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EVEN MORE DC New 52 #1 Opinions!

I have obtained a few more of these #1 comics. Remember, all I know of DC came from the DCAU (and Teen Titans), swo most of this I am completely unfamiliar with:

-Action Comics: Grant Morrison is amazing and this comic is amazing. I love him for making this.
-My Greatest Adventure: A miniseries. Obviously it is dealing with some major C-List heroes here, because I have never heard of this Iron Man ripoff, Swamp Thing ripoff, and… some alien chick. I will call her a Starfire ripoff just cuz.
-Suicide Squad: So much torture. Why you gotta be so glum in the first issue?
-Catwoman: fuck this shit. absolutely horrible.
-Supergirl: Absolutely nothing memorable about it.
-Batman: Dark Knight: I liked it but the bunny thing… what the crap.
-I, Vampire: Boooooring. Get to the superhero vs. vampire fights already!!!

Pickles Recommends: Webcomics

Here are some webcomics that I like to read! The ones on this list are mostly gag-a-day strips; most of the plot-driven comics I like I’m not even done archive binging on. – Nedroid. The humor… It’s pretty much just inexplicably awesome. I cannot explain it whatsoever, but I THINK it’s styled like a kids’ comic? chainsawsuit is made by Kris Straub of Starslip fame. It has the dumbest humor ever, but somehow it always makes me laugh. I’ve probably laughed out loud at it more than any others on this list. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is the silliest intellectual comic I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Dinosaur Comics. Every single comic has the exact same panels, just different dialogue. So author Ryan North has to make up for it with ingenious writing.

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