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One year later — What’s Thedude3445 been up to?

I ended my tenure on this site about a year ago, so I thought it’d be nice for anyone who happens to stumble onto the site (since it still gets about 3-8 views a day even now) about my current projects. Some of these came around when this blog was still active, and others have just begun:

The Madoka Series, by Thedude3445 – My fan fiction series lampooning the anime Madoka Magica that has gone on much, much longer than I originally anticipated. As of this writing, there are two main stories, a one-shot, and two spinoffs, and they’re all hopefully very funny.

Barty Anderson 4: Tale of the Legend of the Crystal Chubacabra – I directed the Official Fan Sequel to the Barty Anderson Trilogy by Byron Hussie. I put my heart and soul into making it as dumb and unprofessional as possible.

Sandswept: The Squiddle Session – The long-running Unofficial Fan Prequel to Homestuck, wherein we get to watch the forty-eight Squiddle players play Sglub and create the Troll Universe! It’s a labor of love, and is the project I’m most proud of out of all of these.

Visions of Etherflow (old) – An old serial that was a collab between myself and three of my friends. It’s silly and pretty dumb, but hey, you might enjoy it.

Beforus: The Album – I just help out occasionally with this one, but it’s a very cool Homestuck fan project; a music album for the Alpha Trolls.

MSPA Prophet (old) – I Am the Prophet.

And, introducing: Home Clipart Animal Deer – A new site run by my friend and I, where we post stories and other things. It’ll be a lot more professional and less bloggy than this place, though it still has a right now because we have no idea how to make websites.

Maybe you’ll enjoy one or two of these, I dunno.

Birdemic Fan Fiction

Probably the only Birdemic fan fiction ever. I think this is an excellent side story that is delivered just as well, if not better than the movie itself.

Tales From the Birdemic

“ARRGH!” Four shots shattered into my chest, and I fell to the ground. I knew that my life was growing short, but at the price of oblivion, my friends gained peace.

It was very sudden when the birds attacked. No forewarning. No warning. We were unprepared. How could we know that the birds were going to attack?

I was a member of the army when this happened. We were invading a country without their knowledge which was wrong but we did it anyway, probably accelerating global warming in the process. Until the birds attacked. Our tanks were useless against the birds’ attacks. Nothing could stop their attacks. I tried to hold their attacks off, but I was killed. Luckily, my friends escaped the attacks.

My friends were able to escape and live.

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