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I don’t understand these Top Searches

Once again, the top searches on this site have been inspiring enough to make a post about:

will vance astro be in the movie

yuri furry

little mac ssb4 sprites sheet

black man with willy stuck in xbox 360

This is simply astounding. I know why the first one is a search result, the other two I have no idea, and the last one? Not even going to try to guess.


QUICK EDIT WOAH WAIT. “black man with willy stuck in xbox 360” was IN MY PREVIOUS ONE. That means, not only are people searching this on Google and finding my blog, they are doing it consistently for months at a time. This is horrifying.



Anniversary of…

RIP Vriska Serket 2010-2011 ::::'(

Also, this is the 250th post I have made on The Backblog! How cool is it that I made 100 posts in 6 months? Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

Another bout of top searches

This is what you guys have been searching to find my site:


rainbow dash cider, mortal kombat nes, swampert, mario and wario yaoi


mario and wario yaoi


mario and wario yaoi


The Bulbears: Lordess to Nomad (Chapter One)

(Tagged Wert_Ac because I wrote this in honor of him. Also status update on the remaining Short Story Writing Adventure stories; I wrote this instead of them and now the Homestuck Re-Read is taking quite a bit of my time. I will eventually get to them, though! I can’t fall through with something this easy can I :P)

Cover by MSPA IRC member Dr. IronMonoxide! Thanks!

(Credit to fellow IRC member Dr. Monoxide for this beautiful cover)

By Thedude3445

Editing by Jacob Bartlett

This actually came as a challenge: write a ridiculous story while at Student Life Camp for four days. I pursued this challenge and hopefully succeeded in the ridiculous factor by far.

            This is the story of the Bulbear named M’tsargh’i. Born to the royal Lordess Bwo’m’n and her Consort-Meister oRen, the Warrior-Champion of Cycle 311 who was destined to become the next King despite his birth into peasantry, she was very privileged. Powerful Lordesses loathed Bwo’m’n , themselves lusting over oRen and his prowess, and petulantly promised to rid themselves of her once and for all. However, their murderous plans phased out when M’t’sarhgi was born, cementing the union between the Lordess and Warrior-Champion. They would have to find another way to lead his affections astray rather than by simply killing Bwo’m’n.

For you see, the Bublbear Hierarchy as it is known today was not fully established in its social fashions and customs, as it was long before the Bulbax Dynasty held reign over the incomparable dominion that it does now. Each species of Bulborb had its own independent form of structure, and the one unique to the Bulbear Hierarchy was that of the hunter-gatherer. The females took care of the young while the males took a nocturnal stance at predatorship, prowling the night in search of food for those back at home. Each union of a male and female of the species was highly regarded once their offspring were produced, and the bonds could then only be broken by a Covenant-Castration, which was a messy ordeal that was not fitting for a life so regal as a Bulbear’s.

There was no code of laws or set of written rituals in place in the Bulbear Hierarchy, other than the chain of command in the ranks of each of the two sexes. Males were determined entirely by their militarial stature, in a somewhat organized system from the foot-hunters to the King himself. This allowed for actual strategic input when the Bulbears clashed with the other races, as they did not have any sort of tangible military force, leading to the Bulbear Hierarchy’s spot as the most fearsome of the Genus. Females has a complex social structure riddled with deceit, lust, selfish desire, and double-sided natures. The Lordesses were the monarchial rulers of each district of territory in the land, and becoming one took excessive wit and cunning treachery. There was no order of advancement when a Lordess passed on except who was able to win her piror favor, as biological inheritance was frowned upon, so those under her constantly dueled for her affections. It was such a divisive game of fates that the sexes almost acted independently in life; their only real interactions were for the purposes of food, mating, and gaining territory, though having a prominent Consort-Meister was essential to create a desirable offspring that could carry on the Bulbear’s legacy.

Both sexes were utterly obsessed with how they would be remembered during this time. Each cycle, one warrior would be crowned champion for his superior efforts, and at the passing of the king, each surviving Warrior-Champion would battle to the ends of their existences to usurp control for themselves, and to hopefully win a Lordess as their Consort-Meister once they became one. oRen, a spectacular and amazing warrior in all respects, managed to accomplish the latter benefit without even yet becoming a king. That was simply how strong he was a Bulbear.

More powerful Consort-Meisters also meant more territory to carve out for the Lordess, and the competition between the Lordesses for territory is what led the four Lordesses oNixe, L-Mitsh, Lexicln, and urasaru to formulate their devious plot to overthrow Bwo’m’n.

Two cycles after M’tsarhg’i was conceived and thrust into the world, she was already showing the prodigious skills that were also possessed within her father. This made her a hot-tempered and fierce Bulbear, which was most unbecoming of a female of the species, and scared away many comrades of a like age. Bwo’m’n tried to the utmost extent to convert her daughter to the mindset of a future Lordess, but her intense and brash personality rejected the very notion of it. Her stays with the Lordess L-Mitsh did not help either; this Lordess knew all too well of the dilemma and actually encouraged the young girl to behave in this manner. M’tsargh’i would get in fights with Bulbear boys almost every day, and when Bwo’m’n was forced to apologize for it, L-Mitsh pretended to be enraged, knowing that Bwo’m’n was trying her hardest to help her daughter become a Lordess like her.

