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DC New 52: New Batch

I bought $48 of more DC New 52 comics, and here’s my opinions on them!

-All-Star Western: This is really cool and interesting.

-Detective Comics: I know I haven’t read issue 1, but I got it up to #5 and I gave in to the pressure 😛 It is good, I guess? Not too remarkable, but it sure is better than The Dark Knight.

-Action Comics: This is such a cool comic; that is all I can say.
-Justice League: This comic was out of print at the local comic shop for months; I even already had #4 and #5 (I subscribed after issue 4. Issue 5 isn’t actually out yet as the time of this writing), but #3 was nowhere to be found, up until the last time I went! Of course this time there were 3 copies. I really like this comic, and the art is basically the best. Only Action Comics could potentially have better art out of any of the comics in the DC New 52.
-Detective Comics: The puppet thing is so creepy.
-Swamp Thing: Oh… Looks like I forgot to get issue 3 of Swamp Thing and went straight to Issue 4. And I didn’t notice because this comic is basically just some flashbacks or something. I can say that there is a plant dinosaur in this issue and that is the best part of the whole New 52 so far.
-Superman: the intro thing at the beginning was really cool, with how it connected Action Comics to modern day-set comics. I’m not sure about the whole monster-of-the-week thing.

-Justice League: DARKSEID!!! (spoiler alert)
-Action Comics: I yawned during the Steel backup story. Why didn’t they just insert the Steel fight into the actual comic? Steel’s inner thoughts were really unnecessary.
-Detective Comics: augh joker puppets O_O

-Action Comics: This is like the coolest thing. Origin stories rock. Even if this is no different than any other Superman origin stories ever.
-Detective Comics: When will this story arc endddddd

Next month is the #6s; On February 29th, I will be able to give my full opinion of how successful or unsuccessful this New 52 Event is!

Okay What the heck people

Thse are the top web searches through which people found my site:

nightwolf mortal kombat 4, shadow contempt for sonic, funny sonic and shadow comics, sonic and amy comics, eggman shadow married

Yeah seriously. 1. Nightwolf IS NOT in MK4, because he’s a sucky stereotype character. And 2. How does this site come up on so many Sonic searches, and why do you go here? lol. Just go to and read that trash. “Eggman and Shadow married”?!?!?! I am baffled….

lol :P.

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