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Time for some Homestuck Sound Test Music

Music never officially released on any albums but are still really awesome? This is my forte.  Time for music!

Note on 11/20/12: I deleted the original dropbox files that I had linked on this post, so instead I will show you a list of a bunch of different Sound Test songs. They are all really cool, listen to them.…this-is-an-old Tavros plays the Cello…e-a-snippet-of Jane Dargason (Beta 1)…ir-worth-since National Anthem by J and Shaggy Astro Kid’s Homestuck things…ts-very-much-a (Piano and Cello thing)…that-i-had-set Meadows
There’s also a Candles & Clockwork remake version on his tumblr that I can’t find (it’s different than the Alpha Version though) Lots of songs here WTFrost A few things on here, not too many though. Mother (A2 Rose Theme) You’re So Rad (Karkat + Terezi Theme) <<< This never happened All of Jit’s stuff. March of the Drones Royal Rumble (Knight vs. Knight) Creepy Doc Scratch thing…s-for-anything Patient…ly-wont-finish Musical Doodle (Kind of a Die Theme)…-work-so-heres Doodle Borealis…ck-possible-on Phattest Kick Ever…-from-alternia UU’s Theme…se-compressors Suncompressor…y-chords-ideas Jake’s funeral or something MIDIs of all the TOTA songs…-doing-anymore Thugkat So many songs on here 0_0…ave-a-taste-of Hardchorale Remastered…-update-i-e-us Anticipate useful maybe idk Courser (original version)…eature=related Cuttlefish Rag…hannel&list=UL 8-bit Squiddles Theme #1…hannel&list=UL 8-bit Squiddles Theme #2…hannel&list=UL [S] Seer: Ask Mighty Moose/David Ko Kali’s stuff. Oldest stuff is hard to discern if it’s Homestuck or not, these I am pretty sure about: (dunno if this version is any different or not, my computer’s messed up currently) !!! (original Desperado) (Desperado v2, still before the Bolin mix) (the above plus O_O) (v2) literally all of them on here SolusLunes’s music. Dunno what’s Homestuck or not besides what was on Volume 5, if anything.…n-Music-thread

Random Useless Filler Post


Feel free to listen to this, Songs For the Cure 2011; there were three separate albums compiled, featuring some amazing songs by some of the best video game, electronic, and acoustic/orchestral artists on the internet today. Buy it and help the American Cancer Society!

Nintendo City Family Tree

(click for the full pic)

Isn’t it glorious

this was last modifed December 7, 2007, if that puts this in any specific date.

Nintendo City had some really good times. It was pretty ballin’, in the most unironic sense of the word possible. If ballin’ can even be used unironically, which is pretty unlikely anyway.

Old Super Smash Bros. Brawl Ideas

I may have actually posted this before, but if I did, who cares.

I just went through my old Nintendo Mansion site and the Brawl topic to find every idea that people had for Brawl before it came out. Why am I posting it in here? I think all of them are my ideas except 2 😛

Ideas for stages, Characters, etc. from the Brawl topic on

Tom Nook Assist Trophy: When Tom appears, he can appear in any of 4 forms:

Regular: He throws slowly pieces of furniture at people.

Nook N Go: He throws Carpets, plant bags, and NESes. Sometimes he will throw a Pokeball or Assist Trophy that can’t damage.

Nookway: He throws Clothes and Grab bags, and sometimes Use items (Axe, Fishing Rod, ect.), all while using the slingshot.

Nookington’s: He appears, throws one piece of furniture, and disappears. Then, the stage is ravaged by falling furniture, leaving items everywhere. Ness/Fox’s shield protects them from it, but not regular.
For each character in SSBB, Adventure mode is different. For example, Mario goes through the stage of Toad town beating up Koopa Bros, then going through a 3D version of Level 1-4 of SMB, then fighting Miniboss Shadow Mario at Delfino Isle, and then going to the Park and fighting some character, and so on, until you fight the boss, which is a character too big or strong or unsuited to be a chraracter (Kammy and a giant Mecha-Koopa for Luigi).
But Ness’s would be going through each town in the order of Earthbound (not the part where you play as Jeff in Winters) and fighting the miniboss in the town like this:

Onett (On-eht): Fight the Punk Kids and Frank& Frankenstien III (the Robo Frank)
Twoson (Too-sun): Wight that robber guy and then the cult of guys who want the world to be blue.
Threed (Th-reed): (if you’ve played the game, you should know) Zombies and zombies and zombies!
Belch’s Lair: Master Belch & Cronies (mini puke dudes)
Desert Cavern: Mole guys and the Noose(^.^).
Fourside(For-Syd): ………I guess the Alien guy and some cranky ladies…
Moonside(U-Should-Know): …..YOU GET THE POINT!

