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Like Nintendo Project Cafe

My Great Web page

I think it worked… 😛 Well anyway here, you can click this sorta and like the Nintendo Project Cafe page on Facebook. It’s been a week and it now has over 150 fans, but the more fans, the better!

This is also a The Losers because of how little I know coding…. 😛

My Great Web page

Nintendo’s New Console: “Project Cafe”

It just got totally announced on Wednesday. 3 days after my console idea O___O

Anyway for updates on all the info of this new console, I have a Facebook page for Project Cafe:!/pages/Nintendo-Project-Cafe/215373875139485

New Super Mario Bros. 3D Idea

Based off of the recent announcement of just such a game, for the 3DS. Credit to Koopalmier for the item-combo idea.

The third New SMB game is a combination of nearly every amazing part of each Mario platformer, compounded into a wholly-new product. It learns from the mistakes of the previous New SMB games by removing the bubbles system, allowing for new hidden paths and areas in every level, sometimes needing cooperation between teammates that are across the map from you. Also, Yoshi has been removed from the game, as he has been captured, but don’t think that he’s gone for good.

The story of this Mario game is somewhat less generic than most: Bowser has kidnapped Peach (well he doesn’t in my Mario 256 idea so I had to do it in this :P), and formed a pact with nearly every evil single king in the Mushroom Kingdom. But as the game progresses, it is discovered that Bowser is not in control; he has been trapped and the Bowser that you face in World 5 is a corrupted AI that goes berserk, becoming a genius verison of the Koopa he replaced. Along with now controlling the whole Mushroom Kingdom, it now sets its sights on Rainbow Road, determined to steal the Star Rod! Of course Kamek is pretty much the mastermind behind all this, but is the AI controlling HIM?

The Worlds are as they go (the SMB1 enemies are in all worlds btw):

World 1: Grassland: The generic World 1. Not much to say.
Enemies: Thunder Lakitu, Goombob, Rexes, Grass Pokey (for realz!!!)
Miniboss- Lemmy Koopa
Boss- Petey Pirhana

World 2: Ruins: Not so much a desert, but more like the ruins of like an ancient Japanese city, or maybe a Greek one. TONS of hidden secrets compared to the rest of the worlds.
Enemies: Chomp, Boo, Rock-Tosser, Attacky-Sack, Rusty Bob-Ombs, Whomps, Ancient Thwomps
Miniboss- Morton Koopa
Boss- Rock Ghost Monster Dude

World 3: City: A huge, sprawling urban metropolis. Skyscrapers are everywhere, and there’s tons of oncoming traffic to avoid.
Enemies: Barber Koopa, Worm things, Sewer Pirhanas, Tons of Sludge Beasts, Kuribo Kars (haha get it :P)
Miniboss- Iggy Koopa (CEO)
Boss- Possessed Wiggler Bus. Seriously how awesome IS THAT?! 😛

World 4: Giant/Tiny World: A “Bonus World” basically. tons of puzzles that require mini-mega mushrooms.
Enemies: Giant Forms of many enemies
Miniboss- Kamek + Ludwig
Boss- Darkness Kamek

World 5: Darkworld: Bowser’s Realm. Lava everywhere, and it feels so much like the end of the game.
Enemies: Dark Forms of enemies, Black Jewels Crows, Weird freaky Camel guys, Evil Coins
Miniboss- The leader of the Camel guys that are new enemies to this.
Boss- Bowser? Upon defeating him his robo-appearance is revealed, and he escapes, then going and conquering the Mushroom Kingdom 100%.

World 6: Fusion World: Coolest one EVAAAR. Hybrid enemies are everywhere, and the levels are plain trippy!
Enemies: Fusion Enemies duh
Miniboss- Elemental Hammer Bro. Uses hammers, boomerangs, fire, ice, and now…. lightning!
Boss- The Hybrid Machine. It’s if Wart’s dream machine turned evil.

