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Search Engine inquiries that have reached my blog (yes, again)

super smash bros 4 roster, king sonic, best pokemon card ever, sonic

This is the first time that the searches have actually been not completely stupid. I’m glad the King Sonic tag got on, because reading the 25YL arc is what made me want to write this (though that wasn’t the best arc, admittedly, simply because the two separate parts didn’t fit all too well in style, and the second part made little sense, even though it is the canon timeline now for those specific characters). The Smash 4 and Pokemon Cards tags are almost always on there; those two pages are by far the most popular on my entire blog. The reason the former is is because I linked it on my Project Cafe page with 900 likes immediately after E3, causing me to get 70-40 views for the next like 5 days, and just the fact that it’s Smash 4 makes it hugely popular. I have no idea how the Pokemon Cards post got so many views; it was just a repost of an old blog post I made on Nintendo City.

Anyway, this is my excuse for a blog post today.

Ultra-Transversal Christmas Crossover Special Promos

This means I am going to upload the rest of UTCCS to the internet and not leave it on paper forever! After 3 years of waiting. And also in July.

Hehehe me

I made this when Waluigi and Stafy were announced as assist trophies for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I really wanted both of them to be characters and I was kind of torn up about it. So I made this with my little to no knowledge and posted it on Nintendo City. Obviously I accidentally used layers, because I did not realize how to use layers until MONTHS after I began using the program. I would just make the images in MS Paint and then add the effects on PDN.

Homestuck Marching Band Show (UPDATE)

This is a powerpoint that I have made for the concept of a Homestuck Marching Band Show! Share this with everyone! I will repost this as many times as I possibly can because this must become a reality!

I am basically reposting this.

Nintendo City Family Tree

(click for the full pic)

Isn’t it glorious

this was last modifed December 7, 2007, if that puts this in any specific date.

Nintendo City had some really good times. It was pretty ballin’, in the most unironic sense of the word possible. If ballin’ can even be used unironically, which is pretty unlikely anyway.

Dr. Strangecards, or How I Blogged About Opening Pokemon Cards

Originally Posted on Nintendo City Forums on May 2nd, 2011.

I just mutilated that title 😛

So I just got two boxes of Pokemon Card pack things in the mail from AmazonAnd I will blog about what I get…. IN REAL TIMEEEE

Yeah this would be a lot easier if we had a shoutbox… -_-‘

The tape holding the box shut was really weird. It was hard to open and then suddenly it just snapped open. It made me feel weird….  😛

AIRplus? …. There are two little 3-packs…. of air? So no bubble wrap anymore, just these, or is this just a gift, like fresh mountain air or something? Maybe Amazon started shipping to the International Space Station and included these, and this was just an accident. Wait… What if I wasn’t supposed to get the air and the guys on the space station die because they don’t have enough air? This is so terrible!!!!!

kay, this first box is Pokemon TCG: Platinum: Supreme Victors. The title sure seems exciting and majestic. But the box itself sucks. The fonts are really generic and it almost feels like a cheap pirate box. The only artwork on there is a Charizard on front, the same Charizard on back, and a random Rayquaza. Meh.

Okay so there’s a Dialga promo card in front. The artwork is okay and it has a pretty good move, Time Call, where you can evolve any Pokemon by searching your deck, but the other Dialga I have (I have a normal version AND a jumbo card version with that one 8)) is way cooler, as it has a move that can DEevolve the opponent’s Pokemon.

Okay, so I totally just found the box. That’s so cool:

See. The other move is Time Wager. Flip two coins. if both are heads, it does 100 damage, but if any are tails, it does 50. It’s a really good move anyway. Seriously, 50 damage for only 3 energies!

??? There’s this gigantic poster of every single card in the Supreme Victors set. I…. Guess this is cool maybe?

There’s 4 packs. the POP Series 9, or Pokemon Organized Play packs, make up two of them, and there’s 2 Supreme Victors packs. The art on the POP is just the regular Garstomp artwork… booooring. The other two have an epic Charizard flying around, presumably about to claw the face off of that wuss Dark Charizard, not the shiny one, the one from the Team Rocket pack that isn’t even black, and another Garstomp, but one that is awesome and roaring as it repares to punch someone out with his winghands. Actually when you put them side-by-side it almost looks like they’re about to fight each other! Soooooooo cool :::.

POP Series 9

These packs suck. They only have 2 cards and one energy. I have enough energies besides dark and steel thank you very much D<

So this first pack has A Turtwig level 7 and a Buneary level 8. The Buneary is absolutely unremarkable, but the Turtwig is pretty cool.

meh. Oh yeah and a fighting energy. @____@

The other pack:
Booyah I totally got a dark energy! Score!! I also got a Manaphy, which is pretty okay, and a Chimchar, which does 60 damage plus sleep if you have a Piplup. Better than the other pack I guess…

The actual packs

The anticipation is not just killing me right now, but trying to violate my corpse as well. I have to open these! I will open the Garchomp first because he’s not as cool as Charizard.

Meditite level 22. laaaaaaaame
Gible level 12. laaaaaaaame
Bulbasaur level 13. ooh cool artwork. but it’s not a very cool pokemon…

Cherubi level 10. really really sucky
Rhydon level 45. meh to the extreme.
The holographic is Cherrim level 29, which is coincidentally the evolved form of the sucky Cherubi. It sucks as well. Its own main move, petal dance, makes itself confused >__>
Starly, level 5. It takes 2 energies to do a 20 damage peck? What the heck.
Milotic level 49. A really good Pokemon actually! You discard 2 cards from you hand to heal any Pokemon for 40 damage, and then another attack that does 90 damage, but minus 10 for every card in your hand!
Empoleon FB, level 50. Who the hell is Frontier Brain… I really should have played Platinum, I guess?Yeah it’s pretty solid. You can move the opponent’s energy to another card, and it does 20 damage.
Stadium: Champion’s Room. All SP Pokemon have one less retreat cost. laaaaaaaame. What’s an SP anyway?

