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Why Vance Astro Should Be in the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Film

Let’s just put this on the table where we can see it. Vance Astro is so cool you have no idea.


In the original comics, he was the first person to fly into space out of our solar system, headed towards some planet that could have life on it, Alpha Centauri. And it takes a thousand years to reach it. When he finally gets out, it’s past the year 3000, and there’s a bunch of people and aliens waiting for him; technology had advanced past lightspeed levels in the time since he went in, and now he couldn’t even survive in the atmosphere without a suit, or else his body would oxidize.

Then the Badoon alien dudes attack all the planets in the solar system, take over Earth, and kill most everyone on Jupiter, Pluto, Beta Centauri, where entirely new species of genetically-altered humans lived. Now Vance Astro and his 3 companions, the crystalline dude Martinex, giant dude Charlie-27, and blue dude Yondu Udonta, who were all now orphans in the galaxy. They team up to guard the galaxy from evil…. especially the Badoon jerks. There’s also Starhawk, who is a weird time travel-type guy.

Anyway, Vance Astro eventually gets Captain America’s own shield, has cool mutant powers where he can make psychokinetic blasts and blow stuff up with his mind. The fact he’s like Space Captain America is already reason enough for him to be in the movie, as it would help normal moviegoers connect the movie as a Marvel one, and not just a spacey movie.

Plus, he was on the modern Guardians of the Galaxy team near the end of its run. It’s not like it’s a stretch to add him!


I would also be ecstatic to see the other members of the original Guardians of the Galaxy team make their way into the movie, though I doubt that’ll happen. Still… A person can dream.

Comic Reactions- Like A Bunch (Part Three) (More Recent Ones- Justice League, Batwing, Ultimate Spider-Man)

No covers this time because I am a tool and I am lazy.

Ultimate Spider-Man Premire Comic (FREE)

It’s a free preview comic thing. It has a short story and then character introductions in the back. I am… wary of the comic. There are cutaway gags and that concerns me. But this is a kid’s comic; maybe that is what the kids are into these days.

Batwing #7

Massacre, the villain, has somehow gotten to Gotham City (something I believe we discussed before) and is trying to kill this Kone dude. Also exposition on what exactly the hero guys did, which is cool. I also miss the old artist. 😦

Batwing #8

Finally, the conclusion to Batwing’s first story arc! It is a pretty awesome ending, as all of the loose ends are tied up. Also a shocking revelation of who Massacre is… Except that I realized who it was just a couple pages before. Just try not to guess and it won’t be too obvious 😛

Justice League #7

Justice League vs. the US Government Bureaucracy! Also a Shazam backup story, which is cool except why didn’t they wait a couple months and put it in DC Universe Presents? I guess to keep Justice League’s price at $3.99 instead of $2.99…. 😦

Justice League #8

Green Arrow is a douche. Not like Guy Gardner level, but he is pretty bad in this issue. Also apparently Martian Manhunter used to be a member of Justice League! When was there a random timeskip?

My Ultimate Marvel Collection

I have been trying to read all of Ultimate Marvel so that I can read the newest Ultimate Comics Reborn comics (which I already subscribe to… but I can’t read!!!). But unlike how I caught up in the regular Marvel Universe, I am only reading this legally. No Demonoid for me. This is what I have read so far (some of these I have traded in, some I still have):

Ultimate Iron Man I-II
Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra
Ultimate Spider Man Hardcover Volume 1-5 (hardcovers contain 2 volumes, so it’s actually 1-10)
Fantastic Four Volume 1-2
X-Men Volume 1-13, barring 11
Ultimates 2
Ultimate Annuals
Ultimate Galactus Trilogy
March on Ultimatum
Ultimate Comics Armor Wars
Ultimate Comics Captain America
Ultimate Comics Ultimates Issues 1-5
Ultimate Comics X-Men Issues 1-3
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Issues 1-5

the dotted line is where I have read to. After that, I can’t go on until I at least read Ultimatum and Ultimate Doomsday! This will take a lot of money, I fear, so this might take a while for me to complete. But as I do, I will update this list!

The New 52: My thoughts

I’ve tried to buy as many of the 52 new #1s that DC has been releasing this month so I can do a mini review of them here, since I am oblivious to any of the plot of the comics before the reboot. So far these are the ones I’ve found:

-Batwing: I loved the art and the writing. I am hoping that the plot develops well, too!
– Justice League International: I’m not sure how good the team lineup is (too much C-List and too much Batman), but I’m confident that it’ll get good as time goes on.
-Green Arrow: Great art. Too early to judge the story.
-Static Shock: I dunno. I like Static and the old cartoon was great, but the first issue villain was pretty lame and I am not a fan of Virgil now being a huge genius that has both parents.
-Swamp Thing: Meh. It’s a filler comic anyway.
-Batwoman: Why’s she so pale? Also this is obviously one of the comics that didn’t actually reset anything, leaving new readers like myself clueless.
-Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.: ….WTF. Is this a parody? Please be a humor comic because this is so stupid.
-Deathstroke: Really cliched. Why is Slade so old, too?
-Red Lanterns: If a human, paticularly the grandson (spoilers :P) becomes a Red Lantern, it will make this all worthwhile.
-Green Lantern Corps: This one is cool. It shows the relationship between the Green Lanterns and the people, and the relationships between each other. I hope this folds out well and doesn’t end up just Green Lantern 2, like how Spider-Man had 3 or 4 titles back in the old days of 2006 and it was basically one weekly story.
-Legion of Superheroes: Nigh uncomprehensible to a new reader. Too many characters at once.
-Blackhawks: I know these guys from the Stupid Science section of Superdickery. I want a flying wheel so bad.
-Green Lantern: New Guardians: I was talking to someone earlier that there should totally be a Rainbow Guardian who is badass and fights the biggest cosmic battles in the universe, and then boom. That is what is happening now. I can’t wait for the inevitable splash page where he puts them on.
-Superman: A pretty good one-shot. Probably the only non arc-based story I’ve read so far!
The Flash: Fast-paced (no pun intended) and fun to read. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Extreme Marvel Comics Torrent

At Demonoid, I now have a 28GB+ torrent of nearly every comic from Avengers Disassembled to Siege! Go see it and down it! I would also like help on completing the collection for real, if you want to.
(It’s the one called Modern Marvel Comics up to Heroic Age, of course)

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