Doing this gives the game much variety, and allows even more gaming characters to shine in SSBB. But, if, let’s say you played as Mario and then Bowser. Since they’re from the same series, they must have the same stages! Almost right. Bowser’s Adventure would instead be almostg backwards, going backwards through Mario’s stages with different enemy positsions and stuff, until their paths change course or something.
Giga Bowser: Is the same Giga Bowser as the Final Smash, but a bit weaker.
Kraid:….Maybe too big….
Regigigas: Might be small enough for regular, but is still a great Giant Melee Combatant
Ridley: Ditto.
Giant Mecha Koopa: I dunno…Just sounds…fun.
Petey Piranha: THAT is pure Chaos! ^v^
Mother Brain (Robo-legs form): Just play Super Metroid and you’ll see.
Goomba King/Goomboss: Not very good, but I’m running out of ideas!
And the grand Finale…
All Pikmin characters that would work as a SSB fighter but too big: In other words, the Gattling Grotto. 😛
Move: Can hover slightly
A: Punch
UA+SA+DA:Smash A Attacks
Jump-A: Shock attack (like Mewtwo’s)

B: Charge Psycho Boost (Unlike Mewtwo’s This goes around him)
DB: Charge Hyper Beam (Just as strong as regular
UB: Spins Counterclockwise upwards; anyone hit is warped around in a daze
SB: Spin kick

Final Smash: Clones self and then clones pick all opponents up, whirl them around, and throw them directly into the ground/air

Taunt: Changes forms

forms: Attack: Very powerful, not so defensive or fast.
Defense: Can take many hits, but isn’t good at physical attacks and its speed is poor.
Speed: Really fast, pretty good at physical attacks, Defensively poor.
Normal: All around good.
Shadow Mario/ Bowser Jr.

Everybody says that Bowser Jr. should be in Brawl, and for good reason. He has two forms, and has great attack variety.

Bowser Jr.

A- Punch
SA- Smash punch
UA-Smash punch
DA- Smash punch
Falling DA- Slashes with Brush
B- small flamethrower
SB- Pull out brush, now all A attacks are brush slashes
DB- Transform into Shadow Mario
UB w/o brush- Bowser’s UB
UB with brush- spins upward with brush

Taunt: Snickers and smiles evilly (a word?).

Shadow Mario

A- Punch
SA: Smash Punch
UA- Smash Punch
DA- Smash Punch
B- Muck Ball (like fireball but stronger and can deflect all attacks)
SB- Get out Brush
UB: Mario’s UB But with muck instead of coins.
DB: Change into Bowser Jr.

With Sword: All A attacks are now brush slashes

B- Retract Sword
SB- Muck Shield (Like Fox’s shield but stronger, protects from everything, and only protects the side that you did B with (Left SB or Right SB))

UB- Jumps into air and rapidly slashes air while going up
DB- Plant muck bomb; you can plant at least 3 at a time

Taunt- Eyes shine brightly and then die down to normal glow

Final Smash- Bowser Jr.- Giga Bowser is summoned; will randomly attack opponents
Shadow Mario- Summons Muck Piranha; eats opponents and spits them out; will also shoot Muck bombs at people

NOTE: All muck I talked about is brown yellow colored like the first levels of SMS.


Stage: Final Delfino- 4 floating boats and 2 large platforms above floating on lava in Mt. Delfino. On the way, some rocks will make boats flip over and drop all players on it to the lava. A boat will also go under a crack like thing on the wall and the person/people will be knocked into the lava if he or she doesn’t duck. After about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the platforms will disappear and then the boats will be knocked off course, causing all players to fall into a hole that Bowser is in. A GIANT Bowser will jump out of the lava pool (like in the final SMS battle) and attack with huge flamethrowers and by throwing magma rocks. At about 4 minutes 50 seconds, A huge meteor of magma will hit Bowser and Bowser will turn into Blue muck (Shadow Mario-like) and evaporate. After 8 minutes, the platforms will come down and move away(all not on it when it speeds away will be KOed). You’ll fly out of the volcano and fly into the sky, and then the platforms will fly away without you and there will be a free-fall until the platforms come back, loaded with items (unless they’re off). You’ll be sent into he volcano again, but the boats don’t appear for a while. When you go into the sky a second time, Peach’s plane will fly above you and if you don’t crouch, you’ll get KOed. You’ll then be riding on Peach’s plane until the time that the platforms would have picked you up the first time. Everything will fall onto the platforms (even items) and the entire thing will repeat (like the first time, not the second, meaning no plane).
De-cloning the clones
Gannandorf- Let him be able to pull out his sword and use it like in the Debug Menu, and now the A moves are Ike-esque, and the B moves being a lot like Zabuza’s sword moves in Naruto: Clash of the Ninja.
Falco- I really don’t know, maybe a different Side-B and Down-B. Maybe a different B move instead of lasers.
Dr Mario- Change his Up-B and Side-B, nothing else. Especially the Forward Smash.
Pichu- Let him use Discharge, or those “cute” moves like charm or flatter to stun opponents. Though he needs to be faster and more powerful if he hurts himself attacking.
Young Link- Provided that they change Link’s moves to fit TP more, nothing. If not, no bow, and no bombs, since he isn’t supposed to have them in OoT.
Roy- While he’s different in a lot of ways, at least one move could be changed, right? I think probably his Down B and smash moves, for he doesn’t deserve to counter so easily.
Wario Ware Stage:

This stage is RANDOM. Random as in silly and as in the actual stage.

