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The Losers: The Avengers

(click on the pictures for the full rosters!)

I recently caught up with the Marvel Comics Timeline to the point where I can actually buy new issues, read them, and understand what’s going on. I was reading the Dark Reign event from 2009 a while back. The thing about this event is that Norman Osborn had taken control of the US practically, and was turning it into a totalitarian state, where he began a crusade against the super heroes that had plagued him for so long in the past. It split all of the heroes up, as they had to run from Osborn, H.A.M.M.E.R., the Dark Avengers, and the Thunderbolts almost constantly.

During this year-long event, there were three main Avengers teams:

The Dark Avengers, who were impostor Avengers led by Norman Osborn, aka the Iron Patriot, to enforce his insane acts as the Director of H.A.M.M.E.R.

The New Avengers, who were younger Avengers that, in this incarnation, were created after Captain America was killed* (the one in this picture is Bucky Barnes, not Steve Rogers), opposing the Superhero Registration Act.

And….err… The Mighty Avengers….

One of these is not like the others….. in that they suck really badly. Guess which one.

Pickles Recommends: Webcomics

Here are some webcomics that I like to read! The ones on this list are mostly gag-a-day strips; most of the plot-driven comics I like I’m not even done archive binging on. – Nedroid. The humor… It’s pretty much just inexplicably awesome. I cannot explain it whatsoever, but I THINK it’s styled like a kids’ comic? chainsawsuit is made by Kris Straub of Starslip fame. It has the dumbest humor ever, but somehow it always makes me laugh. I’ve probably laughed out loud at it more than any others on this list. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is the silliest intellectual comic I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Dinosaur Comics. Every single comic has the exact same panels, just different dialogue. So author Ryan North has to make up for it with ingenious writing.

Middle School Stories: A Story

A Story
By Thedude3445
(Written in the summer after 8th grade, aka May 2009. This was supposed to be a big coming-of-age story where a guy would save the world and become a hero in a simple tale like the original Star Wars, but I just never finished it. It wasn’t very original anyway. But here it is:)
Chapter 1- Introduction
A simple introduction can make any tale even greater. In the land of Aminos, the people of the world were expected to be quick, strong, and intelligent warriors, forced to claw their way atop the social system to merely survive, or else be placed in the front lines of battle when the Aminos armies invade other lands. But very shortly after the battles, most of the lowest-class men are killed or captured, and the next-lowest becomes the next class to die off in a vicious cycle of perpetual war. The Aminos are considered, at least by most of the world, to be savage beats.
Another land, that of Eminus, has a race of men that are highly advanced, and are far too busy upgrading and evolving their technology and themselves to focus on any real conquest or siege. Too many of these people are so uncontent with all of like, looking only to the future, that they forget history. Most Eminus do not even stay in one place for very long, and move around like nomads. They are almost the exact opposite of the Aminos, and were surely a target for invasion by the barbarians.
That inevitably happened, and the two societies became locked in conflict for decades, neither side taking the upper hand due to the poor defenses and morale of the Emini, and the horrid technology of the Amino. After so many years had passed, the two became so close that they fused into one culture, and both were hi-tech societies and king-of-the-hill castes. One day, an event finally caused the corrupt war to finally end.
Chapter 2- A Hero is Born
In the city of Dredg, a young man be the name of Rene was riding a bus to the store when he passed by a TV store window with the news flashing on the monitors. An anchorlady was stating that the enemy, the Amino, were threatening to use nuclear warheads to attack the Emini border states that had so long been a place for combat. Rene became overcome with fear at the very thought of such devestation. Right after the report was an advertisement to “join the cause” and enlist in the Emini Army to protect the country from the wretched Amino. So he went, but on the way, he was stopped by a towering man with along white beard.
He spoke. “You. You wish to sign on to your death, and do it with happiness? This is the problem with youth. Do you even know what war is really like? It is savage and gruesome, for all battles are many peoples’ final hours on this world. The Emini are not fighting the Amino for any reason any longer. The whole war has brought naught but the government’s control of nearly everything. You must come with me, and I will show you what you must do.”
Rene followed the old man, known to most as Baggath, into a cave, where many were gatherewd. It was a conference of some sort.
A general called Cini debriefed the gathering, saying, “Men, we know why we are here.”

Inactivity= epic fail

I’m really sorry about the huge lack of updates. I’ve been really busy since January (Halo and MW2), and Februrary was a very hard month in terms of homework overload; 5 Major Works Data Sheets, even while 3 of them were in-class, is definitely stressful. I forgot Valentine’s Day (well it was more like shrugged it off then realized that it was too late and just said F-it and played Halo), and then I actually have started writing some Star Wars fan-novel (different from fan-fiction; I actually put thought into what I’m writing) that I haven’t written since last May (man, my writing was SO bad back then. I think it was because I was reading the Legacy of the Force books at the same time. OH BURN =P). This place used to be the highest priority for updates, but now it’s the second-lowest (behind Nintendo Mansion, which is like completely gone except for the NC archives =P). Actually, the only reason I am able to update The Mushroom Kingdom, my newest comic series, on time and consistently for 3 months, is because I set it on an update timer (lol for laziness). I could do tha there, but for some reason, I don’t. Those Filler Updates, ShTH Favorites, The Losers, ect. are still just as irrelevant and lame as ever, too. So, I just want to ask, my 4 viewers, for requests. If you have any ideas for future articles, whether it be a rant of mine (which are very entertaining and er, ranty, especially when it comes to political issues), a Gamers’ List, or any specific obscure game you want to know more about. Please, when people request things, then it causes me to be much more motivated to make it.

Thanks in advance, the four of you =P


The only time for the entire century we’ll see this day, and the only time ever a movie by Tim Burton called “Nine” will come out on 09/09/09. I didn’t get to see the movie, but this is better:

For the next while, along with some pirates, there’ll also be a few articles on non-obscure fighting games, just to celebrate the SF20 month. First up will be Soul Calibur II.

EDIT: The movie 9 sucked. It was terrible. Don’t watch it.

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