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Sega’s Saturn & Nintendo’s Wii U, Pluto’s Among Planets – Blog by scoOCD – IGN

Sega’s Saturn & Nintendo’s Wii U, Pluto’s Among Planets – Blog by scoOCD – IGN.


This is a great article about the state of the Wii U, by comparing it to another console flop– The Sega Saturn. I recommend that you read it.


I also wrote a comment that is on the article, but you can read here:


Oh wow, this is a great article. I was myself thinking about the relationship between these two consoles, and am pleased that I’m not the only one to do so. Though there is one point you didn’t touch on that I believe is a major factor for both:

The Wii and DS were two of the best-selling systems of all time, and they are the ones that brought in the millions of casual gamers to the market. However, the constant peripherals and design upgrades (Balance Board, Classic Controller, Classic Controller “Pro”, Nunchuck, uDraw Tablet, all those plastic attachments that you can find at the dollar store… The Wii’s redesign a few years back looking very similar to the Wii U is not a great thing, either) has worn down the regular consumer to the point where they don’t realize the Wii U is a new console. Still. If the console’s name was not Wii U, and instead the “Nintendo Nexus” or something stupid like that, I believe it would have sold at least 2 million more consoles by now than it already has, just by word of mouth.

This is the same thing the Saturn went through when it came out; the Genesis had FOUR different versions (only counting those in America released before 1997. There were actually many more) , along with all the gimmicky technology like the CD, 32X, Virtua Processor, Lock-On Technology, etc. And when the Saturn came out, many people assumed it was yet another expensive add-on to the Genesis. Though this definitely wasn’t the biggest cause of the Saturn’s failure, it was a significant contributor to bad sales early on (the most significant of course being the awful marketing campaign, which included releasing the console months early. At least Nintendo hasn’t done anything that ridiculous yet).

I was one of those fanboys who camped out all day to be first in line for the console, but I will be the first to admit I consider the Wii U an utter failure thus far. The fact that it only has one game worth playing so far in my opinion (Nintendo Land), coupled with the cripplingly long waits for Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, and Game & Wario, has only made it worse in my eyes. I literally haven’t played a minute of anything on the Wii U in 2013, aside from Netflix and a few rounds of Brawl. I can’t see the Wii U having any success whatsoever at this point, outside of inevitable first-party masterpieces like Smash 4, the next Mario, the next Zelda, etc. I am getting the feeling the Wii U is going to be superseded by a console upgrade actually comparable to current gen standards very soon- by 2015 or 2016, unless Nintendo WANTS 3rd parties to abandon it.

My Frustration with Modern Nintendo Titles (By: MrVonAwesometon)


Hey, MrVonAwesometon here, for the first time in like…9 months or whatever. I have a little tale I wish to tell you youngsters, a tale about nearly all recent Nintendo games having one JARRING FLAW that makes me think twice about buying them; they have no content. 

Just look at the two most recent Mario games; Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros 2. Lets me start off by saying that these are by no means bad games, they are fantastic titles that I enjoyed my brief time playing. They may be enjoyful games, but they are games, full retail games, games that cost 40$, that are barely longer than a movie.

I can’t help but feel a little cheated by both of these games. Most games take, as they should, at least 8 hours to finish, with some larger games taking upward of 40. Gamers are perfectly content paying 60$ for a game that yields 8 hours of gameplay and has decent replayability, even if the game wasn’t something of the same caliber as Bioshock or Ocarina of Time. We need 2 things to keep us engaged; fun and content.

Yes, the two games in question, as well as most Nintendo games, have the first aspect down to an art, but the recent trend with games by the Big N, specifically 3DS games, is the lack of the latter. Super Mario 3D Land is quite possibly the most fun, best controlling, and best looking platformer on any handheld ever, but the game is so terribly short that my first run through took less time than it took me to watch Dark Knight Rises. That’s a little under 3 hours. Nobody wants to pay 40$ for a 3 hour game. (Note: 3D Land has challenge levels that arguably add more content to the game but, as much as I liked that addition, they are essentially the same levels as before with slight additions.)