One day, after a particularly rough duel between M’tsarhg’i and a Bulbear girl that pushed her, Bwo’m’n became fed up with the tenacity of this girl of hers.

I have grown weary,

As your games have grown quite old,

And you still keep on.

She continued her angered rant.

I hear you say much

You want to be a fighter?

Then go and do so.

Bwo’m’n had given into M’tsarghi’i’s demands. If she wanted to become a warrior, if she wanted to go down the path of life as an unruly boy, then so be it. She led her to oRen and said:

You will keep her now,

She desires to war, fight,

I cannot love that.

This passing of a child from mother to father for keepsake was done only at the event of a Covenant-Castration, and though this was not Bwo’m’n’s intention, it meant that her union with oRen was finished. And thus the Lordesses completed their plan.

oRen rescinded his military power from Bwo’m’n’s district and took the other six children that she had birthed as well. This Covenant-Castration was so devastating to Bwo’m’n that she perished from grief not half a cycle later with no chosen heir to be her successor.

Continued here:

Homestuck Marching Band Show (UPDATE)

This is a powerpoint that I have made for the concept of a Homestuck Marching Band Show! Share this with everyone! I will repost this as many times as I possibly can because this must become a reality!

I am basically reposting this.

Homestuck Marching Show

This is a powerpoint that I have made for the concept of a Homestuck Marching Band Show! Share this with everyone! I will repost this as many times as I possibly can because this must become a reality!


By MrVonAwesometon

Here is a preview of……..

Tyson Granger sat in his dank office with his lawyerish feet upon his desk. He took a long drag off of his Lucky Strike™ brand cigarette, as a lawyer and part time Beyblader of his caliber deserves only the finest of smokables when he is on break, as do the 9 out of 10 doctors who recommend them. With an intense thirst and the smell of the fresh shit floating in his toilet lingering in the air, Tyson pondered why he didn’t pay the water bill.

Frustrated by the lack of running water in his humble domicile, Ty kicked down the front door for whatever reason and skipped his merry way down to the butcher’s shop to buy a fine fat goose for his goodly wife. Upon reaching the butchers, Tyson realized that he is lacking a goodly wife and made a mental note to stop imagining stupid shit like that.

Tyson kicked down the glass door to the butcher’s shop, though it would take more than a foot full of glass to stop his completely pointless and aimless quest for goose buy. The barkeep, a 7’8” asian man named Max Tate, slid Tyson his usual, a glass of salami on the rocks.

“Max” spoke Tyson in the most silky, sultry of lawyereal drawls “why does your last name so closely resemble ‘taint’?”

“I find that to be a fairly offensive statement.” whispered the unnaturally tall asian man in the most sheepish of possible bleats

The disgruntled lawyer’s pointless rage mounted to an even more pointless climax of pure unbridled and pointless rage as he attempted to flip the bar. Upon experiencing the epiphany that the bar was bolted to the floor, Tyson mimed kicking down the door he already kicked down upon his entrance and stormed out. After jogging around the block several times, Mr Granger remembered that he had both a foot full of glass and a severe lack of pants cradling his groin.

“Well sheeeeeeet, I think I’m gonna go Bay some Blades!” screamed the lawyerine young man as he completely diregarded his desperate need for medical attention.

[Bayblading skipped as I have no idea what the hell Bayblades are]

“Hey theya shug, that was some damned fined BladeBaying!” the deperate crack whore Hilary Tatibana said to Tyson in a feeble attempt to procure money to fuel her addiction. “Can we have sex now? Because I REALLY need a fix.”

“I have no need to confer with the putrid refuse known as mortals, as I am a GOD! STARE UPON MY SPIN TOP THING AND DESPAIR, FOR I AM YOUR RULER NOW!” decreed Tyson Granger, god of all shitty spin top toys

“Wait…..wuh?” Hilary forced out as she stood on the precipice of an alcohol induced choma

Then, accompanied by an immaculate chorus of angels, Lord Coolio, Slayer of the Frito Bandito and Lighter of Dried Leaves That One Time When He Lit A Bunch of Dried Leaves shouted from the very bowels of his lungs “No.” 

The Losers: The Avengers

(click on the pictures for the full rosters!)

I recently caught up with the Marvel Comics Timeline to the point where I can actually buy new issues, read them, and understand what’s going on. I was reading the Dark Reign event from 2009 a while back. The thing about this event is that Norman Osborn had taken control of the US practically, and was turning it into a totalitarian state, where he began a crusade against the super heroes that had plagued him for so long in the past. It split all of the heroes up, as they had to run from Osborn, H.A.M.M.E.R., the Dark Avengers, and the Thunderbolts almost constantly.

During this year-long event, there were three main Avengers teams:

The Dark Avengers, who were impostor Avengers led by Norman Osborn, aka the Iron Patriot, to enforce his insane acts as the Director of H.A.M.M.E.R.

The New Avengers, who were younger Avengers that, in this incarnation, were created after Captain America was killed* (the one in this picture is Bucky Barnes, not Steve Rogers), opposing the Superhero Registration Act.

And….err… The Mighty Avengers….

One of these is not like the others….. in that they suck really badly. Guess which one.

The Losers: (5th) Generation Lost

Click to see full. What the crap is this, even.

Source: Holly from the MSPA Clubhouse, at 🙂

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