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For the next week or two, I’m going to make a post a day! Golly Gee isn’t this exciting! Remember to check back for all the asinine unfunny stuff you’ve come to expect from the Backblog!

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Summer Projects: Two new Fan Fictions!

I’ve been doing some creative writing lately, so I’ve decided to write a couple fan fictions to try and beef up my skills a little.

My first one is . It’s the story of Jade Harley, and her quest to go through all seven gates, defeat her denizen, and face another threat, greater than anything she can possibly imagine- fate.

It’s not JUST fuel for my favorite crack ship though it was originally going to be a 3 chapter romance story. It has the same ending as my original idea though so that’s okay I guess?

The other fan fiction is

What I’m doing this summer

Okay, so this summer is going to be pretty busy for me. Because of the tornadoes that ripped through the southeast in late April, my school (which was hit) won’t open until the day after labor day, which means I might finally be able to complete all of my tasks!

-I have to do Spanish class online and Drivers’ Ed… ugh @_@
-I have a Homestuck Fanfiction called “Slumber”. It is going to be pretty sweet, and it involves lots of epic God Tier duels.
-I am making a PG-Version of Homestuck so that the 10-13 audience can enjoy that masterpiece
-I’m writing a really silly short story called “Walking Pneumonia”
-I’m going to be covering E3, mostly on the Nintendo Project Cafe page (!/pages/Nintendo-Project-Cafe/215373875139485)
-The movies that I am going to the premire for:
Harry Potter 7 Part 2
Green Lantern
X-Men First Class
DEFINITELY Captain America!
-I’m going to be volunteering to help the tornado victims, especially in Apison, TN, the worst area in the area (The midwest tornadoes were worse though 😦 )
-I’m going to read Marvel comics up to the Heroic Age so can actually read through Fear Itself as it comes out
-I’m starting a MSPaint Fan Adventure called Superstuck, starring the DC and Marvel heroes. It will be hilarious 😛

The Next Nintendo Console– Idea

3D (no glasses? Maybe by 2020)
Online Experience much like a Social Network/Xbox Live
Extremely accurate motion control
Steam-esque online purchasing/updating/patching system
Firmware updates all the time
Those are “duh”.
1TB CDs if possible, or at least 30GB single-layered?
PC integration for media, internet, programs, ect.
Harddrives at 600GB+
Backwards compatible with Wii/GCN

Older cartridge-based consoles can plug into the new console itself, so that consoles that don’t use the colored-wires like the NES can be used on newer TVs. Also, you can actually WRITE the data/save data of the cartridge and put it on a special Disk, or onto the HDD, though at a price due to royalties and overall profit gain. It can only be done a limited amount of times per cart, because each time it’s done, the Wii2 will write data onto the cartridge that will not allow it to be copied more than, say 10-15 times total. This way all games of the past can be preserved legally, not just those put on Virtual Console. Like even certain pirated games could be copied.

Flash Drive-based games: 16GB flash drive costs $20. $64GB is $100GB. These prices will only decrease as time goes on, and by 2013, most likely, the 64GB will be down to $50 or lower. But seeing how much memory can be put on these, games could be produced on them instead of on Disk! Cartridge gaming could come back somewhat with Flash Drives.

Smartphone/3DS integration:
they can connect with apps, games, and the handheld devices could even be used as controllers for certain games.

Webcam/Augmented reality can improve to the point where Kinect-type gaming can take place in much smaller enviornments than the 3-foot space needed currently.

The old periphrials will be enhanced tenfold: The Balance Board, if not a pack-in with the console itself, will be extremely cheap, nearing $30 by itself. A new version would be released as well, but the differences would be minor.

6+ Players per console! If Rock Band 3 can do 7, I don’t see why there can’t be as many for regular games. Not splitscreen; that would be way too small a screen, but at least for party games like Mario Party, where it would only benefit the game.

