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Homestuck Community Re-Read 3: Starts June 12!

We are re-reading not only Homestuck, but all works by Andrew Hussie from June 12 to August 3! It starts right at midnight EST tonight; go on the MSPA IRC at to join in the celebrations!

May 29: Short Story Writing Adventure Marathon!

Mark your calendars. I am doing a challenge on Tuesday, May 29. I will be writing as many short stories as I possibly can withing a 24-hour period. I will not sleep on this day.

The rules are that every short story must be generated either from this or the TVTropes . I alreaady tested it and picked 5 different stories that I will write, but if I am able to finish all of them within this time period, I will do even more.

I will not be trying for creativity, experimentation, or quality. Quantity is the word for this Writing Adventure. I would try and like set up a charity marathon thing but meh. I will do that if I do another one.

Wish me luck! If you want to do it too, hit me up and we can collab or something for one story. I encourage all writers to do this. It probably improves your writing skills. Probably.

Some of My Facebook Statuses

I post some very odd things on Facebook….

Examples of some of my statuses:

-Nerdy thoughts: What would a mash-up between Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” and the Halo Main Theme sound like?

>Freezing cold and the heat doesn’t work
>eats icecream

-Everyday I’m stumblin~

-That awkward moment when it’s so cold you wear a hoodie as a shirt.

you know sometimes i type in all lowercase and i only punctuate with periods. its not even out of laziness. why do i even do it.

Do Greek people say “It’s all Greek to me” instead of “I understand”?

Like Nintendo Project Cafe

My Great Web page

I think it worked… ๐Ÿ˜› Well anyway here, you can click this sorta and like the Nintendo Project Cafe page on Facebook. It’s been a week and it now has over 150 fans, but the more fans, the better!

This is also a The Losers because of how little I know coding…. ๐Ÿ˜›

My Great Web page

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