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New 52 Opinions: Issue Two!

Here are my opinions on the #2s that I have read. I have more #2s than #1s, but I haven’t read the ones that I don’t have the #1s for. That would be dumb.

-Justice League: As pretty awesome as ever. As artistically great as ever. I feel so bad for Cyborg though.
-Justice League Dark: I have not understood a single thing going on this whole time.
-Justice League International: Pretty generic characters, besides the Big Three (Booster Gold, Batman, Guy Gardner). It has this nice throwback feel to it, though.
-Huntress: uber meh.
-Superman: lol such a stupid enemy. But how he took it out was pretty cool.
-Green Lantern: Sinestro is becoming one of my favorite anti-heroes.
-Greeen Lantern: New Guardians: sooooo coooool. Grey Lantern= BEST THING EVER
-Green Lantern Corps: I am unfamiliar about all this Green Lantern stuff, but it seems pretty neat.
-Red Lanterns: He freaking rages a guy to death and then proceeds to have a touching scene with a little girl. So awesome.
-The Flash: no opinion really. just buildup to the next issue I guess.
-Legion of Superheroes: uhh…. I am confused. too many characters….
-Green Arrow: It’s pretty okay I guess. Nothing spectacular or terrible about it.
-Action Comics: As long as it keeps being this great, I will keep loving it a ton.
-Static Shock…. ugh. by far the most boring comic this side of “New Warriors (2007)”.
-Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.: such an insane comic. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.
-Suicide Squad: Some crazy awesome fighting, but SO PREDICTABLE. “one of them won’t make it out!!!!” Raise your hand if you knew who it was from the beginning. Oh look, hey everybody. Also I accidentally bought two copies of this.
-Deathstroke: I like the villain much more than the plot itself.
-Batman: The Dark Knight: This is getting pretty interesting. This comic should have been a miniseries, though. It feels like a plot that could be resolved in a 4, 6, or 12 at most issue-long story arc.
-Batwing: Batwing is becoming one of my favorites by far!
-Swamp Thing: This will either be really good or really terrible. This is still all I can say about it. No actual opinion.

I will add more as I read’em!

This Wii U GIF is amazing.

WOW. Compare this to a Super Smash Bros. Brawl CGI Cutscene.

compare this to the Wii U in-game graphics.
Yeah. Seriously. This is the eight generation of video games, coming next summer.

Quick Hits 4

On here, I’ll post a small GB/GBC/GBA game (and sometimes other bargain bin games) you might see browsing through the used games one day. I’ll tell you if it’s worth the 3-20 dollars you might end up spending on it. Hey, that money adds up over time!

Tetris Attack (GB)- Nice little port of the SNES version, including much of that game. Except there are huge passwords instead of saves. Get the sequel, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, instead.

Mario Party Advance- Nice Little Diversions, but the real fun is the board game mode. You can download the Bonus Bord on the Mario Party Advance Website, in .pdf format.
Kinda Want- Only for the real-life Bonus Board

Dynasty Warriors Advance- The hated hack-n-slash has new life breathed into it on the GBA, where it’s given tons of stats and RPG elements, weapons, and a strategy-RPG element to it, and now all portable. Multiplayer included.

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