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Search Engine inquiries that have reached my blog (yes, again)

super smash bros 4 roster, king sonic, best pokemon card ever, sonic

This is the first time that the searches have actually been not completely stupid. I’m glad the King Sonic tag got on, because reading the 25YL arc is what made me want to write this (though that wasn’t the best arc, admittedly, simply because the two separate parts didn’t fit all too well in style, and the second part made little sense, even though it is the canon timeline now for those specific characters). The Smash 4 and Pokemon Cards tags are almost always on there; those two pages are by far the most popular on my entire blog. The reason the former is is because I linked it on my Project Cafe page with 900 likes immediately after E3, causing me to get 70-40 views for the next like 5 days, and just the fact that it’s Smash 4 makes it hugely popular. I have no idea how the Pokemon Cards post got so many views; it was just a repost of an old blog post I made on Nintendo City.

Anyway, this is my excuse for a blog post today.

Pickles Recommends: Sonic the Hedgehog (Comics)

I never thought I would say this, but there are some good things happening with Sonic lately. While his games have been lagging in quality for years, his comic series, made by Archie Comics, is pretty brilliant.
There are currently two series in the franchise; Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe. The first is obviously the main title, which has been going on for very nearly twenty years. It started out as a comedy sort of comic for its first several years, mirroring the SATAM and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons, but slowly began developing a plot, and by issue #50, it grew into something completely different than the games or shows as Robotnik was finally defeated.
After this point in the series, it began worldbuilding, introducing new villains, and developing the quite large cast that had grown due to the introduction of characters from the other continuities. During the 2000s, it used this to incite a crap ton of plot, including events that still have an effect on the comic today (unlike superhero comics where the events rubberband except for series launches and some temporary C-list deaths if we’re lucky) It has still remained lighthearted of course, being the Archie Comic it is.
Sonic Universe started out as 4-issue story arcs, usually consisting of independent backstories or side-stories of different Sonic characters or groups. This has grown over time to the point where it is almost a second comic in the series, especially with the two of the more recent story arcs about the Babylon Rogues and the Secret Freedom Fighters, the latter of which actually has the current focus of both series, with the main comic acting as the prologue/epilogue chapters to the arc.
The comics in the past few years have been exceptionally strong, in my opinion. The continuity is very solid, with more editors’ footnotes than I’ve ever seen in another comic, yet it isn’t incomprehensible to someone just starting out. I’ve only partially read the series and I feel like I understand most all of what is going on. Even though it is a family friendly comic, it still deals with deaths of major characters (the word death is never said of course), who don’t come back in less than five years, and some fairly interesting politics (wow I can’t believe I said that).
Another thing I really like about the Sonic comics is the lack of extreme decompression that is also prevalent in modern comic books. Even with Sonic Universe’s strict 4-issue story arcs, it doesn’t needlessly stretch out the story to fit the graphic novel. Instead, it actually has 4 issues’ worth of material, and just a couple issues of Sonic can outmatch six issues of Avengers (because for some reason Avengers-related series are insane about 6-issue story arcs, which are kind of excessive except in the case of a huge arc).
I haven’t read the entire series; this is related to the series’ major fault; Archie has only very recently begun collecting the comics into graphic novels. And the worst part is that they are in digest format, so there are only 4 issues per volume (even if the arc is longer than that). It’s up to Volume 18, though it’s only up to issue 70, so there is a huge gap in the story between there and the current issues if you want to read the complete story instead of jumping right in. There are Sonic Selects volumes which collect the miniseries, specials, and etc, but those are progressing slowly too. Even Sonic Universe has only collected 3 of its 11 story arcs so far.
EVENTUALLY you will be able to very easily read through the entire series (and for cheap too; each volume is only 7-10 dollars new, less on Amazon), but for now it is very difficult. But if you are not daunted by a 350+ combined issue continuity, you’ll find that this series does nearly everything right in terms of comic storytelling, and it still hasn’t been stricken with comic book deconstruction syndrome, so it’s still “approved by the comics code authority”.

Pickles Recommends: Webcomics

Here are some webcomics that I like to read! The ones on this list are mostly gag-a-day strips; most of the plot-driven comics I like I’m not even done archive binging on. – Nedroid. The humor… It’s pretty much just inexplicably awesome. I cannot explain it whatsoever, but I THINK it’s styled like a kids’ comic? chainsawsuit is made by Kris Straub of Starslip fame. It has the dumbest humor ever, but somehow it always makes me laugh. I’ve probably laughed out loud at it more than any others on this list. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is the silliest intellectual comic I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Dinosaur Comics. Every single comic has the exact same panels, just different dialogue. So author Ryan North has to make up for it with ingenious writing.

My favorite video games ever

I made this a while ago so I thought I’d post it and update it a little.

1. Paper Mario 2
2. Brawl
3. Pikmin 2
4. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
5. Fire Emblem (7, also Rekka No Ken)
6. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
7. Banjo Tooie
8. Paper Mario
9. Pokemon (Soul)Silver
10. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
11. Mass Effect 2
12. Pokemon Black
13. Super Mario Galaxy 2
14. Super Mario Galaxy
15. Earthbound
16. Pikmin (New Play Control!)
17. Battlefield Bad Company 2
18. Mass Effect
19. Pokemon Pearl
20. Super Smash Brothers

Also: Pokemon (Fire) Red, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Street Fighter IV, Radiant Historia Halo 3, Borderlands. Spots can vary 1-2 places up or down at times, depending on my current interest, though Brawl, Paper Mario 2, and Pikmin 2 will always be in the top 3 or 4 😛

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I think it worked… 😛 Well anyway here, you can click this sorta and like the Nintendo Project Cafe page on Facebook. It’s been a week and it now has over 150 fans, but the more fans, the better!

This is also a The Losers because of how little I know coding…. 😛

My Great Web page

Ncity: My Failed Book,12124.msg270451.html

It was a book based on the events of Nintendo City, with a complex magic system and everything. It was really stupid. But still hilarious.

Okay What the heck people

Thse are the top web searches through which people found my site:

nightwolf mortal kombat 4, shadow contempt for sonic, funny sonic and shadow comics, sonic and amy comics, eggman shadow married

Yeah seriously. 1. Nightwolf IS NOT in MK4, because he’s a sucky stereotype character. And 2. How does this site come up on so many Sonic searches, and why do you go here? lol. Just go to and read that trash. “Eggman and Shadow married”?!?!?! I am baffled….

lol :P.

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