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Another Round of “Top Searches”

black man with willy stuck in xbox 360,

word count for jedi academy book,

star wars the clone wars yaoi,


I assume the fourth was due to an intentionally mispelled tag on one of my posts, but the others… How could they POSSIBLY have led to my site?! I’m scared. That first search is incredibly disturbing, by the way.

Distanced: An Audio Drama

Distanced: An Audio Drama cover art

This is one of the Short Story Writing Adventure Marathon stories that I’ve been putting off making for the longest time. What I have learned from making this Audio Drama is that random fiction generators + improvisation make for really stupid stories.

But anyway, download this album and get a bunch of pictures, including drawings I made when I was 7, .docx files of many other SSWAM stories, and 3 bonus songs (one of which is visible to non-downloaders already, though). It is free and you should download it.

Comic Reactions: Like a Bunch (Part 1: Avengers)

Seeing Avengers on May 4 has prompted me to do quick reviews on all sorts of comics. I am reading way too many comics, I think. I have been doing this since May 5, and I have about 50 or 100 comics to do quick reviews and reactions for! Prepare for a bunch of dumb comic posts because I am definitely going to have to split these up.

The Nam #14

I did a rap version of this comic on my upcoming album, “The Rap-Off 2”. Look for it soon. But this comic is…. odd. It’s like a silly World War II comic, but the Vietnam War. A highly inappropriate war to do anything with because it was… not a very well-regarded one.

New Avengers #23

Finally. A conclusion to the Osborn-New Dark Avengers-Hammer-Hydra-AIM story thing. It was such a cool concept but it was executed so stupidly. It should have been a comics event, I regret to say. I know events are usually dumb, but this is one story that could have benefited from it! I mean seriously; three of the world’s most dangerous villain groups all teaming up, having acquired the DNA to several major heroes…. and then they are defeated within 12 issues among 2 different comics. Osborn was the crappiest purple final boss ever. But you already know my opinions on this. This issue is dumb because Hulk’s son is a huge deus ex machina plot device, but cool because of the art and that it is the introduction to the new Thunderbolts re-structuring, Dark Avengers! I am subscribing to it starting Dark Avengers #175; I hope it is really good.

New Avengers #25

A touching Jessica-Luke Cage conversation about the dangers of being an Avenger and the protection of their baby. The only problem I have with Bendis’s kind of comic writing in New Avengers is that, while it is really good, it decompresses the comics SO MUCH. It is good for the trade paperback, but not for the issue. Luckily, there are a few other cool scenes in this issue that show Red Hulk being a badass motivational speech giver twice. There’s also a really cool Avengers group shot, of all the current members of the three teams. I count 25 (28 with squirrel girl, jarvis, and Dr. Strange’s helper guy) but I feel like there are a few missing. I know Iron Fist is, even though he was on the previous page…

New Avengers #25

Some weird thing about a bunch of superheroes hundreds of years in the past training some girl who is definitely related to Jean Grey/Phoenix/Hope in some way. She becomes the next Iron Fist and uses the Phoenix’s power…or….something. I have no idea what was going on.

Avengers #24.1

It reintroduces Vision to the world after he was brought back to life by the Scarlet Witch…. just after the Other Vision was killed…. Yeah. I have 2 problems with this comic: 1) The art is ugly. It makes everyone look old. 2) It actually copypastes several pages from Avengers Disassembled. No changes. We are limited to like 32 pages per comic; I don’t want to pay for something already made 10 years ago!
Other than that it’s okay I guess.

Avengers #25

Some really crappy Captain America comic that has nothing to do with AvX at all except for the ending. And the art is bad. Walter Simonson is not bad, but the coloring and inking or something must have gone wrong because it just looks bad.

The Avengers Initiative (One-Shot)

It’s a movie tie-in and an introduction to each of the heroes. Absolutely the most useless print comic I have ever read. Why does this exist?


