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The Most Disappointing Candy

This is Now & Later, the most disappointing candy of all time. When you first look at it, you think, “Oh boy! It’s a delicious Starburst candy!” You take the wrapper off (if all of the wrapper even comes off. Parts of it usually stick to the candy), take a bite, and break your teeth. This is not a soft, juicy candy; no, this is a flavored rock. You painfully chew for a couple of years before it breaks down to the point where you think you can swallow it without choking out, and then it’s over.

The worst part of Now & Later is not that it is a bad candy, but that it is such a poser Starburst imitator. The creators of this candy must have been really either really low to trick people into thinking they are buying Starbust, or they are huge hipsters and say, “Ha, Starburst? That stuff doesn’t take you an hour to chew. Let’s make a candy that does! Mmmmm, yum! I can taste the broken-off pieces of my teeth!”

Maybe I am over-analyzing this, but I am thinking that it is possible the denture industry is the reason these candies still exist. The FDA should not approve of this stuff being produced, so maybe they get paid a little extra in Sea-Bond bonuses, the candy sells well by accident, the denture industry makes a huge profit, and then everyone is happy. Everyone except for the poor, unfortunate souls that have to eat this candy, that is.

More New 52 #1 Opinions

I have aquired a few more #1 comics from DC’s New 52.

Justice League: Wow I love Jim Lee. His art is pretty much perfect forever. Yeah the writing is good too whatever. but DAT ART.
Justice League Dark: I… am not sure what this was all about. Not in the slightest. But I do know that creepy cynical stuffis bedt left with Marvel.
Blackhawks: Just… pretty dumb.
Green Lantern: Luckily, I read War of the Green Lanterns Aftermatb before this, so I understood what was going on and it was pretty awesome.

And a couple #1s for limited series in the reboot universe, but not actually part of the New 52.

Huntress: This is either going to suck hard or be awesome. Cannot tell as of yet.
The Shade: confusing, but that last page plot twist was insane!

Nintendo City Archives Verison 1.0
Really awesome. Sorta. This is a project of listing every single sprite sheet of every NC member, plus the extra task of tracking down all NC custom sprites, and eventually more content may come. It is pretty empty now, but I already have tons more in the folders, just a day later. IT’s only 5 MB and the customs can be used for basically anything, so down it!

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