You will start off on the Professor of Brain Age or the Professor of Big Brain Academy. Prof. BA will do the animations he does in the DS game. If his glasses go up, anybody hit by it will be sent up into the blank (white blank) sky. If you’re on the BBA Professor, he will stand there and shake his stick sometimes. Random things will pop up in the background, but this doesn’t affect gameplay. sometimes, meteors of Warioware(original) cakes and crackers and strawberries will fly into the stage and knock players down or off the stage. At a random time between 2:02 and 3:06, you will be transported to a random land. Examples:

Andross Battle (two platforms and an Arwing from back wing; only the hands can hurt you)
Free-Falling with Meta Ridley down a shaft
Mirror Meta-Knight battle
Paper Mario Kammy Battle

All of these will transport you back to Professor [] when you defeat the enemy in the level (Andross’s Hands are the enemies in the Andross battle). These won’t, and they’ll last you about half a minute before warping you back.

Fountain of Dreams
Excitebike Arena
Sim City
Original Final Destination (SSB)
Inside Exploding Great Fox
Ness’s Nightmare Land (has an undefeatable boss)

These are just ones I thought. There are many more.

You’ll be transported back sooner or later, and when you do, both professors will be there. They will stay like that for the rest of the match, and you’ll be transported to a random place a maximum of 8 times (99:00 time limit wise).

EDIT: This was actually made as a stage, but with Wario Ware Microgames instead of Ninty cameos.
Vs. Majora

You can unlock this by defeating Majora in Adventure Mode.

You start off on the moon’s face, like this:

X* *Mouth and Nose.

NOTE: These are all accessiable areas, you can’t Walk 3D.

The Moon will start to crash into the Earth, causing fire to burn player on bottom parts. The moon will get so far that it skims the top of Clock tower, causing rubble to shoot up. Right at the last second, the four giants (which you can jump on) will push the moon up, and you’ll fall off whatever you are on. You’ll land on the top of clock tower, where you fight for a while, until a giant comes and throws you up onto the moon and it starts over.



Smashville’s cousin town.

There’s a map of the town Brawlville. It’s separated into acres like in the original. You’ll end up in one of them randomly, and you’ll fight there. randomly, there will be furniture lying about and treasure to dig up if you’re standing on it (Down-B), unless a pitfall. sometimes, you’ll be in an acre with house. If there is, walking up to the door and pressing Side-B will let you enter it. you’ll either come back out the door or come out the door of another house (if there is one). Also sometimes a villager will walk into the area and walk around. if you hit him/her, the attack will just counter back to you (unless a projectile, in which it will just disappear).

SECRET if you hold L,R, and Z on the GCN controller, +, -, and B on the Wiimote/wiimote/nunchuck, or …….don’t know on the classic controller you’ll enter the acre select screen this works only on Vs. Mode non-Wi-Fi and has to be done with all human players.
Paula: An almost clone of Ness:
B- PSI Ice-Charge attack; can crouch while charging.
SB- PSI Fire- Shoots an X/V-combo beam at players behind or ahead of them (depending on which side)
UB- PSI Teleport-Shoots upward.
DB- PSI Heal- Heals slowly, if hit, does double damage.

Final Smash- Pray- All PSI Attacks she knows shoot out from all directins possible, and her health decreases by 50%

She’s also faster but weaker.

UA- Smash Punches

B- Charge PSI Starstorm (Comes from the top-left edge of the stage)
SB- Pull out Sword of Kings and another Sword (no name..)
DB- Charge boost upward (a vertical version of Luigi’s SB)
UB- Same as DB, but higher, faster, and weaker.

With Sword-
All A attacks are sword slashes
B- Charge Multi-Slash
SB- Boomerang the weaker sword; while it’s out SB is Triangle Slash
DB- Pull in Swords
UB- Marth’s UB

Final Smash- Turns into Gygias and Shoots giant lasers at all players, and you can move him

Final Smash With Swords- Lightning strikes on him and causes all (including Poo) who are hit by the lightning 200% damage, but until the match ends, Poo’s Sword are both 3X as powerful.

The Ice Climbers stage was really cool, but that fish gave me an idea for an idea for a Balloon Fighter stage. At first, you’re in the 8-bit first level (like all parts of the level) of Balloon Fighter, Ducks and all. They fly around, and each time you get hit, you gain 10% damage. The fish is also swiming on the bottom, and at rare times, lightning shoots out of the cloud and gives each player it hits 50 % damage. after a few minutes, you’ll warp to the level with the first bumper. It’ll the warp to the Balloon Flight mode level, with a few platforms, scrolling at a steady rate leftward (unlike The Melee Ice Climbers Stage). It will go on until it goes to a finishing point, then warps to a 3D mountain where a flood of the ducks will charge onscreen, the the mountain explodes, and you begin again at the first level.
Captain Olimar:
Size: Not normal Pikmin 2 size (20 MM), a bit smaller than Roy
A- Punch
UA-Charge jump punch
DA- Break Dance kick
SA-Charge Punch

No Piks- All the same as the As, except a little weaker but faster except:
UB-Mario style UB, but faster and weaker.
SB- Fox Style SB move but slower and weaker, but no blurs.