Now, this doesn’t mean that ALL first party 3DS titles are this way, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a perfect example. Kid Icarus has a 5-6 hour story, solid multiplayer, Brawl style unlockables, and a surprisingly in depth weapon creation system. Kid Icarus: Uprising is the exact same price as the 2 most recent Mario titles, but has arguably 3 times the content. 

Kid Icarus was by no means a perfect game; the controls are awkward for all and downright impossible for left handed people, the banter is annoying, and the story has several holes. Kid Icarus is flawed, but it makes up for it by being a 20-someodd hour game. Super Mario 3D Land controls perfectly, has no annoying banter, and has the best use of the 3D effect currently available on the 3DS, but I would recommend Uprising over it in a heartbeat, for the sole reason that 3D Land has no substance. 

Now, I’ve only noticed this in those 2 games as of late, though the first New Super Mario Bros had the exact same problems, but it seems that, more often than not, Nintendo has been missing out on perfection simply because they refuse to have any length or replayability to the majority of their titles.

There may be other thing that have been bogging some recent Nintendo games down, namely dumbed down difficulty, but simply adding more content could breathe life back into Nintendo’s line up. Seriously, guys, make your games an hour or two longer and give us a little bit more for our money.


Man, I can’t believe that, since January, I have only added tags to about half of my posts! Do you know how many more views I could have gotten just by adding SOMETHING? I could be on the verge of over 20 views per day on average if I did. This does not sound like much but to me it is because I put 0% publicity into this blog and 20 views a day is cool, no matter how many of them are bots. Maybe, someday, I will be able to have… 100 views a day. That is like an unreachable dream that I could only acquire by stopping my inconsistent posting themes and just posting Pokemon “meme” images for the rest of my life. What a cool thing!

So I went and fixed every untagged post, but then I realized that the Manual Excerpts that I have added to many a post do not have the “Read More” things that you would expect to be on a post that is pretty long. So how many people have missed out on one of my walls of text because they didn’t realize they had to click on the article to read more? Does the excerpt function even do anything on my blog? Coding things are beyond my grasp.

Comic Reactions- Adventure Time by Ryan North #1 and #2

pre-read material:

17:32 Thedude3445 ok now who wants some adventure time!
17:32 Thedude3445
17:32 vanquishdValiant if you narrate the adventure time comics I will eviscerate you with your mouse cord
17:32 vanquishdValiant through the internet
17:32 Thedude3445 why D:
17:32 BISlover4412 Do it anyways thedude
17:32 vanquishdValiant when given the options of garrote or eviscerate I chose yes
17:33 Thedude3445 ryan north
17:33 BISlover4412 It’s worth it
17:33 Thedude3445 ryan north wrote it, vanquish
17:33 vanquishdValiant yes
17:33 vanquishdValiant I know
17:33 vanquishdValiant thats why you shut up
17:33 vanquishdValiant because I want to read them
17:33 Thedude3445 ah ok
17:33 bewilderedShenanigan but… how can you eviscerate with a cord? do i even want to know?
17:33 vanquishdValiant 17:31 vanquishdValiant when given the options of garrote or eviscerate I chose yes
17:33 Thedude3445 but I really wanna read them too….
17:33 bewilderedShenanigan and what if his mouse is wireless?
17:33 vanquishdValiant even better

Yeah so I didn’t actually do it and I read it by itself. Oops. 😛 This is old; from March 29th. I completely forgot to post this.

Nintendo City Family Tree

(click for the full pic)

Isn’t it glorious

this was last modifed December 7, 2007, if that puts this in any specific date.

Nintendo City had some really good times. It was pretty ballin’, in the most unironic sense of the word possible. If ballin’ can even be used unironically, which is pretty unlikely anyway.

