina of Time. We need 2 things to keep us engaged; fun and content.

Yes, the two games in question, as well as most Nintendo games, have the first aspect down to an art, but the recent trend with games by the Big N, specifically 3DS games, is the lack of the latter. Super Mario 3D Land is quite possibly the most fun, best controlling, and best looking platformer on any handheld ever, but the game is so terribly short that my first run through took less time than it took me to watch Dark Knight Rises. That’s a little under 3 hours. Nobody wants to pay 40$ for a 3 hour game. (Note: 3D Land has challenge levels that arguably add more content to the game but, as much as I liked that addition, they are essentially the same levels as before with slight additions.)

Now, this doesn’t mean that ALL first party 3DS titles are this way, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a perfect example. Kid Icarus has a 5-6 hour story, solid multiplayer, Brawl style unlockables, and a surprisingly in depth weapon creation system. Kid Icarus: Uprising is the exact same price as the 2 most recent Mario titles, but has arguably 3 times the content. 

Kid Icarus was by no means a perfect game; the controls are awkward for all and downright impossible for left handed people, the banter is annoying, and the story has several holes. Kid Icarus is flawed, but it makes up for it by being a 20-someodd hour game. Super Mario 3D Land controls perfectly, has no annoying banter, and has the best use of the 3D effect currently available on the 3DS, but I would recommend Uprising over it in a heartbeat, for the sole reason that 3D Land has no substance. 

Now, I’ve only noticed this in those 2 games as of late, though the first New Super Mario Bros had the exact same problems, but it seems that, more often than not, Nintendo has been missing out on perfection simply because they refuse to have any length or replayability to the majority of their titles.

There may be other thing that have been bogging some recent Nintendo games down, namely dumbed down difficulty, but simply adding more content could breathe life back into Nintendo’s line up. Seriously, guys, make your games an hour or two longer and give us a little bit more for our money.

Super Smash Bros. 4 Roster Update

I updated my old post here:


Check it out. It is pretty cool.

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