B- Throw Pikmin (Wrong w/ SB)
UB- Dismiss one Pikmin (Wrong)
DB-Pluck Pikmn (20 Max) (Wrong w/B)
SB/C sticking- move Pikmin to each side of you (Wrong)

Taunt 1: Spins around and gives a thumbs up.
Taunt 2: Shoots out Ultra Spicy Spray (Max. 1 time a match)
Taunt 3: A suction beam from an onion offscreen sucks him up and drops him. it lasts only 1 second though, like normal taunts. This could be a mindgame taunt.

Final Smash: 100 Pikmin fall onto the screen and beat on all characters but Olimar. (Wrong, WHEW! Now that I think of it, this was one of the worst ideas!)

On all large stages (Hyrule Temple and both Pikmin stages, maybe more revealed later), Assist tropphies sometimes have 5 Pikmin in them. They will modify your B attaks to the above (unless all dissmissed, like Olimar), and will be according to your Player colour (with Olimar too)
P1- Red
P2- Blue
P3- Yellow
P4- Bulbmin
EDIT: This doesn’t work. I guess it’ll be the same as 4 Olimars.

Pikmin can be killed if hurt by 10% damage (you can’t actually tell ingame), and if dissmissed, they can attack other players automatically.

Louie- Changes from Olimar- Slower, Weaker, Pressing A 3 times rapidly lets him use a jetpack for a short time.
W/O Piks
DB- Small earthquake kind of thing, like DK but can’t do it rapidly.
UB- A dwevill Launches him upwards.

(hold)B- Launches missle Pikmin

Taunt is same as Olimar for both.

Final Smash: Titan Dweevil comes up from beneath and you can control him by:
A: Poison attack
B: Fire Attack
DB: Stomps all feet on ground, mini-quake
UB: Water Pump attack
DA: Electric Attack

President: Changes from Olimar:

DA: uses ultra bitter spray of any nearby opponent (3 times a match max)
UA: Rapid Punch upwards (charge)
SA: Rapid Punch sideways (charge)

Pikmin: All are Purple or White, except for Assist Trophy ones. White, if Dismissed, will dig a Pokeball or Assist Trophy up.

Taunt: Throws coin into air and catches it with other hand without looking at either side

Final Smash: A barrage of 20 purples hits each opponent, then all pikmin on field (even yours) Jump off, but for the rest of the match, an onion will be flyng in place in the sky.


Pikmin Stage 1: When you enter, the place will be infested with Dwarf Bulborbs. They can be killed. Occasionally, a giant enemy will walk in, and attack. They can be killed.

enemies (And their percentage of coming in):
Red Bulborb 25%
Spotty Bulbear and children 25%
Gattling Grotto (?) (the dude that shoots missles at your Pikmin) 10%
Drigibug (bomb rock thrower) 15%
Bumbling Snitchbug (picks up random fighters) 15%
Cannon Beetle (from the 1st; only Pikmin tossed at the head spot can kill it) 5%
stampede of small creatures, then an Empress Bulblax (Shooting Forward) 5%


Pikmin Stage 2: the final boss fight of Pikmin 1 arena, an Emperor Bulblax is in the middle of the arena, hiding like it does in Pikmin 1. There are bomb rocks you can pick up on the tops of the arena that can kill it.

One enemy will appear late in the match.
Emperor Bulblax 94%
Cannon Beetle Larvae 4%
Dwarf red Bulborb 2%

If a Dwarf Red Bulborb appears in the match, you will unlock Creature Mode as a Vs. Mode scenario and as an event.

Scenario: You’ll pick a character, and then what creature it will be riding. If the creature is from the same franchise as the character, the monster will have a Final Smash. More info on that later.

Event: Pick a character and monster, then fight all creatures like on the All Star event matches form SSBM. At the end, you’ll fight a Weaville to unlock as a character.
Original Topic:…rpillargx0.png…rpillarkr8.png…rpillarmp2.png

This is the Spear Pillar, made by Commander Blitzkrieg from . At first, It’s normal, on top of a snowy Mountain, with some Pillars to jump on, and platforms. Then, a portal opens, and either Dialga or Palkia will attack using Roar of Time or Space Rift, respectively, then charging across the stage, until falling off the mountain. The good thing is, the both Palkia and Dialga will not hurt you unless when they’re attacking, meaning you can ride on them like a small Poke Floats float.
I just thought of a neat feature:

Create a costume. Not quite create a character but it gives you a sense of uniqueness when (if it’s in) playing online. It’s simple you make a costume for a particular character, dye their hair or change their facial features and/or expressions. You could give Link brown hair and Samus green hair as a tribute to their NES games. Or you could do something completely original like, dress Mario up as Santa, put ZSS in a nurses outfit give Pikachu shades and an afro, make Zelda wear a school girls outfit or make Yoshi black, put a crown on his head, give him purple shoes and sandal, and make his eyes darker with red pupils.