Multimedia Festival 2009 (plus a cool GIF)

hey look what I made three years ago! I was already pretty okay with, but my computer crashed, and I was stuck with MS Paint. This was one of the hardest things to make. Ever.

What is it? It’s an advertisement for the massive failure that was the Nintendo City Multimedia Festival held the week after Valentine’s Day, 2009. It was supposed to be this huge fan event, mirroring E3 and other conventions, that premiered tons of great sprite comics, fan games, etc, but due to my lack of leadership, lack of help, and lack of promotion, it was dead on arrival.

The main attractions of this event were supposed to be the premieres, including my War in Blankland Part; because of the aforementioned computer problems, I was unable to complete it in time. Another was WillBillXP’s Psychokinetic Adventures of William Vista (that may not be the correct title), an actual drawn comic about a Yoshi with psychic powers that discovers lots of corruption and deleted history of the Mushroom Kingdom. I can’t recall whether it actually came out in this five day festival. There was also supposed to be another installment of Pipes (or one of its sequels or something), the most popular comic to ever hit Nintendo City. This wasn’t even close to coming out.

There were also supposed to be a slew of Comic Awards and contests, but the award committee never did anything, and nobody participated in the contests. Obviously, what I thought was cool on paper was not what was actually cool 😛

After the whole thing bombed, I was shamed, and eventually drifted off of Nintendo City (not solely because of this of course; I also was moving and was upset about my friend taking the girl I liked) for quite a long time; about 4 or 5 months, I believe! I think that was for the best for the event to fail though. It gave me a lot of experience about organizing things, and now I will not let laziness prevail in my colleagues. 😛

The Losers: (5th) Generation Lost

Click to see full. What the crap is this, even.

Source: Holly from the MSPA Clubhouse, at 🙂

My plan for War in Blankland: Special Edition

I just now found what I wrote down back in January 2009 about how I wanted to end War in Blankland Special Edition, which can be read at , before I even finished Part 7:

War in Blankland 7 & 8

1. Mario & Link & Silver fight Dark Soul and then Mr. Hammer Bro is turned
Shadowheart and pw3ns everyone until Mario uses Rage Power to kill him
and Samus shoots Dark Sould with a beam.

3. Zelda, Marth & a few others fight invading enemies and a romantic tension
looms over the entire part.

2. Aidow and his small team infiltrates a hidden factory created by the
strange Dr. Baron Wolfensein & his minions Goombario/Goombella.

3. The Battle outside of the Rebel’s main base rages on until Shadowhearts
invade(right after Dark Soul is “killed” by Samus) and take over much
of the two armies.

4. Sephiroth and three of his minions appear, ready to anhilate King Tennko
of the Hero Rebellion. Most of the gueststars die attempting to hold him off
in a huge chase across the base.

5. TDB, Reseca, Samus, and Amatatomba arrive at the base with the three
heroes with them to heal. Link refuses medication and instead meets with
Zelda (finally), but they’re interuppted by Dizzy when she comes to tell them
about the Sephy chase.

6. Dark Yoshi, Tennko, and General Fordo (And 3 GFSs)
escape from the rest of the group helping Tennko get away, but once they
reach a dead end, Fordo alone has to duel Sephy in a swordfight.

7. Luigi and Colette battle the giant dragon and ride it into Baron’s Fortress,
where they meet up with the Water Dragon and the two dragons duke it out,
while Aidow and the rest still pursue Baron via Captain Rex’s Ship. Colette
transforms and gets Luigi to safety- until they’re captured by some of the
pirates not on Rex’s ship.

8. Bowser meets with Baron, General Toed, and Lord Knuux of the Echidna Tribe.
The Echidnas accept Toed as their army’s leader, but they refuse to join any
side yet. Once that group leaves, Bowser and Baron discuss the tribe’s
desruction until Luigi and Colette are sent up to have some witty banter
towards the two leaders. (Many Raps Comics Refrences are made)

9. Sephy kills Fordo after Dark Yoshi “misfires” an egg and it hits Fordo.
Dark is knocked out and Tennko is captured.

10. Aidow and men are suddenly in a prison cell and talk about how
Rex was indeed Baron Wolfenstein in disguise. Luigi and Colette
enter outside the cell, and all of them are sentenced to die at
the hands of Baron’s “inventions”.

