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Project Cafe Idea: Using the 3DS as a controller?

think that Nintendo will indeed implement the 3DS as a limited controller. The only reason it couldn’t be a full controller is the lack of a second control stick, but we don’t even know the specifics about the controller; there could be no buttons at all or something for all we know.

But it would be VERY wise feature 3DS connectivity. Think of it; Controllers are going to be above $50, maybe even $60. Even when the economy recovers, not that many people are going to want to spend that much money on over 2 controllers. Being able to use a handheld that you already own would be extremely beneficial, and it could even drive sales up for people that are on the fence about buying the 3DS, but want to buy it for its controller capabilities.

The Ultra-Transversal Christmas Crossover Special!

That movie I advertsied about last year failed due to production issues, but has been revived in script form, just in time for the holidays!

Pickles Recommends

Every week (well, at least every three weeks =P), I’ll have a low-cost comic, book, or game (used prices are sometimes used btw, so they might not be accurate at certain places), and have a review. But instead of the quality of the gameplay being center and front, it’s the entertainment, and how much bang you get for your buck (or for flash games and sorts, just replay value). The quality does factor in, of course, but if you’d want to repaly it, it’s probably good.

For my first article (coming out by monday, most likely), I’l be reviewing Defense Grid for XBLA.

See you there! Oh, and expect another About me or ShTH Favorites if I’m not lazy.

Game of the Decade Awards

What you do is PM, email, or reply on her to me with your three (or less) favorite games since 2000, and title it “Decade Awards” or something similar. If you want, there are also some more categories that you can pick 2 from:

-Most Influential
-Most Underrated
-Most Overrated

And these optional categories you can pick 1 from:

-Hardest Game
-Best Multiplayer (Non-FPS)
-Best FPS
-Best Story
-Worst Voice-Acting

You can do any of the optional ones that you want, but please do the main one. And before you vote, you should probably replay some of the games, unless you’re postitive.

The polling ends Janurary 1st, so comment on here (even if you PMed me on a forum; this’ll count double) for the awards (but I won’t approve them until Jan. 2nd, which I believe means you can’t see’m… or not) to decide what is the best game of the decade!

Shadow the Hedgehog Favorites 1

Shad 22

I wanted to use the DKC2 Mario, Link, and Yoshi sprites, so I made a school where Yoshi taught Video Game history. I tried to fit as much as I could into a strip, but eventually it got up to like 4 strips long. I guess the few overkill-sized comics like this in ShTH were the beginning to my making huge, 50-panel long comics in Super Smash Bros. Hailfire.

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