What do you think?
Area 52

This stage is a total remake of the two stages before Venom in Star Fox 64, complete with voiceover cutscenes. There are 4 Arwings (ROB, Teddy guy, Krystal, and Leon(English voice)). in side view flying in space, in single file. They’re flying, and then they go into hyperspace. The ships are now horizontally lined together, with the camera facing the engines. The ships are in an intense battle, blowing up one after another. Krystal’s ship blows up, and the Great Fox comes to fire at some of the ships. Then in the midst of the ships being torn apart, a missile hits the Great Fox and it explodes, along with all but one Arwing. it flies away, and now you have to hop onto the ships while the screen is scrolling forward (if you don’t, you’ll be pushed forward). Many get blown up, and some go into hyperspace. you just have to try not to be on the wrong ship at the wrong time. You’ll hop onto a giant custom SSBB ship at around 5 minutes, and fight there for the rest of the battle.
I thought of something cool. When I was obsessed about Sonic, I thought about this. What if, when you pair certain characters up on team battle (Roy & Marth, Wario & Waluigi) if they win, they do a special action (like the intros on Naruto: CoN 2). It’s cool to see how many special actions there are (like Samus and Capt. Falcon or Link and Young Link…No wait, The new Link isn’t the Hero of Time Link…(one of 4 Links))


A random war outside the final battle between Overlord and whatever character fights him (Overlord is the one who controls Crazy Hand and turns the characters into trophies) on a Genosis-like place with a mountain in the background. You can see Mr. Purples and lots of Pikmin, Shyguys, and other minor allies/enemies. They occasionally come onto the battlefield and attack whoever they run into. After maybe 4 minutes, the war will increase in explosions and tons of rubble and bombs will explode onto the screen. after maybe 10, a winner will be chosen and you’ll have to scroll up the mountain and fight on the top for a while, and depending on the winner, ships will fly around and drop Mr. Purples (enemy fighting) that run down the mountain or Pikmin swarming up the mountain and jumping off. The mountain will collapse sometime and you’ll have to jump down on the rocks, then you’ll fight on the pile of rubble with huge bombs occasionally going onscreen.

Sheriff (like the old Nintendo arcade game)

There are 3 dimensions you can travel across via moving platforms.

_____ (This one randomly tilts and spins around)
—- —— (you can travel with these)
— —- ——-
_____________________ Main Dimension

You see, you can travel with the two platforms through three areas. Oh, and to keep this at all Sherrif related, it has sheriff graphics, and at the sides of each area, there are Sheriff enemies. Oh, and there are some that are in the back that shoot through all 3 areas and can’t be defeated. The rest can, , but be warned, they can protect you from a side KO if you hit them.


The character is pretty slow, and has weak variety in attacks if you don’t know how to use him.

A attacks: Smashes, and you can combo with them if you know how.

B: Shoot (rapid)
SB: Shoot (Charge)
DB: Duck shoot
UB: Spins upward with shoot dots surrounding him.

Taunt: Spins around

Final Smash: A really cool attack with awesome effects; Lightning shots shoot down and two bursts of green fire shoot upward. But Sheriff can’t move while the attack is going on.

Graphics: Paper, just like G&W. If swallowed by Kirby, Kirby becomes G&W Kirby with a hat and is white.


Pokemon Trainer from different generations and different final smashes:
Maybe, depending on the costume, he sends out a legendary to use!

1st- Nidoking/Nidoqueen combo (Ice climbers esque)
2nd: Not Sizcor, he should be alone. Celebi, maybe?
3rd: Deoxys
4th: Electivire, or if he gets in as a lone character, Magmortar, unless it’s in it, then Giratina.

And these are the Pokemon each costume has:

Red: revealed
Blue: Cindyquil, Bayleef, Feraligatr
(girl)Green: revealed
(girl)Yellow: Mudkip, Combusken, Sceptile
Black: a combination of the 3 4th gen ones
White: Mudkip, Combusken, Sceptile
(girl) Pink: Cindyquil, Bayleef, Feraligatr
(girl) Purple: a combination of the 3 4th gen ones
I hope there’s giant battles, with characters that are HUGE, and can be in it on about 5 custom stages, like:

The four giants
The Petey from the trailer
Brain Age Professor
Andross’s two hands (HP)
The Hands (separate) (HP)

Oh, and maybe Petey, since he’s that big, can be shrunken after being beat into normal size!
Also all-new ideas:

Pokemon Trainers from every gen. is a yes. 2= Chikorita/Quilava/Feraligatr, 3= Treeko/Swampert/Blaziken, 4= Chimchar/Prinplup/Torrterra, 5= Tepig/Servine/Samurott. Win.

Yeah if they do more final smash transformations this game, I would defi…nitely want Fire Mario. Not just fire suit but like flames entirely covering his body, like the final sprite set in this sheet:…03&c=1&id=5059 . Also I would love each of the Pokemon Trainers to get a transformation final smash into one legendary: 1= Mewtwo (except not sucky like in Melee) 2=Raikou 3=Deoxys 4= hmm… Giratina? 5= Victini, Landorous, or Genesect.

DC New 52: New Batch

I bought $48 of more DC New 52 comics, and here’s my opinions on them!

-All-Star Western: This is really cool and interesting.

-Detective Comics: I know I haven’t read issue 1, but I got it up to #5 and I gave in to the pressure 😛 It is good, I guess? Not too remarkable, but it sure is better than The Dark Knight.