11. Link shortly battles Sephy before being bounced against the
wall. An airship leaves the naval battle above the base and prepares
to catch Sephy and Tennko.

12. All of Baron’s inventions attack in the arena, but Tiptup, the good
pirate, sacrifices himself and frees them. They escape via the Dragon.

13. On the ground near the base, the dragon is killed and drops to the
ground. Sephy exits and battles the entire group, plus Mario, TDB,
Reseca, Amata, and the Great Generals. He escapes at the last
second before being beaten, and the Bosses’ Guild Navy leaves.

14. Bosses’ Guild Meeting; Bowser and Peach
are married, and then Bowser reveals the plans to the final


1. Mario and Luigi finally meet again and Wamario tells them about the final
2. A huge army and navy march towards the Boss Base with no resistance,
and show up to find no resistance. Mario and 10 others enter the Castle and
storm it.
3. Bosses’ Guild Meeting; Mirsius is absent and has a represenative; Mr. Pickles.
After much arguing, Sephiroth is appointed Chairman and Bowser is sentenced
to be excecuted for being a horrible leader.
Chaos Erupts, and Dizzy turns into Shadowheart form after Mario
unleashes a Rage Blast that kills Shao Kahn.
4. The Echidnas are resting in one area when General Toed comes and takes
their army towards the base. Lord Knuux has to agree, but is Extremely reluctant to do so.
5. Toed’s army marches and when the base is clearly visible, it shows that
millions of other troops also marched there. A giant battle occurs. Upon
Storming the castle after Mario and that group, Salome & Aidow find out about Pickles being “the traitor” and Aidow fights him.
6. Luigi takes on Sephy in the room, While Mario, Dark, and a few others
pursue Bowser and rescue Tennko. Once the King is recued, Peach
appears and battles Mario for a bit, but mostly taunts him to the point of
collapse. Mario erupts fury onto Peach, but she disappears and
Bowser gives up, but then punches Mario and Dark Yoshi jumps onto a
platform where the two are now fighting. Once Bowser is knocked off onto
the ground and Dark Yoshi attacks Mario. Mario is on the brink of collapse
when Dark Yoshi fuses with Mario to form Rage Mario (Super Fire Mario),
who battles Bowser and his minions, the Echidnas, Dark Soul, and Peach.
7. General Toed and many Echidnas Battle Clide, 50 Dolla, Zelda,
and MattC13. The two battles around the castle merge soon, and the
Shadowheart becomes so powerful that May’s calming techniques don’t
work and it attacks Rage Mario.
8. Aidow knows the end is near and reveals himself to be Lord Mirsius. The
Bosses’ Guild is taken over to be under his control, and they attack the
Shadowheart invaders. Mr. Pickles betrays again to the Shadowhearts so
that they can wipe the Bosses’ Guild Elite out.
9. Luigi and Sephy duke it out for about 3 minutes straight until they are
pushed out of the window and have to dodge Mario until they hit the
platform that Mario used to be on and continue battling as the platform
hits the ground.
10. The Shadowhearts attack the Bosses’ Guild with severe casulties on
both sides. The battle soon is engulfed with the main one and Sephy & Toed
& Aidow battle until Mirsius/Aidow feels remorse and battles the other two.
11. In the end, two huge blasts collide from the two ultrabeings and
it hits the ground, killing* Sephy, Aidow and Toed. the Echidnas rebel
and take out most of the enemies with the help of the rebels, and
Mario and Dizzy return to normal.
*Sephiroth does not die and is seen at the end of the credits in a cave,
surrounded by dozens of Shadowhearts.