Man, I can’t believe that, since January, I have only added tags to about half of my posts! Do you know how many more views I could have gotten just by adding SOMETHING? I could be on the verge of over 20 views per day on average if I did. This does not sound like much but to me it is because I put 0% publicity into this blog and 20 views a day is cool, no matter how many of them are bots. Maybe, someday, I will be able to have… 100 views a day. That is like an unreachable dream that I could only acquire by stopping my inconsistent posting themes and just posting Pokemon “meme” images for the rest of my life. What a cool thing!

So I went and fixed every untagged post, but then I realized that the Manual Excerpts that I have added to many a post do not have the “Read More” things that you would expect to be on a post that is pretty long. So how many people have missed out on one of my walls of text because they didn’t realize they had to click on the article to read more? Does the excerpt function even do anything on my blog? Coding things are beyond my grasp.

There is a Dearth of Content on Here…

…And the reason for that is because I am currently making or participating in a ton of things! Things being Homestuck fan adventures and such.

-Electionstuck is a parody of Presidential Campaigns with Homestuck characters. Expect very few author tracts though, as you might expect from any sort of politically-charged story; I don’t care about convincing other people of my views. Not in a story like this. I care about writing some awesome crap, which is what will be done.

-Complacency of the Learned: The Novel is being made by my friends over on the MSPA Clubhouse at We are trying to make the full 6-novel long series that Rose wrote in the Alpha Universe!

-[S] Rex Duodecim Angelus: A flash made for the completely awesome Homestuck song, Rex Duodecim Angelus ( ), in which the Trolls battle the Black King, an event only mentioned in the comic. It has been in production for almost a year now; hopefully it will be finished soon! I wrote or helped write much of the flash’s storyboards.

-Pikmin Sleuth: Problem Sleuth…. plus Pikmin…..

-Also, I may continue on my Homestuck fan fiction “Slumber” soon.

Untold Tales of Thedude3445- Fall 2011 Part Three

I ran for class president in early October.

I made some campaign images that I wanted to print and hang on walls and crap.

I got in third place. Out of three.

Not because these sucked though; it was because I didn’t have time to print these. The election was one day sooner than I had realized. I still got the secretary position though. Good enough for me…. This year.

Untold Tales of Thedude3445- Fall 2011 Part Two (More MSPA Clubhouse)

More crap we did (remember if the image is too big, click on it to see the full thing):


This cannot happen anymore :(

This cannot happen anymore 😦

I drew nepeta with my eyes shut

I drew nepeta with my eyes shut

It was a thing where all of the elemental kids would combine and Hussie would save the day in the EoA6.

It was a thing where all of the elemental kids would combine and Hussie would save the day in the EoA6.





there will be more later for sure! But they won’t be part of my awesome Untold Tales.

150th Post! :)

After 2 years and 6 months, the Backblog has finally reached 150 posts, 149 of them being by me, and around 145 of them not being trackbacks either. So let’s celebrate this milestone, along with the New Year!

Site Origins:
Near the end of Summer 2009, I began obsessively downloading ROMs for emulators, and started to find a whole bunch of obscure gems and pirated games. I had just read this blog called OldWizard, actually a really crappy and really biased site, but I liked reading them, and I really wanted to make a site that covered obscure games in this way. I originally wanted to write these articles for Nintendo City, but their submission process was way too slow for me, so I decided to make my own blog and try to make it a direct affiliate of Nintendo City (that is why the URL says NCbblog; Nintendo City Backblog). But I failed at the latter part because it was shot down almost instantly by the admin. I felt pretty upset about the rejection, and nearly shut down the blog after its second post, but something in me was logical and I simply decided to make it an independent blog, which it is today.
At what point did I stop mainly posting about video games? It was whenever I stopped caring only about video games. I’m not sure when exactly that point was, but it was sometime after my “Best Game of the Decade” awards. Even though I had just gotten Xbox Live and had started subscribing to Game Informer, the best gaming magazine since Nintendo Power was sold to Future US, my interest in games began to wane as time went on, and I didn’t feel like playing them or writing about them. This is definitely reversed now, but there was a huge period with no updates! And I still will mysteriously stop posting for 3 or 4 weeks at a time just because of laziness. Like the entire month of November.

And now for one of my first images advertising this place:

and the first game I ever played through for this site!

Let’s hope for another good year, and hopefully a lot more posts than ever before!

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