-Action Comics: This is such a cool comic; that is all I can say.
-Justice League: This comic was out of print at the local comic shop for months; I even already had #4 and #5 (I subscribed after issue 4. Issue 5 isn’t actually out yet as the time of this writing), but #3 was nowhere to be found, up until the last time I went! Of course this time there were 3 copies. I really like this comic, and the art is basically the best. Only Action Comics could potentially have better art out of any of the comics in the DC New 52.
-Detective Comics: The puppet thing is so creepy.
-Swamp Thing: Oh… Looks like I forgot to get issue 3 of Swamp Thing and went straight to Issue 4. And I didn’t notice because this comic is basically just some flashbacks or something. I can say that there is a plant dinosaur in this issue and that is the best part of the whole New 52 so far.
-Superman: the intro thing at the beginning was really cool, with how it connected Action Comics to modern day-set comics. I’m not sure about the whole monster-of-the-week thing.

-Justice League: DARKSEID!!! (spoiler alert)
-Action Comics: I yawned during the Steel backup story. Why didn’t they just insert the Steel fight into the actual comic? Steel’s inner thoughts were really unnecessary.
-Detective Comics: augh joker puppets O_O

-Action Comics: This is like the coolest thing. Origin stories rock. Even if this is no different than any other Superman origin stories ever.
-Detective Comics: When will this story arc endddddd

Next month is the #6s; On February 29th, I will be able to give my full opinion of how successful or unsuccessful this New 52 Event is!

Overall Game of the Year 2011

Kenny’s Pick: Portal 2


I know what you’re thinking; “How could you choose Portal 2 over Skyrim?!” I’ll tell you several reasons, the first being the writing. Skyrim is in no ways a bad game, quite the opposite, but can you name one memorable line of dialog not spoken by a guard not just in Skyrim, but the whole of the Elder Scrolls franchise? I can’t think of one, but there are countless in both Portal games. From the AI cores, to GlaDOS’ comments on Chell’s weight, to the pure gold that is every line that Cave Johnson speaks, every piece of dialog is witty, memorable, and hilarious. I would rather hear Johnson’s lemon tirade over “arrow to the knee” any day.

Whenever you aren’t laughing at and memorizing every piece of comedic gold spoken by the cast you are solving some of the most clever, interesting puzzles in gaming, rivaled only by the Layton games. Probably the best part of the game’s puzzle solving is the perfect pacing that Valve implements. Right when you finally get a grasp of the basic portaling, lasers are introduced; whenever you think you’ve mastered lasers, faith plates are introduced. This cycle continues until all of the game’s clever mechanics have been introduced, adding up to about 60 chambers of glorious science.

Simply put, Portal 2 is pure, entertaining, puzzling bliss, with a stellar Jonathan Coulton song to boot! While Skyrim will last you 200 hours, Portal 2 is 15 hours of hilarious, well written, perfectly paced single player, and an even larger amount of mind bending Co-op backed by even more free DLC that will leave you in awe and wishing that Valve could count to three.

Runners Up/Other Picks:

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


By MrVonAwesometon

Here is a preview of……..

Tyson Granger sat in his dank office with his lawyerish feet upon his desk. He took a long drag off of his Lucky Strike™ brand cigarette, as a lawyer and part time Beyblader of his caliber deserves only the finest of smokables when he is on break, as do the 9 out of 10 doctors who recommend them. With an intense thirst and the smell of the fresh shit floating in his toilet lingering in the air, Tyson pondered why he didn’t pay the water bill.

Frustrated by the lack of running water in his humble domicile, Ty kicked down the front door for whatever reason and skipped his merry way down to the butcher’s shop to buy a fine fat goose for his goodly wife. Upon reaching the butchers, Tyson realized that he is lacking a goodly wife and made a mental note to stop imagining stupid shit like that.

Tyson kicked down the glass door to the butcher’s shop, though it would take more than a foot full of glass to stop his completely pointless and aimless quest for goose buy. The barkeep, a 7’8” asian man named Max Tate, slid Tyson his usual, a glass of salami on the rocks.

“Max” spoke Tyson in the most silky, sultry of lawyereal drawls “why does your last name so closely resemble ‘taint’?”

“I find that to be a fairly offensive statement.” whispered the unnaturally tall asian man in the most sheepish of possible bleats

The disgruntled lawyer’s pointless rage mounted to an even more pointless climax of pure unbridled and pointless rage as he attempted to flip the bar. Upon experiencing the epiphany that the bar was bolted to the floor, Tyson mimed kicking down the door he already kicked down upon his entrance and stormed out. After jogging around the block several times, Mr Granger remembered that he had both a foot full of glass and a severe lack of pants cradling his groin.

“Well sheeeeeeet, I think I’m gonna go Bay some Blades!” screamed the lawyerine young man as he completely diregarded his desperate need for medical attention.

[Bayblading skipped as I have no idea what the hell Bayblades are]

“Hey theya shug, that was some damned fined BladeBaying!” the deperate crack whore Hilary Tatibana said to Tyson in a feeble attempt to procure money to fuel her addiction. “Can we have sex now? Because I REALLY need a fix.”