NEEDED: Dawn/Hikari appearence. Ayame importance in the main plot.
More gueststar importance in main plot. Old Guy vs. Clide Yoshi.
More scenes of MattC13’s pilot skills. More Character Development
of the Main 5. Sprites of Raps. Love Triangle between Marth, Zelda, and Link.

Then I started making ideas for the music, as all of these would be movies just like 7. I did do the credits music; it can be found here:

Title Sequence Music: 01_Shoujo Meiro

CREDITS MUSIC: Audiotrack2 until finish, TP Credits until 1:05 (fade out)
(Fade in) SSB Credits from 1:08 to 1:33 (fade out)
(fade in) Banjo Tooie Credits from 0:06 to 1:19-1:20 (fade out)
(fade in) Open your heart from 2:00 to 2:55-3:05 (fade out slowly)
Imp. Rage 0:18-0:42 (fade out)

Climax battle w/ Darkshi, Sephy, and Fordo Music: Rainbow Road 64 Remix
from 0:57 to 2:10.

Music of Zelda/Link reunited: Zelda’s Lullaby (softly in background)

Aidow’s theme: Black Knight Lives
Rage Mario’s Theme: The Ghost Ship
Dr. Wolfenstein’s theme: Mingy Jongo Battle
Pirates’ Theme: 26-Mother- Roving Tank
Pirates’ Theme after betrayal:
Ayame’s Theme: 04_Equal Romance
Dark Yoshi’s Theme: 17_Magicant (8-bit one) and Dark Energy Controller (after evilness)
May’s Theme: Cats at Play
Luigi’s Theme: Battle of Fire
Salome’s Theme: 09
Fordo’s Chase Theme: Time of Action
Sephy’s creepy Theme: Maximum Energy
Theme of the Shadowhearts: Room of the God Machine

Bosses’ Guild Factory Music: Hailfire Peak Fire Side

Epilouge of 7 and Final Battle music: The Final Battle of OoT
Battle in Base Music: 10-Machine Wars

Pickles Recommends: Webcomics

Here are some webcomics that I like to read! The ones on this list are mostly gag-a-day strips; most of the plot-driven comics I like I’m not even done archive binging on. – Nedroid. The humor… It’s pretty much just inexplicably awesome. I cannot explain it whatsoever, but I THINK it’s styled like a kids’ comic? chainsawsuit is made by Kris Straub of Starslip fame. It has the dumbest humor ever, but somehow it always makes me laugh. I’ve probably laughed out loud at it more than any others on this list. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is the silliest intellectual comic I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Dinosaur Comics. Every single comic has the exact same panels, just different dialogue. So author Ryan North has to make up for it with ingenious writing.

My Super Smash Bros. 4 Dream Roster

Thedude3445’s Dream SSB4 Roster V1.0

* Unlockable
+New Character

Plus their final smashes, well for most characters. I’m partial to transformations, albeit non-invincible ones. I would really like to see a mode where you can permenantly play as each of the transformations in a battle, so it could be like Giga Bowser vs. Super Sonic vs. Fierce Diety Link.

All villains are unlockable because that would be awesome; unlocking a character after you defeat them in an epic boss battle.

69 characters, 37 newcomers, 32 returning. 4 transformation characters.

(this is actually slightly less than I was shooting for; 75 characters. But around there is fine. Remember that the iDensity Discs that the Wii U uses are 25GB, and that’s only single-layered; Brawl did double layer on the Wii discs, so SSB4 could do that on here too if it wants.)

Mario Series—-
Mario- transforming into full-on Fire Mario. Like the final sprites in this sprite sheet: .
Luigi*- Same Final smash… whatever it was….
Peach- Shadow Queen dangit! This would be completely amazing!
Bowser*- Giga Bowser
+Geno*- Turns everyone into those scarecrow status effects from SMRPG for 10-15 seconds. They have no recoil but they also can’t move, so he can deal massive damage (by hitting their weak points)
Geno would probably only be in if Sqeenix got some reps, IMO.
+Paper Mario- No idea about the final smash o.o
+Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario*- Hopping onto the Mecha Bowser from Super Mario Sunshine, which would appear in the background of the stage, and blasting away.