Geodude level 9, Corphish level 11, and ANOTHER Bulbasaur level 13. All trite.

I got a pretty sweet Breloom level 37, plus an okay Masquerain level 36.
Skorupi level 6 has really cool artwork but isn’t a good Pokemon at all. And is psychic for some reason…?

This Chingling is awesome. It lets you search your opponent’s discard pile and use a supporter card in there for YOURSELF. yah

My holographic card is a level 33 Parasect. It makes the best sleep ever. When you go to sleep because of it, you have to get 2 coins heads to wake up instead of 1. Epic win.
I also got Skarmory FB, which is unremarkable, and an Arcanine G level 60, also meh.

So yeah not as good a pack. Also I still don’t know what SP means. It’s owned Pokemon, right? So why can’t it just be ___’s Pokemon?

Now onto the second box….

It’s a little better than the last one. This front has a pretty epic Celebi and a picture of Zorark, Rayquaza, and Dialga in the back.


THAT PICTURE WAS A CARD. It was one of those jumbo cards and it was so awesome. Too bad you can’t use it DDDD<
Anyway I have 2 Call of Legends packs and 1 HGSS Undaunted pack. The Houndour on the Undaunted is freaking me out, and the Call of Legends Kyogre looks like it’s retarded, literally. But the other CoL pack has Deoxys, and it is certifiably badass.

Undaunted pack:

That’s the jumbo card btw

Meh: Stunky, Houndour, Hitmonchan, Misdreavus, Gloom, Vaporeon.

Cool: Honchcrow: It’s my rare
Evee: awesome 3D art, and a random Carnivine in back.
Scyther: Art only. Not that good by itself
Holohgraphic Scizor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Pokemon ever. And it has an attack that will do 20 extra damage for each metal energy attatched to Scizor. Infinite awesome.

Kyogre pack:

Pineco, Cyndaquill, Misdreavus, Slowpoke, Pidgey, Vaporeon. Mehhhhhhhh.

Holographic Riolu, which doesn’t even have a good attack -_-‘
Snorlax: uhhh it’s pretty good?
A new cersion of the Copycat card. Extremely cute artwork. ❤
Lost Remover: …..What’s a Lost Zone….

Deoxys Pack:

Pidgey, Relicanth, Hitmonchan ?(the same one as before wiht new art??), Snubbull, Phanphy, Flareon.

My holographic card is Typhlosion, wish is really cool but I no hav a Quilava….
Another Lost Zone card…. Sage’s Training. It’s like Professor Oak but worse…
Tangrwoth HELLZ YAH!!!!!!111one The artwork is so awesome… but it also has some “Lost Zone” crap and it confuses the heck out of me….

Yeah so I just got what, 58 cards I guess. Pretty cool and all for $26.16. I feel so accomplished 😛

Homestuck Marching Show

This is a powerpoint that I have made for the concept of a Homestuck Marching Band Show! Share this with everyone! I will repost this as many times as I possibly can because this must become a reality!

Multimedia Festival 2009 (plus a cool GIF)

hey look what I made three years ago! I was already pretty okay with, but my computer crashed, and I was stuck with MS Paint. This was one of the hardest things to make. Ever.

What is it? It’s an advertisement for the massive failure that was the Nintendo City Multimedia Festival held the week after Valentine’s Day, 2009. It was supposed to be this huge fan event, mirroring E3 and other conventions, that premiered tons of great sprite comics, fan games, etc, but due to my lack of leadership, lack of help, and lack of promotion, it was dead on arrival.

The main attractions of this event were supposed to be the premieres, including my War in Blankland Part; because of the aforementioned computer problems, I was unable to complete it in time. Another was WillBillXP’s Psychokinetic Adventures of William Vista (that may not be the correct title), an actual drawn comic about a Yoshi with psychic powers that discovers lots of corruption and deleted history of the Mushroom Kingdom. I can’t recall whether it actually came out in this five day festival. There was also supposed to be another installment of Pipes (or one of its sequels or something), the most popular comic to ever hit Nintendo City. This wasn’t even close to coming out.

There were also supposed to be a slew of Comic Awards and contests, but the award committee never did anything, and nobody participated in the contests. Obviously, what I thought was cool on paper was not what was actually cool 😛

After the whole thing bombed, I was shamed, and eventually drifted off of Nintendo City (not solely because of this of course; I also was moving and was upset about my friend taking the girl I liked) for quite a long time; about 4 or 5 months, I believe! I think that was for the best for the event to fail though. It gave me a lot of experience about organizing things, and now I will not let laziness prevail in my colleagues. 😛

Best bot post ever

You know how internet bots are. Incomprehensible babble that is supposed to be advertising something… maybe? But have you ever seen anything like this?

I had sex with a stripper on my bachelor party on the night before I got married. I was so drunk that I got stupid and didn’t even use a condom. She said that she’s clean because she’s only ordinary college girl who needed money. A few weeks later my penis started to feel a little sore and it did hurt to urinate. I got tested with a combo of 7 home std test kits that I ordered online from home-bio-test, and all results were negative results for chlamydia, gonorrhea, shypilis, hiv, and hepatitis, and at this time I don’t have any symptoms. Do you think it is just my imagination for feeling guilty to my wife because I had sex with the stripper on my bachelor party?


The Rapture Part 2!



Also starring the ghost of Alec Guiness.

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