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Another bout of top searches

This is what you guys have been searching to find my site:


rainbow dash cider, mortal kombat nes, swampert, mario and wario yaoi


mario and wario yaoi


mario and wario yaoi


Nintendo City Archives Verison 1.0
Really awesome. Sorta. This is a project of listing every single sprite sheet of every NC member, plus the extra task of tracking down all NC custom sprites, and eventually more content may come. It is pretty empty now, but I already have tons more in the folders, just a day later. IT’s only 5 MB and the customs can be used for basically anything, so down it!

The Losers #4

Presidental Portrait Loses

Apparently this is the Presidental Portrait of James Buchanhan. Not that anybody remembers his though. But I’m so glad somebody went and made an unofficial portrait:


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