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Pickles Recommmends: Show Me Your News!

I just wanted to plug in my favorite podcast of all time, “Show Me Your News!”. It started out as a podcast on Smashboards that recapped and talked about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, starring Youko and SamuraiPanda. And it was pretty awesome. Now it is about gaming in general. And it is still pretty awesome. They recently released their 100th episode, after 4 and a half years. They also have a really great twitter account!

Go here:

The Next Mario Game (Mario 256?)

Happy Single’s Awareness Day Everyone! 😛 Here’s a pretty epic idea for the next 3D Mario game:

Ever since SMG1 came out, I’ve been wondering what the next Mario could be like. After the space-travel journey of SMG, the FLUDD-venture of SMS, the multi-world excusion of SM64/DS, the retro revivial of New SMB, and the multiplayer romp in New SMB Wii, what next? This.

In this game, Bowser has taken control of the multiverse and is now threatening to erase all of existence! He tampers to create his own universe in his image, and it causes a shockwave in the rest of the multiverse, shattering the Great ___ into tiny shards, aka Star Substitutes, across 5 different universes. the generic Gatekeeper of the Universes guy enlists the help of Mario to collect all 175 or so “shards” (stars) and restore balance to the multiverse!

So Mario will travel through different universes in 7 different lands of the ME: the central Mushroom Kingdom, the tropical and deserty coasts of Sarasaland, Yoshi’s Island, Nimbus Land, the peaks of a generic snow-land, the deep forests that Luigi’s Mansion resides in, and some generic mountains. There’s 5 alternate universe that Mario can travel through:

-The normal one
-Dune: A climate change causes the entire world to become hot and arid, mostly deserts, volcanoes, and very few large settlements of civilization. Plus, if you’re not in the shade, the sunlight can cause damage to you over time!

-Urbania: Wario took control of the stock market and he now rules over the entire world, financially. Almost the whole world is industialized into a city, a factory, or a tourist attraction, and the people are overworked, underpaid, and are just plain rude. So it’s like NYC across the whole ME!

-Power-Up: A huge shippment of items crashes in the middle of the MK one day and the items combined all create a world that makes almost every single character a huge superhero with tons of powers. an epic world, but very volitale, and very dangerous, as the enemies are powered too.

-Prosperity: Peace. The world is perfect; everyone’s nice, everything’s free, and there are no enemies. But this world has almost unobtainable stars, and thought everyone’s nice, they’re TOO helpful, and they’re not very good at helping in the first place.

So Mario can travel to each universe at will, through a circular menu like the ones in Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins for console. This is what the circle would be like if the normal universe was at the top-center of the pentagon-shaped menu:


The other feature is that, like that one XBLA game with the pies and the silent movie thing, Mario can preform up to 15 seconds of actions, then travel back in time and cooperate with himself to solve puzzles and easily get stars. But when travelling back, he must go to an adjacent alt. universe in the pentagon, to make for extreme puzzles! And it also means there can be up to 3 Marios at once!

The Power-ups for Mario in this game are Mini Mushroom, Mega Mushroom, a Star Rod (Can be used for distance attacks and like a grappling hook), and Metal Mario. But there are multiple characters, too! Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi are all playable! Their abilities are much like their SM64DS selves’, except Waluigi. He’s…. different.

So the game isn’t really that mission based like previous games. Each land has 10 main shards, two for each universe, and one “Grand Shard” for each Universe. But that’s only 77 stars! The other 75 or so come from exploring the universes and using your time/5th-dimensional abilities, as well as your power-ups, to get the rest! There are a ton of characters to meet, the most for any Mario game.

The 5 bosses to get the “Grand Shards”(They’re all Evil Kings that work with Bowser):
-Goomba King for Normal
-Piranha Lord Waluigi from Power-up for Dune
-King Boo, posessesing the King of the Mushroom Kingdom in Prosperity
-Wario: CEO of WarioWare for Urbania, of course
-Evil Scientist guy from Dr. Mario 64 for Power-up.

The final boss, Bowser, is actually an all-new universe: What the ME would be like if Bowser conquered it all for real, and Mario gets trapped in there, not able to travel through time or 5th dimension until after beating Bowser. There are 5 Shards and 1 Grand shard in all. The final boss fight will be the best one. EVER.

Extras: The 20 or so remaining shards come from bonus one-shot universes, usually straight-up platforming and sometimes set in crazy places like Good Egg Galaxy. Crossovers will occur. Definitely.

– The Bonus “9th World” is Rainbow Road. It’s a land, not a universe, so there’s tons of time puzzles, and since it’s nearly in space, it’s unaffected by changing the universes.

-After getting all 175+ Stars, you can play through the game again as PEACH, which makes for a completely new experience!

Any more ideas/c+c to this idea would be helpful.

Inactivity= epic fail

I’m really sorry about the huge lack of updates. I’ve been really busy since January (Halo and MW2), and Februrary was a very hard month in terms of homework overload; 5 Major Works Data Sheets, even while 3 of them were in-class, is definitely stressful. I forgot Valentine’s Day (well it was more like shrugged it off then realized that it was too late and just said F-it and played Halo), and then I actually have started writing some Star Wars fan-novel (different from fan-fiction; I actually put thought into what I’m writing) that I haven’t written since last May (man, my writing was SO bad back then. I think it was because I was reading the Legacy of the Force books at the same time. OH BURN =P). This place used to be the highest priority for updates, but now it’s the second-lowest (behind Nintendo Mansion, which is like completely gone except for the NC archives =P). Actually, the only reason I am able to update The Mushroom Kingdom, my newest comic series, on time and consistently for 3 months, is because I set it on an update timer (lol for laziness). I could do tha there, but for some reason, I don’t. Those Filler Updates, ShTH Favorites, The Losers, ect. are still just as irrelevant and lame as ever, too. So, I just want to ask, my 4 viewers, for requests. If you have any ideas for future articles, whether it be a rant of mine (which are very entertaining and er, ranty, especially when it comes to political issues), a Gamers’ List, or any specific obscure game you want to know more about. Please, when people request things, then it causes me to be much more motivated to make it.

Thanks in advance, the four of you =P

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