“I have no need to confer with the putrid refuse known as mortals, as I am a GOD! STARE UPON MY SPIN TOP THING AND DESPAIR, FOR I AM YOUR RULER NOW!” decreed Tyson Granger, god of all shitty spin top toys

“Wait…..wuh?” Hilary forced out as she stood on the precipice of an alcohol induced choma

Then, accompanied by an immaculate chorus of angels, Lord Coolio, Slayer of the Frito Bandito and Lighter of Dried Leaves That One Time When He Lit A Bunch of Dried Leaves shouted from the very bowels of his lungs “No.” 

Lulz: A Corruption of LOL

A series of albums created by Anonymous in January 2008 as a way to compile 420chan’s huge /m/usic board. Each album has a different theme, and most every album is completely awesome.

Volume 1- The most famous songs, like Never Gonna Give You Up, Chocolate Rain, Everybody Walk the Dinosaur, 1812 Overture, etc.
2- The best remixes.
3- Background music for Anonymous raids. Mostly rap and stuff.
4- Whenever you get some /b/lackup, these songs will play. This includes Iron Man, Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, Caramelldansen, Requiem For a Tower, and Barackroll.
5- Songs for rallying Anons. This is a must have because it has ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH and All Your Base Are Belong To Us (aka Invasion of the gabber robots)
And it goes on from there. There’s about 15 albms so far.

Download them here:

My Super Smash Bros. 4 Dream Roster

Thedude3445’s Dream SSB4 Roster V1.0

* Unlockable
+New Character

Plus their final smashes, well for most characters. I’m partial to transformations, albeit non-invincible ones. I would really like to see a mode where you can permenantly play as each of the transformations in a battle, so it could be like Giga Bowser vs. Super Sonic vs. Fierce Diety Link.

All villains are unlockable because that would be awesome; unlocking a character after you defeat them in an epic boss battle.

69 characters, 37 newcomers, 32 returning. 4 transformation characters.

(this is actually slightly less than I was shooting for; 75 characters. But around there is fine. Remember that the iDensity Discs that the Wii U uses are 25GB, and that’s only single-layered; Brawl did double layer on the Wii discs, so SSB4 could do that on here too if it wants.)

Mario Series—-
Mario- transforming into full-on Fire Mario. Like the final sprites in this sprite sheet: .
Luigi*- Same Final smash… whatever it was….
Peach- Shadow Queen dangit! This would be completely amazing!
Bowser*- Giga Bowser
+Geno*- Turns everyone into those scarecrow status effects from SMRPG for 10-15 seconds. They have no recoil but they also can’t move, so he can deal massive damage (by hitting their weak points)
Geno would probably only be in if Sqeenix got some reps, IMO.
+Paper Mario- No idea about the final smash o.o
+Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario*- Hopping onto the Mecha Bowser from Super Mario Sunshine, which would appear in the background of the stage, and blasting away.

Donkey Kong Series—–
DK- DK needs a Giga DK too D=
Diddy- Same final smash
+K. Rool*- no idea about his final smash o.o

Yoshi/Wario Series—–
Yoshi- Same Final Smash, but not invincible please :/
Wario*- Same Final Smash, but not invincible please :/
+Waluigi*- How about Super Waluigi. But really terrible. Make Waluigi as much of a joke character as possible 😛

Zelda Series——
Link (Skyward Sword Style)- Fierce Diety Link FTW!
Zelda/Shiek- Same final smash.
But what about having to unlock Shiek? That would be interesting.
Gannondorf (severely decloned)*- Ganon as a transformation not attack.
+Imp Minda-Wolf Link/TP Midna- transform into that giant battle spider thing that was awesome!
+The villain from Skyward Sword*
I can already tell that he’s going to be a character worth remembering for years to come. Probably.

Metroid Series——-
Samus/ZSS- Same
+Ridley*- no idea of fs.
Predictable because Metroid has so few characters lol.

F-Zero Series——-
Captain Falcon*- Doing a version of the Falcon Punch from the anime (; he punches his target, pausing the action, but then it goes back to the gameplay and a giant beam of energy shoots out above and below him (like how the galaxy is exploding in the anime), damaging anyone above/below him.
+Black Shadow*- The opposite of the Falcon Punch; he jumps at the target, grabs them, punches them, and throws them down at high speeds, almost always resulting in a KO if they’re over an edge.
+Rick???*- Since there haven’t been any F-Zero games since Climax, we have no way of knowing if the anime was actually canon or not. I’m assuming it is, and that Rick would be a lot like Captain Falcon, but less fire attacks and more guns.

Kirby Series——-
Kirby- Turns into the Galactic Knight guy from Kirby Super Star Ultra. Completely awesome.
Meta-Knight- Same FS. Nerf him please!!!!
Dedede*- same.
+Waddle Dee?- He’s the 4th player in the upcoming Kirby Wii. If it proves popular enough, maybe he’ll get in. IDK FS.

Star Fox Series——-
Fox- Turns into James McFreakingCloud. No idiotic Landmaster :/
Falco*-Hops in an Arwing and gets to blast at foes from offscreen like Snake’s Final Smash in Brawl. Except with lasers.
+Krystal- Gets on her pterodactyl and soars around at insane speeds, like Lyn’s Assist Trophy attack, except controllable.
+Peppy*- Surely a great WTF character, but only if SF643D sells well. Which it will duh 😛 FS- hops in the Blue Marine (WTF??? :P), still onscreen, and can shoot at people around the stage.