Donkey Kong Series—–
DK- DK needs a Giga DK too D=
Diddy- Same final smash
+K. Rool*- no idea about his final smash o.o

Yoshi/Wario Series—–
Yoshi- Same Final Smash, but not invincible please :/
Wario*- Same Final Smash, but not invincible please :/
+Waluigi*- How about Super Waluigi. But really terrible. Make Waluigi as much of a joke character as possible 😛

Zelda Series——
Link (Skyward Sword Style)- Fierce Diety Link FTW!
Zelda/Shiek- Same final smash.
But what about having to unlock Shiek? That would be interesting.
Gannondorf (severely decloned)*- Ganon as a transformation not attack.
+Imp Minda-Wolf Link/TP Midna- transform into that giant battle spider thing that was awesome!
+The villain from Skyward Sword*
I can already tell that he’s going to be a character worth remembering for years to come. Probably.

Metroid Series——-
Samus/ZSS- Same
+Ridley*- no idea of fs.
Predictable because Metroid has so few characters lol.

F-Zero Series——-
Captain Falcon*- Doing a version of the Falcon Punch from the anime (; he punches his target, pausing the action, but then it goes back to the gameplay and a giant beam of energy shoots out above and below him (like how the galaxy is exploding in the anime), damaging anyone above/below him.
+Black Shadow*- The opposite of the Falcon Punch; he jumps at the target, grabs them, punches them, and throws them down at high speeds, almost always resulting in a KO if they’re over an edge.
+Rick???*- Since there haven’t been any F-Zero games since Climax, we have no way of knowing if the anime was actually canon or not. I’m assuming it is, and that Rick would be a lot like Captain Falcon, but less fire attacks and more guns.

Kirby Series——-
Kirby- Turns into the Galactic Knight guy from Kirby Super Star Ultra. Completely awesome.
Meta-Knight- Same FS. Nerf him please!!!!
Dedede*- same.
+Waddle Dee?- He’s the 4th player in the upcoming Kirby Wii. If it proves popular enough, maybe he’ll get in. IDK FS.

Star Fox Series——-
Fox- Turns into James McFreakingCloud. No idiotic Landmaster :/
Falco*-Hops in an Arwing and gets to blast at foes from offscreen like Snake’s Final Smash in Brawl. Except with lasers.
+Krystal- Gets on her pterodactyl and soars around at insane speeds, like Lyn’s Assist Trophy attack, except controllable.
+Peppy*- Surely a great WTF character, but only if SF643D sells well. Which it will duh 😛 FS- hops in the Blue Marine (WTF??? :P), still onscreen, and can shoot at people around the stage.

Pokemon Series——–
Pikachu- Same
Jigglypuff*- Same
+Someone Second Gen.- Placeholder Scizor (Hey he was #19 in the IGN Top 100 Pokemon so maybe!)
+Plusle & Minun??- Pikachu’s except somewhat different; like 2 sparks flying around, orbiting each other as they smack into opponents.
+Metagross*- YES. HELL FREAKING YES. Final Smash is meteor mash and you know it.
Lucario???- If he’s not replaced by….
+Zorark*- automatic shoe-in. Illusion ability. Seriously. Final Smash would be transforming into Genesect, Kyruem (sp?), or Landorous, and rampaging everywhere. Because why the hell not?
That would be 1 rep. per generation, unless both Plusle & Minun and Metagross get in, and unless Lucario goes away, which he probably will.