The controller: I think that it could be about the size of the Wiimote now, but a little taller and quite a bit wider, but it is made mostly of a touch screen. The B button is still there, but it is much smaller and thinner. Otherwise though, there are no buttons. This way there can be ANY BUTTON LAYOUT YOU WANT. O__O The touch screen could even act as its own screen. Example: Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. To play this you would need to have 4 GBAs connected to the GCN as controllers. Think of these new Wiimotes AS the GBAs, ableit much more advanced. The screen would be much like the Kindle in its low graphical power to retain relative cheapness, though it can play 8 and 16-bit games while someone else is playing something completely different. Yes this controller has a 16-bit processor 8) For those people who absolutely need the control stick (that would include me), there will be an add-on to the controller, packed in WITH the controller itself (+one with the console duh) that includes 2 control sticks, the Triggers/bumpers, and two new buttons on the back(I don’t understand why they never did that before). Here’s a reference for those who aren’t following:

That’s as far as I got in my idea. I’m not sure how much of this will be possible by Winter 2012 so that Nintendo can release a console that is less than $350, but the controller would be the most important aspect of this console. That and Blu-Ray/600+GB HDD of course.

RE: Why the Art of Video Games Exhibit is Flawed

This is a response to the article at

Actually the major flaw in your argument is that games like Sonic 1 and SMB will not appear. Actually, The absolute Codifiers such as these will be there automatically, in playable form and everything, according to the Smithsonian Page.

“Five games will be available for visitors to play for a few minutes, to gain some feel for the interactivity—Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, The Secret of Monkey Island, Myst, and World of Warcraft. In addition, the galleries will include video interviews with developers and artists, large prints of in-game screen shots, and historic game consoles. ”

So that’s basically 5 confirmed games right there, and there will probably be more, including Street Fighter 2 and Wii Sports, as they are both revolutionary.

Plus, /b/ wouldn’t try to spam this up. I know that there are many trolls but creating an entire email account and then going and voting takes too long for it to be worthwhile, and there aren’t many bad games to begin with. Here are the titles that I felt were most questionable back during voting:

-The Strategy Section on NES: Neither Fanicom Wars nor Fire Emblem are there. But the problem with that is that they were never localized into English.

-Black Ops: See the reason that this is here is to showcase the development of the art of the Modern Shooter from Doom to now. Not for any actual artistic value, IMO.

-Tony Hawk’s Underground 2: My main concern. A bad game nominated over Ratchet & Clank or even Killzone?! But actually it is artisitc, moreso than many games; its massive amounts of pop culture insertion could showcase the entirety of the 2000s!

-ET for 2600: Your article states (tastelessly, I might add), that E.T. and Pac-Man for 2600 are some of the worst games of all time and that the Exhibit Curators are idiots for including them. Well, the point of their inclusion was BECAUSE of their low quality. They are two of the most historically relevant games of all time, since they caused the Video Game Crash of 1983, and because of that they would be perfect for this exhibit that shows the evolution of gaming.

So the games are NOT supposed to be a “Best Games Ever” list, but a list of games for artisitc merit. Batallion Wars 1 AND 2 being on there is questionable for me when it seems that there are normally no sequels on the ballot, but the Modern Category is, in my opinion, nearly perfect.

Handheld and Arcade games do not appear because this exhibit is showcasing the evolution of CONSOLE gaming, and that is why PC games do not even appear until the 4th Era (PC gaming was COMPLETELY seperate from Console gaming up until the very late 90s). Both of them have taken alternate paths in development in the past 15 years, and would need their own exhibits. For example, by including handheld games like Game Boy and Game Gear, it would need cell phone games like Snake, and then for nowadays it would need the millions of Iphone and Android games out there.

As for the 4-genre limit: There can only be 80 games, so they condensed it into 4 per console. There’s no way that an exhibit featuring 150 games or something could ever fit, even in the Smithsonian, as one could see if they ever go to one of the museums.

There are pretty valid concerns as to the validity of this, but don’t worry; it’s going to be a perfectly amazing exhibit!

Okay What the heck people

Thse are the top web searches through which people found my site:

nightwolf mortal kombat 4, shadow contempt for sonic, funny sonic and shadow comics, sonic and amy comics, eggman shadow married

Yeah seriously. 1. Nightwolf IS NOT in MK4, because he’s a sucky stereotype character. And 2. How does this site come up on so many Sonic searches, and why do you go here? lol. Just go to and read that trash. “Eggman and Shadow married”?!?!?! I am baffled….

lol :P.

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