World 7: The Mushroom Kingdom Castle Bowser-ified: It’s one giant level like the penultimate level from SSBB’s Subspace Emissary, and you must collect all of the keys necessary to enter the throne room!
Enemies: Boos, Dr. Donezes, Magikoopas, Thwomps, generic castle enemies, Koopatrolls, Evil Toads
Minibosses- Roy Koopa, Larry Koopa, Psycho Magikoopa (From M&L I think), Vampric Wiggler (Can Wigglers get any more badacid), Inflatable Wario from SML2, Fake Bowser (paper lol), Real Fake Bowser (A pinata lol), Giant Mecha Koopa
Boss- Robo Bowser + Kamek. This is where you learn that Kamek is totally behind this. And it will come back to bite him in the

World 8: Savannah: Exactly what it says on the tin. Lions and Tigers and Zebras oh my… 😛
Enemies: Pokeys, Desert Fuzzies, Lions, Camel-things, Ukikis, Camo Koopas
Miniboss- Wendy
Boss- Wendy controlling the Ancient Pokey God guy thing person.

World 9: Dig Site: Lots of digging is everywhere, and tons of fossils. Dinosaurd galore lol.
Enemies: Rexes, Flaminf Fuzzies, Crows, Enemies from the Mountain level from New SMB Wii, Thunder Lakitu+.
Miniboss- Giant T-Rex. Fight him like the dragon from SPM.
Boss- The Koopa Kid Trio from MP5, then an even more fierce dino boss.

World 10: The Tower of Evil: A vertically scrolling world, with different floors based on different areas from other games, serving as mini-worlds.
Floor 1- Grassland again ;_;- Normal enemies. Boss: Goomboss
Floor 2- Desert World generic- Normal. Boss: Tutankoopa
Floor 3- Ice World generic- Normal. Boss: Crystal King
Floor 4- Cloud World- Normal. Boss: Boom Boom lol
Floor 5- Lava World- Normal. Boss: Bowser Jr.
Floor 6- Factory World- Bob-Ombs, Whomps, Thwomps, all artificial enemies, even the Bully dudes. Boss: King Bob-Omb
Floor 7- Subcon- SMB2 enemies Boss: Wart
Floor 8- Sarasaland- SML1 enemies Boss: Tatanga
you free all of the denizens of the MK, along with Bowser, and learn that Robo-Bowser is sieging Rainbow/Star Road!

World 11: Rainbow Road: It’s been assaulted by Robo-Bowser’s Airship fleet! This is crazzzzy!!
1st set of levels are the Star Path like PM. Embers and evil stars and the like.
ON Rainbow Road, however, you face some SMG enemies, along with all 2D Mario platformer enemies. EVER. Absolutely huge levels. you have to face all 8 Koopalings again on one level, and then once you get to the central palace and meet the Star Spirits, they grant you and your partners the power to fight Kamek, who has the Star Rod and has turned Robo-Bowser into a giant mechanical eldritch abomination basically. But before you can even fully beat him, he turns on Kamek, but is promptly blown up. Kamek goes power crazy and tries to anhiliate existence or whatever, but Geno, of all people, scarifices himself to defeat Kamek. Of course this causes Geno to become THE FINAL FREAKING BOSS. Yes, this is crazy. And amazing.

Upon beating the game there’s a 12th world based on SMRPG… maybe.

Anyway, gameplay features!

120 Power Stars- Hidden across the 10 Worlds, you must find a select number of them to open the bonus worlds, which are Giant/Tiny, Fusion, and Savannah. There’s also the 3-coins-per-level but they are for the Game Store (see below).

Combining Power-ups: These are the game’s power-ups: Mushroom, Fire/Ice Flowers, Metal Cap, Cape, Frog Suit, P-Balloon, Boo Shroom, Bee Shroom, Cloud Flower, Rock Shroom, Poison Shroom, Zombie Shroom (combos only), Reverse Shroom (combos only), Spring, Propeller.

You can combine 2 of any of these for amazing effects!

Mushroom + Boo Shroom = Giant Boo.
Fire + Ice = Water Flower (FLUDD Suit. The hover variation not spray.)
Frog + Ice = Penguin Suit!
Cape + Metal = Tanooki Suit
Curse Shroom + Fire = Darkness Shroom. Can absorb light/fire for energy to blast away enemies! Also can drain life.
Curse Shroom + Ice = Light Shroom. Opposite of course. Heals partners.

Game Store: you can spend Star Coins on suits for your characters to unlock. AKA you can play as characters like MIPS, Peach, Yoshi (Yoshi’s Island style, w/o eggs), Shell suit, and almost every major enemy! Of course after unlocking them it takes regular coins to buy individual suits for your item inventory.

That’s all I have. C+C Please~

The Lost game: Pac-Man Advance

It was supposed to be game 4, but as I uploaded it on August 29, something distracted me and I never got around to doing it again. Well, here’s what could have been, minus the snarky comments, It’s been way too long since I did it.


