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Venom Movie; Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios Crossover; Fox/Marvel Studios Crossover?


The Venom solo movie was greenlighted a few years back, and it seems that they are finally actually beginning to produce it! They’re making it as a side-movie to The Amazing Spider-Man, and the two series could cross over much like Marvel Studios’s movies.


What’s interesting, however, is that the producer of the Spider-Man films, Avi Arad, mentioned that, if a deal went through between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, Spider-Man could easily end up in a future Avengers movie. Does that mean all of Sony’s newest movies could crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I sure hope so! Sony currently owns the rights to Ghost Rider, as well; that series is pretty crazy, to say the least; would Marvel Studios even WANT to add that in as well? I know I do; Nic Cage in Avengers 3 would be incredible.


Another recent interview was with a producer of the X-Men films:

She says that she would love it if the X-Men/Fantastic Four (if a reboot is ever made) and Marvel Studios universes collided at some point. But with X-Men: Days of Future Past (essentially X-Men 4), The Wolverine, and Deadpool all coming out in the next 2 or 3 years, the X-Men universe is pretty cohesive on its own (albeit with quite a few plot holes between movies and the horrible X-Men 3 to deal with); would it even be feasible to mesh the two universes together? I personally don’t think so, but Hugh Jackman cameoing in a Marvel Studios film would be amazing.


What do you think?


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