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The 2013 365-Story Challenge


This is the all-new giant project I am undertaking for 2013, adding onto the 2 other major writing projects for the year, alongside a few others I have. This one is much more relaxed, and will be much more fun. If you are a fan of some of my really weird/stupid stories, you will probably be in for a very good treat. If not, well…. at least you’ll get to see my hopefully exponential progression as an author by this time next year!

Stay tuned for the other project starting January 1st involving many of the same concepts, but in a totally different way.

What I’m Looking Forward To in 2013

Before I make my “Best-of 2012” article, I will look ahead, and see the most exciting things that lie wait in the upcoming year!


Video games


There are three games I am extremely excited about, and will definitely buy that are coming out this year:

  • The Wonderful 101: This game is by Platinum Games; the concept is a Pikmin-style action game where you gather 100 superheroes, go around the city, and beat up monsters. It’s ludicrous  and looks absolutely amazing. Plus, 4-player multiplayer. What that entails is intriguing.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening: This game is the perfect Fire Emblem. Adjustable difficulty levels, including nondeath modes, for people like me who suck at games. Good multiplayer. DLC support. CGI Cutscenes that are voiced. A story that links all the previous Fire Emblem series together. Portability. And generally, it’s just going to be the best Fire Emblem of all time, and it comes out in February. Cannot wait.
  • Pikmin 3: Obviously, if Wonderful 101 is on this list, this is going to be too. This game has been almost 9 years in the making, and I am ecsatic for it. My expectation level is currently beyond Game of the Year 2013; it’s Game of the Decade 2010s! I will never be more pumped for any video game until Super Smash Bros. 4 news starts coming out.


A couple movies that I am most excited for. You can see my full (first-version) list of movies I’m looking forward to in this article.

  • Oblivion: Since the trailer came out, I am generally thinking this movie is going to be amazing, and dominate the box office until Iron Man 3 comes out, much like Hunger Games did before Avengers this year.
  • Iron Man 3: I have full confidence this movie is going to be great. I liked Iron Man 2, unlike many people, but I know this is going to top it.
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness:  There’s no way this can flop. Absolutely no way.
  • The Man of Steel: From that trailer that recently came out, I am super pumped for this. It’s almost going to be like… The Dark Knight, with Superman???????
  • Pacific Rim: It’s like my favorite animes… in movie form!!!!!!
  • Thor 2: I want to see how Thor can do without a forced romance plot (since there’s already a love interest fulfilled), and without Loki as the central villain. It has me very interested.


These comic events have me pretty excited for 2013:

  • Superior Spider-Man: I am in the extreme minority when I say that I can’t wait for this new series. Without saying any spoilers, I have to say it’s going to last a while.
  • Justice League of America: A new Justice League book with all the B-List heroes. Can this be successfully pulled off, and can it successfully lead to Trinity War? Let’s hope so!!!!

What I’m not excited for is a dumb Ultron massive crossover. I was actually hoping that 2013 would stay Major Event-free this time, Marvel-wise. 2012 only had AvX, which wasn’t actually that huge, but I thought Marvel was getting over its insane addiction to stupid crossovers, albeit very slowly with some relapses (Fear Itself), after Siege.

I’m also looking forward to the conclusion of the 4-year Modern-Day Epic that is Homestuck. Not that I want it to end, per say, but the ending is quickly building itself up to be the most gigantic climax that we’ll ever see in any webcomic (until Gunnerkrig Court gets to its own climax in like 15 years, but that’s different).


Music: I… don’t really know of any future music plans for 2013. I guess, Bowman and Clark Powell’s inevitable next albums, as well as some more stuff by Hrmnzr and Astro Kid. And Homestuck Volume 10, which may or may not be the very last Homestuck album. Oh, and WellManicuredMan is releasing a Homestuck-related EP on January 5th. That will be exciting.


Other: I’m looking forward to going to college, where I’ll have even less time to post meaningful things on this blog, but I will have many more things to be able to post about.

I’m also hyping up what seems to be an Event Horizon in the number of written works by the Metafic gang, consisting of Ktalaki, WhiteKnight, Kwiko, and I, all from the RealityRevolution forums. Seriously awesome stories are starting to emerge, and it is only a matter of time before…. someone gets published…..



2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 9 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

No Christmas Crossover Adventure (yet)

I had a long discussion with Ktalaki last night about the Christmas Crossover Adventure. The story is still on, but he would prefer I wait to post it anywhere online until he revises RRUS, one of the main stories that this is framed around. And I myself should probably finish more of the stories that I am crossing over, considering only about half of the characters in the story actually appear on stories in the Backblog. So, even though I have already written much of the Christmas Crossover Adventure already, I have made the decision to hold it off, presumably until next Christmas.


Instead of CCA, I will publish something completely different, though also a Christmas special. Stay tuned.

Christmas Crossover Adventure – Begins December 22

Ugh. I had planned for so long to release it today, but I have not been able to access Google Drive all day, so I can’t get Chapter 1 to put it on here. This means that tomorrow, I will upload it, no matter even if I have to type it on Word and do it that way instead. But it’s gonna be awesome, don’t worry.

Online Day of Cease Fire (December 21)

Why not take the day off killing people in video games this Friday out of respect for the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary shooting? It’s not because video games cause people to go crazy and shoot people, no. That’s dumb. It’s just a thing to show respect. I know most people aren’t going to care about this, and keep trying to rack up their killstreaks and whatever, but I know I’ll be participating, though I haven’t played any games with guns in a while already.


It’s the last triple-digit day for almost an entire century (unless you count ones like 2-22-22 and 3-3-33 and stuff, but those don’t count so shut up); what will you be doing for this spectacular holiday?

Will you be trying to fit as many 12s into everything you do, including on math tests where 12 would otherwise be inappropriate to use?

Will you be doing anything Zodiac-related?

Will you be listening to my infamous song, Twelve?

Will you be trying to justify singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, despite the fact that it is actually 13 days away?

Will you be so sick of the number 12 and all its multiples that you stick purely to odd numbers for the rest of the day?

Will you be too busy hyping the Hobbit to care what day today will be, and instead sleep as much as you can until time to go to the midnight premiere?

Will you neglect to realize the date until it has already passed, and regret every moment you didn’t spend doing any (or all) of the above?

Let’s see what you do.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Shift Your Perspective

Weekly Writing Challenge: Shift Your Perspective.

This article sounds very interesting, and I may want to try it just for the sake of trying it.

Nanowrimo 2012: Beyond Nova Sparkles

Sorry I haven’t posted much of anything this week; I’ve been furiously working on my Nanowrimo. November was MUCH busier than I thought it would be, and it turned out that, by last Saturday, I only had 2000 words out of the needed 50,000! So I did somehow get 48 thousand words in 6 days, by some divine miracle, and some serious cop-outs to the story.

One cop-out that turned out to be pretty nice for the story was my inclusion of 14 different short stories, each of them independent reads that were inserted into the novel purely for word count boosts. I will post 13 of them here on the Backblog. One of them is too tied to the story, so I won’t bother.

I won’t release the novel right now because a) I need to heavily revise it, and b) it’s the sequel to After Nova Sparkles, which doesn’t actually exist yet. Once that’s done, then I’ll release Beyond Nova Sparkles.

Wii U Twitter Posts

Here is what I posted while I waited for 9 hours for the Wii U. (reverse order)



Me really bored waiting for the Wii U

My ticket. Notice the #1. I earned that. 8|

This is the impromptu and very unprofessional video I made of me unboxing my Wii U with my little brother. WordPress won’t upload .3gp, and my Youtube was taken down, as you may recall, so all I can do is post the link.

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