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Summer Projects: Two new Fan Fictions!

I’ve been doing some creative writing lately, so I’ve decided to write a couple fan fictions to try and beef up my skills a little.

My first one is . It’s the story of Jade Harley, and her quest to go through all seven gates, defeat her denizen, and face another threat, greater than anything she can possibly imagine- fate.

It’s not JUST fuel for my favorite crack ship though it was originally going to be a 3 chapter romance story. It has the same ending as my original idea though so that’s okay I guess?

The other fan fiction is

Another Shadow the Hedgehog Favorite!


It took forever to make this one, but I loved it. I always wondered why Eggman didn’t just send everything he’s ever made after the goodies. There’s no way they’d be able to survive something like that!

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