Pokemon Series——–
Pikachu- Same
Jigglypuff*- Same
+Someone Second Gen.- Placeholder Scizor (Hey he was #19 in the IGN Top 100 Pokemon so maybe!)
+Plusle & Minun??- Pikachu’s except somewhat different; like 2 sparks flying around, orbiting each other as they smack into opponents.
+Metagross*- YES. HELL FREAKING YES. Final Smash is meteor mash and you know it.
Lucario???- If he’s not replaced by….
+Zorark*- automatic shoe-in. Illusion ability. Seriously. Final Smash would be transforming into Genesect, Kyruem (sp?), or Landorous, and rampaging everywhere. Because why the hell not?
That would be 1 rep. per generation, unless both Plusle & Minun and Metagross get in, and unless Lucario goes away, which he probably will.

Fire Emblem Series——
Marth- Same
Ike*- Now in Vanguard Class. Complete with the ear ring. 8) A lot faster now since he’s like way buffer and can hold his sword well.
+Black Knight*- He stabs the ground with his sword, and then his armor bursts apart (with Ashera in the background like with Palutena in Pit’s) so he only has some chainmail left, and his armor re-forms into a sword. He’s just as powerful, but now he’s much faster and his sword is even longer.
+Lyn- Does her assist trophy move, except much mroe powerful.
+Eliwood*- He gets on a freaking horse for his final smash.
+Hector*- No idea actually…

Earthbound Series——-
Ness*- Same
+Who could be the third Earthbound character? Not Claus. Maybe Pokey in EB form or Paula maybe?

+Balloon Fighter- turns into a buff anime guy with 3 (!!!) balloons and insane power. lol
+Mach Rider*- Revamping MR into a gritty action racer/shooter should be Nintendo’s next project, so putting him in SSB4 first like they did with Pit is a must.
Pit- Same
+If KI:U is popular enough, maybe anime sword-guy, Palutena, or Medusa could get in? Or Eggplant Wizard. 😛
Ice Climbers- Exact. Same. 😛
+Sukapon*- Joy Mech Fight was one of Nintendo’s first fighters and was a whole lot like Smash Bros. He is basically the daddy of the series!
ROB- Same.
+Takamaru*-The best Samurai ever; comes with a Panda alternate costume (Show Me Your News inside joke :P)
+Little Mac- Pretty much the perfect fighter. Duh. Final Smash is Giga Mac. ‘Nuff Said.
Mr. Game and Watch*- The Octopus could be changed, I guess?

Olimar- Same
+Louie*-Gets on the Titan Dweevil and controls it. Because he is evil…. O_O Anyway he’d be basically the Luigi-fied version of Olimar, with slightly different attacks and a different control method (he chucks the Pikmin at a slight angle instead of straight ahead, for example.)
+Starfy*- Maybe.
+AC Villager- There are so many possibilities for a final smash that there’s no point in even guessing 😛
+Mii- Duh. With the 3DS version focusing on RPG elements, the Mii will definitely be in and will have a customizable moveset.
+Isaac*- Except in his Dark Dawn form, which means 40 years old and extremely awesome.
+Batallion Soldiers*- From Batallion Wars; a group of 4 tiny guys, each in the foot classes of the game; soldier, mech, flamethrower, bazooka. You play as a 5th guy and command them around with the attacks. Like a cross between Olimar and Ice Climbers.

3rd Party——-
Snake*- Same? I would like to see Old Snake in here somehow, though probably just as an alt. costume I guess.
Sonic*- Change Super Sonic into something that’s actually beatable or at least dodgeable, PLEASE.
+Travis Touchdown*- Complete epic win, that’s all.
+Maxwell*- From Scribblenauts. The series is hugely popular and he fits right in with the Nintendo cast. An infinite amount of possible moves.
+Rocket*- AKA the Blue Slime from Dragon Quest. The mascot of the series. With Nintendo’s huge partnership with Squeenix to make this series, this seems pretty obvious.

Wolf- I don’t really see why he was in in the first place. He was obviously going to be a clone of Fox and there’s not that much to change him to make him different. Meh. I guess he could be in there
Roy- Same. With Eliwood being in, Roy becomes completely useless.
Toon Link- Unncecessary clone.

Pokemon Trainer. I think he should skip out on the regular roster, but then come back as DLC. But not just him, but 5; 1 for each generation. 2= Chikorita/Quilava/Feraligatr, 3= Treeko/Swampert/Blaziken, 4= Chimchar/Prinplup/Torrterra, 5= Tepig/Servine/Samurott. Win. Also I would love each of the Pokemon Trainers to get a transformation final smash into one legendary: 1= Mewtwo (except not sucky like in Melee) 2=Raikou 3=Deoxys 4= hmm… Giratina? 5= Victini, Landorous, or Genesect. IDK.

I thought this was an okay list, though there were a few I might want to change later. I’m still on the fence about Wolf, and it wouldn’t kill me to have Toon Link/Toon Zelda/Toon Ganonondorf if there were enough open spots. That’s why this is just a V1.0. so please feel free to criticize this as much as you want.

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