Fire Emblem Series——
Marth- Same
Ike*- Now in Vanguard Class. Complete with the ear ring. 8) A lot faster now since he’s like way buffer and can hold his sword well.
+Black Knight*- He stabs the ground with his sword, and then his armor bursts apart (with Ashera in the background like with Palutena in Pit’s) so he only has some chainmail left, and his armor re-forms into a sword. He’s just as powerful, but now he’s much faster and his sword is even longer.
+Lyn- Does her assist trophy move, except much mroe powerful.
+Eliwood*- He gets on a freaking horse for his final smash.
+Hector*- No idea actually…

Earthbound Series——-
Ness*- Same
+Who could be the third Earthbound character? Not Claus. Maybe Pokey in EB form or Paula maybe?

+Balloon Fighter- turns into a buff anime guy with 3 (!!!) balloons and insane power. lol
+Mach Rider*- Revamping MR into a gritty action racer/shooter should be Nintendo’s next project, so putting him in SSB4 first like they did with Pit is a must.
Pit- Same
+If KI:U is popular enough, maybe anime sword-guy, Palutena, or Medusa could get in? Or Eggplant Wizard. 😛
Ice Climbers- Exact. Same. 😛
+Sukapon*- Joy Mech Fight was one of Nintendo’s first fighters and was a whole lot like Smash Bros. He is basically the daddy of the series!
ROB- Same.
+Takamaru*-The best Samurai ever; comes with a Panda alternate costume (Show Me Your News inside joke :P)
+Little Mac- Pretty much the perfect fighter. Duh. Final Smash is Giga Mac. ‘Nuff Said.
Mr. Game and Watch*- The Octopus could be changed, I guess?

Olimar- Same
+Louie*-Gets on the Titan Dweevil and controls it. Because he is evil…. O_O Anyway he’d be basically the Luigi-fied version of Olimar, with slightly different attacks and a different control method (he chucks the Pikmin at a slight angle instead of straight ahead, for example.)
+Starfy*- Maybe.
+AC Villager- There are so many possibilities for a final smash that there’s no point in even guessing 😛
+Mii- Duh. With the 3DS version focusing on RPG elements, the Mii will definitely be in and will have a customizable moveset.
+Isaac*- Except in his Dark Dawn form, which means 40 years old and extremely awesome.
+Batallion Soldiers*- From Batallion Wars; a group of 4 tiny guys, each in the foot classes of the game; soldier, mech, flamethrower, bazooka. You play as a 5th guy and command them around with the attacks. Like a cross between Olimar and Ice Climbers.

3rd Party——-
Snake*- Same? I would like to see Old Snake in here somehow, though probably just as an alt. costume I guess.
Sonic*- Change Super Sonic into something that’s actually beatable or at least dodgeable, PLEASE.
+Travis Touchdown*- Complete epic win, that’s all.
+Maxwell*- From Scribblenauts. The series is hugely popular and he fits right in with the Nintendo cast. An infinite amount of possible moves.
+Rocket*- AKA the Blue Slime from Dragon Quest. The mascot of the series. With Nintendo’s huge partnership with Squeenix to make this series, this seems pretty obvious.

Wolf- I don’t really see why he was in in the first place. He was obviously going to be a clone of Fox and there’s not that much to change him to make him different. Meh. I guess he could be in there
Roy- Same. With Eliwood being in, Roy becomes completely useless.
Toon Link- Unncecessary clone.

Pokemon Trainer. I think he should skip out on the regular roster, but then come back as DLC. But not just him, but 5; 1 for each generation. 2= Chikorita/Quilava/Feraligatr, 3= Treeko/Swampert/Blaziken, 4= Chimchar/Prinplup/Torrterra, 5= Tepig/Servine/Samurott. Win. Also I would love each of the Pokemon Trainers to get a transformation final smash into one legendary: 1= Mewtwo (except not sucky like in Melee) 2=Raikou 3=Deoxys 4= hmm… Giratina? 5= Victini, Landorous, or Genesect. IDK.

I thought this was an okay list, though there were a few I might want to change later. I’m still on the fence about Wolf, and it wouldn’t kill me to have Toon Link/Toon Zelda/Toon Ganonondorf if there were enough open spots. That’s why this is just a V1.0. so please feel free to criticize this as much as you want.

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