Frankly, all I remember is that the signs were absolutely unhelpful, the platforming was extremely downgraded from the original, and the graphics weren’t as good in motion as they are in screens. Sorry for this dissapointment-y kind of update, it would have been a lot better back in August…


After over a dozen hours at working, tallying, and gathering, I have finally come to the conclusions of the awards! What games are worthy of being named The Greatest Games of the Decade?

First up is the smallest award, the Hardest Game of the Decade!

Do you have what it takes to be The Guy? Probably not. I Wanna Be the Guy is a freeware game, available on , so download it and see for yourself!

Worst Voice Acting of the Decade!

In a time where people like Mark Hammil and Steve Blum voice act in video games, Capcom shows that it can still do over the Street Fighter II movie and get terrible voice actors. Now not all of them were bad, but the majority of voices in this game were annoying and unfitting to the characters. Let’s all thank God for Japanese subtitles.

Best Story of the Decade

Nintendo showed us 6 years ago that no matter how cartoony the visuals and characters, the story that is told in a game like Wind Waker can still be as mature as a hyper-realistic game like its sequel, Twilight Princess.

Best Multiplayer of the Decade (not an FPS)

Honestly, who wasn’t expecting this? Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the pinnacle of the party! There are so many options and customizations to be found that you could spend 300 hours playing this game with friends and not get bored (not at the same time of course =P). There’s a decent online experience, plus co-op in nearly everything!

Best FPS of the Decade

Half-Life 2 completely owned with its amazing physics, created by the Havok Engine. Though the multiplayer is nonexistant in the original game and its episodes, the literally hundreds of mods for the game with completely original levels, enemies, and weapons expand the game to somewhere that hasn’t been seen anywhere else besides the original Doom and Halo CE, and some versions do indeed have multiplayer (yay). It is is indeed worthy of its award.

Most Underrated Game of the Decade

There were tons of votes in this category, but ALL of them were unique, so I had to actually break the tie. No More Heroes for the Wii was Suda51’s biggest success of all time, but that isn’t saying all that much, as his other games are ones like Contact and Killer7. Its sequel releases on January 26th in Noth America, so buy the original while you can, so you can experience this amazing… experience. Unless you’re squeamish, in which this is definitely wrong for you.

Most Overrated Game of the Decade

We all love FPSes, as all males love to play them and shoot each other in ruthless deathmatches. When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released in 2007, it caused all the guys that used to have LAN Parties when they were 20-smethings to find Xbox Live and get back into FPSes. But who knew that only two year later, the fans of the game would become SO rabbid that they couldn’t stop talking about Call of Duty?

Most Influential Game of the Decade

Oh wait, sorry, wrong version.

Guess how much of a landslide this won by? I think all gamers that played in the 90s can attest that the whole industry had changed after this Juggernaut was released with the Xbox back in 2001. Not bad for a game that was originally an RTS.

And now the award you’ve been waiting for…

10th- Banjo-Tooie (2001, N64)
9th- Metal Gear solid 4 (2008, PS3)
8th- Super Mario Galaxy (2007, Wii)

7th- Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001, GCN)

6th- Shadow of Colossus (2005, PS2)

5th Place- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

4th Place-

Resident Evil 4

3rd Place-


2nd Place-

Final Fantasy X (the first one =P)


the winner


Half-Life 2

Frankly, I wasn’t at all expecting this game to win. But the public has decided, and therefore, it is. The first game was industry-changing, but this game took years and years to develop. PEople were starting to worry whether it’d be another Duke Nukem Forever, and second games usually weren’t the best, either. But Valve delievered, and this became one of the most critically successful games of all time, especially after the Orange Box was released in 2007. Now go play Half-Life 2!

My pick for best game was Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I thought that nothing else captured the essence of the nostalgia-filling, forced story mode, digital distribution, and extreme overload of content that was the main part of this decade in gaming. Now only if the online part was better, huh? (Brawl 2 FTW!)

So how’d you perceive the awards to be? Were they right or not, in your opinion? Comment below, to voice you opinion, and then answer this bonus question for a chance at up to $100 cash:

What was the most dissapointing game you’ve played this decade? Like how Avatar: The Game was hyped up as a great game based on a great movie, and then ended up failing worse than Space Chimps: The Game. Please don’t use that example though =P

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