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If you’re looking for some solid writing for quick and cheap, look no further than…. Me, I guess?

Like most people who ever open commission pages on their blogs, I am a poor student. But more than that, I just want to increase my writing skills and getting paid to both write and to help people out is a pretty frickin’ sweet concept.

I’ll go ahead and say now that I’m going to come cheap. Very cheap compared to most anyone else you can find. My estimate for what you’d have to pay me is about $5 an hour. This $5 an hour estimate is very rough, as the amount of time that it takes me to write something can widely vary, based on complexity of the work, its length, and how much revising I will need to do. So there’ll probably be some negotiating to do.

I’d say that for example a good 1500-word short story would take about 3 hours to write and then revise if necessary and proofread. A longer, multi-chapter work could end up taking more time 15,000-word story wouldn’t necessarily take 30 hours; it depends on the complexity. For a full-fledged novel, well… That’s something we’d have to discuss in great detail about.

I can write in both prose and script mediums, but I can also do more abstract services such as help with worldbuilding, story editing, and creation of alternate history timelines (heh I’d like to see someone try this one. I love alternate history but man it takes so much research). I can also collaboratively write stories if I have confidence all other participants will be able to hold up their end of the bargain.

I cannot write poems, however.

One option you might be interested in is my skills at writing for forum adventures! I’ve got extensive field experience in this realm with my work on Sandswept: The Squiddle Session, so if you’re in need of some writing assistance for your fantroll romance scenes, I might be the guy you need. (though once again remember, long term writing is definitely iffy on pricing.)

If you wanna check out some of my written works, click  here for a short list. I’ve written a bunch of stuff but this list gives you at least a good overview of the type of stuff I enjoy writing.

And If you want to contact me, please use my email at You and I both know how badly messaging works on Tumblr, and official correspondence would be nearly impossible. I can also use Skype (Thedude3445) to contact you if you want to chat in real-time, though you’ll have to shoot me an email or Tumblr ask ( beforehand because I currently do not actively use my account on there.

So, if you want some writin’ for half of minimum wage in the US, I’m your man.

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